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Christmas week! I can’t believe the time we have been anticipating all year is finally here. We are watching Christmas movies, baking (me-mostly eating) cookies, wrapping presents, finishing up school, trying to stay warm and finding ways to be thankful, reflective and worshipful to God during this season of joy.


Gingerbread Baking



I have had this 3D cookie cutter set since the first year we were married (14 years). Every year I would look at it and say, “I should try that this year.” Well, that year came and went several times over. I finally decided that 2020 should be the year. I invited my In-laws over for the fun and made two very large batches of gingerbread.



It took over 3 hours to roll, cut out and bake the houses and cookies. I was not expecting that part to take so long but we listened to Christmas tunes and made it fun. We all said we would love to do it again next year.




The cutters in the kit made these 3d trees, snowman, and the sleigh and reindeer. Pretty cool, huh?



For the last house, we used jolly rancher candy to make the windows. I know you can’t see the full effect but we have a candle inside the house and it looked SO pretty with the lights out.


Junior Baker



Brown Butter Blondies made by my son in his baking field trip. These are delicious.



These tender Italian cookies were the right balance of sweetness. The cookies was rather bland but the icing was sweet so they were perfect. Another baking club make by my son.



And of course one of our favorites, Oatmeal Cream Pies.

After last weeks T day post, I was inspired to try some of the cookies posted by Erika. I made some Cardamom Shortbread cookies and they were tasty but I forgot to take a picture. I am hoping to try the biscochitos recipe she shared this week. Thanks, Erika.



Guest Designer at PaperArtsy



I am over at the PaperArtsy blog with a quick holiday project idea using cereal boxes and scraps. You can check it out HERE. Above is a little sneak peek.





I am still not finished with this sketch, but I spent several more hours on it this week and thought I would share the progress. I am looking forward to moving onto the next project. Hair and wrinkles are my nemesis. I guess that means I need to practice more.


Tea Day


I am joingin the T day ladies hosted by Elizabeth and Bleubeard. Today I am sharing a tea that I haven’t tried, but I have heard great things about. I really want to give this a try as I am a fan of Oolong tea. It has grown on me through the years and I am eager to try different blends. Maybe I will give this The Republic of Tea Milk Oolong  a try on my next tea run.

Have you every tried Milk Oolong?


Happy Tea Day,


13 thoughts on “A Little Christmas Sparkle: On A Little Bit of Everything”

  • Wow Kate I am in love with all of your gingerbread creations I love gingerbread but have never tried anything creative like the houses and sleigh with reindeer-I can just hear all the fun in your kitchen-for me this has always been Christmas-baking with family.
    Happy Tea and Merry Christmas to all of you Kathy

  • WOW, Kate. After 14 years, this kit sure produced some incredible 3-D effects. I think the faux isinglass windows are amazing. You not only had ONE house, but an entire gingerbread village. It is all so beautiful, including the path.

    Your Paper Artsy project turned out great,. It is sometimes hard to come up with ways to use a product you are expected to use and these all turned out great. You were really clever in your creations and the circles of cardboard cutouts were genius. I especially LOVED “Peace.”

    I’ve never even heard of Milk Oolong, let alone try it. It is rather expensive, so I can see why you might ask Santa for it this year. Thanks for sharing your gingerbread village and sleigh, your Paper Artsy project, and your Milk Oolong with us for T this Tuesday before Christmas. Merry Christmas to you and your family.

  • Beautiful!!!
    I remember when I was little my Mum made such a house, too. We never ate it. 40 years later, when they were both gone, I found it in a board…
    Hope you enjoy yours! The way is awesome, too!
    Merry Christmas and a happy T-day!

  • Finally a use for jolly ranchers (I hate to eat them)!

    Your Gingerbread creations are fabulous. That’s an amazing kit you have been saving for just the right year. I hope your holidays are as beautiful as your baking.

    be safe … mae at maefood.blogspot.com

  • You look like you have been having a lot of kitchen fun Kate. This is the first year in awhile that I haven’t made a gingerbread house. Your whole scene looks fabulous, and I have never tried pretzels for roofing before. I like that effect. And your junior baker looks amazing. It has been too easy to eat this year, hasn’t it? I popped over to Paper Artsy and your tags look great. I have looked at this set and you have inspired me. Hope you and your family have a wonderful holiday. Enjoy all that yummy food. Hugs-Erika

  • Love the homemade gingerbread & all decorated too! How did you do the jolly ranchers? did you melt them and brush it on?? very nice stained glass effect. The cookies look yummy too! Congrats on being the guest designer ~ I’ll pop over there next! Enjoy the season ~ Love, Karen

  • Your gingerbread creations are fabulous! Very cool! The Jolly Rancher windows are beautiful. I can imagine how they look in the dark. Very clever.

    Your sketch came out very well. Hair is so difficult. You did a good job of capturing highlights.

    Happy T-day and Merry Christmas! Hugs, Eileen

  • The gingerbread houses and cookies are awesome! Congrats to you for going the bake by scratch. I’ve always cheated either bought a kit or use graham crackers. Hair and wrinkles are my nemesis, too. 😉 Happy T Day and have a Merry

  • OH, what fun , making gingerbread houses! They turned out lovely! My favorite besides the sidewalk leading up to the house and the pretzel roof, are the reindeer!
    All I baked were pistachio cookies, and butterscotch banana nut bread and hubby did the Christmas mix. That was it for baking here this year. No one coming. It is great you could have your in-laws over.
    Merry Christmas!

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