A Bear of a Girl: Hand Carved Stamps

A Sweet Little Bear


My sweet little one turns 3 this week and I am amazed at the changes in her personality over just the past year. She is sassy, smart and funny. I have taken to writing down some of her funny sayings as I don’t want to forget them. In the moment, I think that I couldn’t possibly forget what she said but when I try to retell the conversation several days later I found I have forgotten her exact words. It is discouraging that my brain cannot recall all the details of my favorite memories. I suppose that is just part of being human. But thankfully, I am learning to soak in those moments and enjoy them to the fullest before they pass.



So yes, she is sweet. But she can be quite the bear when she is tired or hungry. But then, I am too when I am hangry. Either way, I can’t imagine my life without her. I am blessed to have had her in my life for 3 years.


Creating the Carved Stamp


For this month’s hand carved stamp, I found inspiration from Pinterest.  Obviously, it is not the same exact image but I got it as close to the original image as I could.



I started with a sketch.



I transferred the sketch to the rubber using a bone folder. All I did was turn my sketch so that the pencil lines were against the rubber. And then I rubbed with the bone folder which in turn leaves the pencil lines as a guide.



Here is the completed carved stamp and a water-colored image stamped on white card stock.



And a tag I made using my hand carved stamp as the focal image.




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Tea Day



It is another tea day and I am joining in with the ladies at Elizabeth and Bleubeard’s. I recently purchased this Tiesta Tea Berry Pear-adise Tangy Pear Fruit Tea  but it hasn’t been delivered yet. As you can imagine, I am eagerly awaiting it’s arrival! I am hoping by next week I will have a close up picture to share with you. Until then…


Happy Tea Day,


26 thoughts on “A Bear of a Girl: Hand Carved Stamps”

  • Your daughter looks like a little sweetheart for sure.
    It is so awesome that you make your own stamps-I may need to try that out one day. I always enjoy your art pieces
    The tea sounds delicious too
    Happy T hugs Kathy

  • oh what a cute and sassy darling your girl is! happy birthday to her!! Ah, we do think we will always remember special moments but it just doesn’t always happen. Good idea to write the special things down. My son is now 31 and I still keep nearby the 3 page list of his very favorite books we read together when he was little:)
    Great looking stamp carving and tag. happy T day!

  • Oh how I wish I’d saved my daughter’s sayings as she was growing up, you’ll look back on them with wonderful memories later in life.
    You must get so much pleasure from carving your own stamps, your design is delightful. Xxx

  • Your daughter looks so lovely with her toe pointed in a pose as well a beautiful smile

    The carved stamp is amazing and looks fantastic on your art project.

    I like the sound of the tea as well-such a happy post

    Have a very happy T Day

    Love Chrissie xx

  • Happy Birthday to your sweet daughter when her special day arrives this week.
    I really like the stamp you hand carved and the tag you created looks fantastic.
    Happy T day wishes Kate, I look forward to reading what you think of its taste when it arrives. It does sound delicious.
    Yvonne xx

  • she´s a cutie for sure. and the bear is perfect for her b-day! i really like how your carving turned out. i´m sure you can use it often.
    happy t-day and a happy b-day for your little one!

  • Your daughter is so cute, our GS is nearly three and is so funny, takes me back to when our son was that age, he is just talking sentences , I think he’s slower as our DIL is Polish so he has to contend with two languages as his other grandma only speaks limited English.
    How clever that you made your own stamp, I have some foam stuff that you can melt and make a stamp with, it’s been sat on my shelf for about ten years!!!
    Have a great week, jan #17

  • Oh your daughter is so cute. She is really putting on a sassy pose! It is amazing to see children develop into a person with a personality all of their own.
    Wow, you certainly did a good job with that stamp. It is amazing! Well done!
    That tea sounds great. I already like it because of its name: ‘berry pear-adise’.
    Happy T-Day,

  • Your daughter look so pretty in her dress with her beautiful matching bag, did you make them? Your are so talented, the stamp you made looks just like her, so sweet 😁. I can relate to what you are saying too as I can be a bit of a bear when I’m tired …lol 😉. Wishing you a happy tea day! J 😊 x

  • Your little darling bear looks like her mother, She is adorable. You can truly be proud. I was totally impressed.

    LOVE the stamp. I’ve copied animals to rubber using that technique. It’s a great technique, especially if you can’t draw and want to copy an image from a magazine or even a coloring book. You turned your carving into a gorgeous tag, too, It’s a beauty,

    Love the tea-riffic tea this week. I was impressed by the name and the tea sounds relaxing, too! Thanks for sharing your art and your tea with us for T this Tuesday, dear Kate.

  • Your daughter looks absolutely delightful, and yes what a good idea to note down some of those funny sayings. You will both love to look back on them in years to come.

    Your hand carved stamp looks awesome, what a great design!!!

  • I know about being a hungry bear person. Smile. She is adorable and I do love making stamps. Yours is great! Hope it was a fabulous T day. Hugs-Erika

  • Your handvarved stamp is gorgeous and this little tag is such a lovely make!
    Oh your lovely , pretty girl is such a cutie – my daughter turns 18 tomorrow ( 21.02) and I just can tell you those years flew by!

    Happy belated T-Day!

    Hugs, Susi

  • We taped some of our son’s cute remarks. You’re right – they’re very worth remembering. Re-hearing that little voice is even better.

    Great photo. What poise and presence for a 3-year old. Happy birthday to your little. “Strike a pose.”

    Wonderful tag and hand carved stamp, Kate.

    Happy T-day! Eileen xx

  • Hi Kate! Your daughter is adorable! I love that you carved your own stamp, and it turned out fabulous. I have carved a few stamps to use in Letter boxing. Happy T Day!

  • Oh my!! Your daughter looks super adorable in that sweet little dress. Kate! I love it even more now.
    Your carved stamp is fabulous! You are such an amazingly talented lady with so many varied skills. Absolutely wonderful!! hugs xx

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