A Few Ensembles and A Trip to Pittsburgh

Dressed In Her Best

At the start of the year I made the goal to sew at least one outfit per month for my daughter. I have surpassed my goal so far and have had a lot of fun trying out some of the newer patterns in my collection. I didn’t make it out to many yard sales this summer so her wardrobe was lacking. A week or so before vacation I decided to whip up a few outfits. I have been eyeing the Eloise Shorts for some time and I grabbed them during a sale. For the shirt, I took the Matilda dress and shortened it to top length.



I found the beautiful pastel linen fabric on sale for $1.50 at Walmart.  I bought what was left of the bolts in pink, green and blue. At that price I couldn’t pass it up. The purple flowered top was re-purposed from an old dress that was mine when I was little. I had to cut the fabric on the seam so I added  bit of lace to cover the seam up.



This cherry fabric was only $1 a yard… what a steal! And it’s so pretty! I used the Maisie Pattern for the top and made it sleeveless. I made matching Eloise shorts in the cherry fabric but the elastic needs fixing so she is wearing the blue linen in this picture. The first time she wore this outfit on vacation we made a stop in the bathroom and I snapped the elastic while pulling her shorts back up. She had to wear a book clip the rest of the day to keep them up. Lesson learned: re-enforce the elastic waistband. And then re-enforce it again.


Sightseeing in Pittsburgh



I wrote that hubby and I recently took a weekend trip to Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. On our way, we stopped off at Fallingwater. I have wanted to visit this house for years so it was really excited to finally visit. This home sits on top of a waterfall and was designed by Frank Lloyd Wright. I was not disappointed in the house. I would certainly go back! I took way too many pictures but I will just share the one of hubby and I at the overlook and the view of the house from the entrance. This home truly is a work of art!





Our last evening in Pittsburgh, hubby and I took a Sunset Dinner Cruise on the river. The food wasn’t as good as all the other food we indulged in during our trip but the view from the top of the cruise ship was completely worth it. It was so beautiful, especially once the sun set and all you could see were the lights of the city.







During the summer, I won this beautiful set of goodies from Autumn over at Sew, Paper,Paint. I have already used a lot of these trims on this project for StencilGirl. The stamp set is beautiful and exactly what I wanted as it is sewing themed stitches. Last but not least, this beautiful card was made by Autumn. I fell in love with it when she posted it on her blog HERE, and she was so generous to send it to me. Anything tea themed makes me giddy. Thank you, Autumn for your generosity.

Happy Weekend!


8 thoughts on “A Few Ensembles and A Trip to Pittsburgh”

  • What a lovely post catching up with some of your summer activities. The outfits for your daughter are just lovely – and how adorable does she look in that cherry ensemble?! Lovely to see the highlights of your Pittsburgh trip, especially the Frank Lloyd Wright house (my mother would be very envious, she’s the big FLW fan). And congrats on your win – those goodies do look right up your street, though I couldn’t make the links work for some reason.
    Alison x

  • Wow, I adore those sweet clothes you made for your daughter. What a little cutie she is! Thanks for sharing the pics of your trip, the river boat tour must have been fantastic. Great goodies from Autumn, too – enjoy! Have a great weekend, hugs, Valerie

  • Your daughter is adorable. I remember when my daughter was that age and how fun it was to dress them up. 🙂 And I am jealous because I want to go see Falling Water some day. It looks so cool. Thanks for sharing the photo of that and getting to see you and the husband. Happy weekend. Hugs-Erika

  • Every WalMart in my cit y has quit selling fabric. You found some great fabric. When I was small, my grandmother (Grandparents raised me from birth) made all my clothes. She made a sunbonnet sue quilt from leftover fabric from every dress she made me in kindergarten. Someday your daughter, who is a real doll, BTW, will look back at those clothes with fond memories.

    You are SO lucky to have seen Fallingwaters. It is a fabulous place. There’s also a house built here in Wichita by Frank Lloyd Wright, too. Nothing as grand as Fallingwaters, but true F L Wright in both style and furniture. Your dinner cruise must have been very romantic. Who cares if the chicken was rubber, you were with the love of your life and sharing a very romantic moment together!

  • Oh Kate, what a lovely post to read on a lazy Saturday morning! You are so super clever with your sewing (I am jealous)!!! The outfits look adorable as does your daughter!! Thanks also for sharing your wonderful pics from your summer adventures, love, love, love that FLW house, wow, I am a huge fan of his. And of course congrats on winning those wonderful goodies from the lovely Autumn! xxx Happy weekend!

  • Kate, your little one is your mini me! Omgosh is she ever adorable and she so has your smile!
    How precious that you were able to use one of your dresses and make a top for her! I love those little outfits-too sweet! What a gift you have to be able to make/create clothing!
    WOW! Thank you for sharing that Lloyd house! This is also on my list of thins to see as PA is only a state away! That is just gorgeous!
    So glad you and your husband had a nice time away, your photo of the two of you is beautiful!
    And finally, what a great cache of yumminess from Autumn! Lucky you Kate!
    Happy weekend!
    Jackie xo

  • The outfits for your daughter are so lovely – and how adorable she looks always – a little pribcess- An adorable cherry fit out! Great to see the highlights of your Pittsburgh trip, especially the Frank Lloyd Wright house is a wowser . You are a handsome couple ! Congrats on your win – those goodies are simply amazing for you I guess!

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