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I completed my daughter’s ‘London Bobby’ dress after several months of it sitting on the dress form. I had to add width to the back of the bodice and the thought of picking out all those stitches had me procrastinating. It went quickly once I started and I was able to finish the dress just in time for Thanksgiving. Now I need to brainstorm the next dress in the hope that it will be done before Christmas.

We celebrated Thanksgiving this past week and it was a relaxing time with family, lots of food and many reminders of all the things I have for which I am thankful to God. Somehow, I forgot to take any pictures. Thankfully, this year we are all healthy despite the sniffles that the cold weather brings. My dry socket is finally feeling better event though it still leaves a hole in my mouth. My oral surgeon gave me some gel to use so the bone and nerves in the socket are no longer exposed to air, which was causing my headaches and jaw pain. I still have to eat soft foods but I will take dietary changes over the pain.


Shopfront Challenge


This barbershop is in Japan. I completed this after watching, Adding Depth and Contrast to Urban Sketches. It was a great class on Youtube. I just love the turquoise on the outside of this building along with the plants. Here is the reference photo.



This one is my favorite of all the shopfronts I have painted so far. Hachiko is a restaurant in Moscow, Russia that is known for its Japanese cuisine.  I just love the pink around the doorway, the greenery, and the dog statue in the front. Such a cute little restaurant that I would love to eat at as sushi is my favorite! So sad it is a ways across the globe from me. Reference Photo



Tea Day



I am joining the tea day ladies, hosted by Elizabeth and Bleubeard. My wish list tea today The Republic of Tea Orange Blossom White Tea. This sounds yummy with the orange and mild flavors of the white tea. I haven’t tried any new teas as of late but with Christmas around the corner, I am hoping I will have some new flavors to blog about.

Happy Tea Day,


13 thoughts on “A Few Shopfront Favorites: Daily Art Practice”

  • Hello Kate, I say this every post, but I love seeing your art-you are so good with your paintings-you would be a great illustrator for books with your art.
    Sweet dress for your daughter. growing up as a kid my Mom most all of our clothes for my sister and I-so special
    Happy T wishes Kathy

  • That dress is out of this world. It is beautiful. I love all your wonderful drawings, sketches, and beautiful watercolors. So pretty and so well done. Glad you had a lovely Thanksgiving and time with your family.

    That tea sounds lovely. I hope someone gets it for you for Christmas. Thanks for sharing it and your art and sewing with us for T this almost Tuesday, dear Kate.

  • It sounds like you had a wonderful holiday weekend. Kate. And I am glad to hear there is improvement in the dry socket. My daughter had them when she had her teeth pulled and I remember how miserable she was. I like your Japanese barbershop and the cute outside restaurant/bar.. I hate pulling stitching out . I would probably never finish it, but it did come out great. I hope you have a lovely T day, and happy week. Hugs-Erika

  • Glad you´re getting better and that dress looks wonderful.
    Your drawings… wonderful, so beautiful, rich and detailed! The tea sounds yummy, too – have a happy T-day!

  • The dress for your daughter is fabulous, but they are not bobbies but Queen’s guards on the print! I used to sew everything for my daughter, and she always wanted pink! Your watercolours are fabulous. Happy T Day, hugs, Valerie

  • Kate, Happy T-day!

    Love, love, love the dress! Impressive work.

    Your first shop front may be my favorite too. That adding depth class sounds like a good one.

    I would love to eat at that restaurant too – wouldn’t it be fun!

    The tea looks and sounds good. Hoping you get some good ones for Christmas (even if you have to buy them yourself – lol).

  • I love the dress you made for your daughter, it’s beautiful. The little men are called Beefeaters and stand on guard outside the palace. The shopfronts are lovely as always, Happy T Day! Elle/EOTC xx

  • Oh what a gorgeous dress! The fabric is really special. Just would like to add that the image is not that of a London Bobby. A Bobby is a police man. This is a British Foot guard. They are the soldiers that guard the queen at her palaces. They wear the huge bearskin hats.
    I love your shop front water colors. Have you exhausted the Singapore shops now?
    I notice you have a new photograph of yourself. You look great!
    Happy T-Day,

  • What a fabulous dress – very colourful – wonder why the fabric was named London Bobby as our policemen look very sombre in dark navy. Your sketching is absolutely wonderful. Belated happy T day, Chrisx

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