A House Full of Clutter: Mixed Media Art Journal Layout


Falling Foliage

Christmas is drawing ever closer and I am keeping busy with the endless list of projects that accompany it. We bought a small tree on Saturday, the smallest one we have ever purchased. I decided I didn’t want to move all my houseplants away from the window so I opted for a smaller and skinnier tree. Hubby laughed at me but he let me get one of my choosing that wasn’t too small. As I was cleaning up the fallen needles and digging out the last of our Christmas decor, I was struck at how blessed I am to have so much “stuff” around me. In fact, I have too much stuff! I have begun purging process, starting with my closet of clothes. It makes me wonder why we keep giving gifts to each other when some of us clearly don’t need anymore. I admit, I am a child at heart and I really love getting gifts. So, I have decided to get rid of the things that I am holding onto because of sentimental value or that If I haven’t used in the past few years.



So, amidst the normal holiday bustle, I am working on minimizing our clutter. Only to make room for more. (wink)


The Mixed Media Journal Page



I made this journal page for my StencilGirl Column using the Inspired By Frida and Pointed Scalloped Border Stencil and Masks. To see more of the process you can visit my post HERE.



I used black gesso and Fresco Finish Chalk Paints to color the entire layout. A black pen was used to doodle and outline some of the details. The fern stamp is from Any Skinner’s Fossil stamp set.



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Tea Day



It is my favorite day of the week! I love the chance to share tea with my readers. Today I am linking up with Elizabeth and Bleubeard and all the other T-Day ladies. I am sharing a black tea with mango and cornflowers. As I said before I am not a huge fan of black tea. But If I keep the steep short, I can taste the mango without the overwhelming tea flavor. And because it is Christmas time, I took the picture with fraiser fir trimmings  in the background.


23 thoughts on “A House Full of Clutter: Mixed Media Art Journal Layout”

  • Lovely artwork honoring Frida. My word for this past year has been about cleansing/purging and letting go so I get it. And yes, as much as I’ve been letting go of I am gifted with new and wonderful things:) Beautiful photo of your tea , and i would be happy to try it:) Happy T day!

  • I love your tea photos. I agree most of us have way too much stuff lol I am really looking at my stuff now for the big move.
    Happy T hugs Kathy

  • Love the beautiful Frida journal pages, she was such a fantastic woman and artist. Have fun with your tree! I cleared out three big sacks of clothes and stuff I don’T use/need and now I have space – great! Happy T Day, hugs, Valerie

  • Just love the Frida inspired spread

    Tea with mago and cornflowrrs sounds very different for sure-you are brave to try all the teas and share your thoughts with us.

    A Very Happy T Day

    Love Chrissie xx

  • The journal page inspired by Frida looks fabulous. , its a gorgeous colourful background.
    I think we are all guilty in some way about keeping and hoarding things, but who knows when we may have a use for them. Well that’s my excuse.
    Happy T day wishes Kate, your tea blend sounds very nice.
    Yvonne xx

  • I do love your Freida page! It is warm and sunny-not like our weather right now at all. And I know what you mean about clutter. Wait till the kids are older, and then you look around and see years of things. They never want to let you get rid of anything and you have to sneak it. At least it was that way with my daughter. Have a very happy T Day. Hugs-Erika

  • I love all the crinkly textures in this page spread, from the pages themselves, to the texture on Frida herself. The vivid background is so eye-catching too. Your tea background is a perfect festive treat, thank you!
    Alison x

  • Oh I do love your Frida spread. Frida Kahlo is one of my favorite artists because of her colourful art and clothes but also her life and her interesting personality (Food for psycologists).
    You are right that we have too much stuff. We were forced to downsize when we moved to Spain, and I have already accumulated so much stuff in the meantime!
    I’m with you with the black tea. I don’t like the strong taste of it. Only yesterday, I bought a new tea pot (I will feature it next week) that has a French press in it so when the tea has reached my preferred strength, I push the plunger down so that the tea is sealed in the base away from the hot water. Brewing is stopped and the tea will remain at its current strength.
    Happy T-Day,

  • I absolutely ADORE your Frida pages. She was such a strong woman for all that pain she experienced. You created a wonderful homage to her and that background is out of this world.

    Your husband was great to go along with a smaller tree. I have NO room for a large tree without moving a lot of furniture out of the way or to another room. You were smart in your choice,

    Mango and cornflowers sounds like great tea. I personally like a darker tea, but will drink any from white to black. Your lovely photo of the tea is perfect for T day. Thanks for sharing it with us for T this Tuesday.

  • The journal pages are so tropical and making me wish for warm. It’s gotten cold her e though not as cold as it will be come the end of the month. It feels good to purge. I sent a box of ornaments to the Eldest for her tree. I also got a smaller tree. Your tea looks so pretty with the fir trimmings. Happy T Day

  • A stunning page Kate, Frieda looks awesome in that gorgeous background that really conveys the mood of her own art!
    Good luck with your clutter clearing! I did it some years ago when we left our 13 room family home after our kids left and moved into a much smaller place. It’s hard work but a super feeling once it is done….

  • Love your journal page Kate! Gorgeous bright colour and I love all the texture!! Absolutely beautiful!! I must agree with you about giving presents when most of us have way too much ‘stuff’ already. But, like you, I also love to get a little gift so, what do you do?? I think your plan to purge some of the unecessary stuf is the way to go. Now, if I could just get up some enthusiasm .. maybe later!! LOL!! Hav e a fabulous day!! hugs xx

  • Your pages are really interesting. So much texture and color. Your mix for tea sounds good. I’m a morning coffee person but like a cup or two of tea later in the day. Have to discover your Paper Bag Journal. I see to be missing something.

  • I totally agree about too much stuff, I’m right there with you! and yet….my ability to purge seems to be woefully inadequate! lol. love your artistic photo of the tea, and especially your Frida spread! she is one of my favorite artists…love the exotic background and the monkey. 😉 happy T day a bit late!

  • Sorry to be so late to tea. The winter holiday time is always crazy busy for my business. Better late then never 😉

    I’ve been purging stuff too, Kate. My friends and I only exchange consumable gifts or things that strike us as perfect for the person. I hope to share my gift idea for this year at next week’s tea.

    Belated Happy T-Day! Eileen xoxo

  • I adore your fabulous tropical Fridal pages! You captured her and her art just perfectly😁. Your tea looks just so delicious! Wishing you a very happy time before christmas dear Kate! Big hugs, Susi

  • Your journal page is delightful! I love the colors and the monkey. So fun! And, I like your idea of making room for more! LOL Have a great week!

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