A Man And His Travels: Seth Apter Inspired Mini Album

Travel List


It’s January and I am hoping to catch up on all the projects that I have put off. Do you have a long list of things to complete this year? I love making lists, whether it be books to read, craft projects to complete or just a list of daily to-do’s. I have found that a lot of things that were on my list last year made it to my list again this year. The other day I opened a book to browse and found my list of goals from last year. I did complete a few things but quite a few are the same for this year. Making lists is a great motivation for me. Even if I don’t complete everything on the lists I still feel a sense of accomplishment that I set goals.




Perhaps I will make some pretty journals to house my lists. Do you make journals for your to-do lists?


Creating the Layouts

Here are a few more pages in my Seth Apter Journal.

My base pages were covered in book paper and stained with Vintage photo. I then layered stamped tissue paper and dyed baby wipes over top. I embellished using Seth Apter PaperArtsy stamps and a TH paper doll. The tag was covered in Asian character washi tape and wrapped in black thread.


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Tea Day



It’s tea day and I am joining in with the tea ladies over at Elizabeth and Bleubeard’s. I am drinking my daily cuppa of Tiesta Tea Fruity Pebbles Loose Leaf Green Tea Slenderizer Blend. AAnd I though I would share the book I am currently reading. The Mystery of the Clockwork Sparrow.



I am halfway through the book and it is keeping my attention. It is about a young girl that works as a shop girl for the largest and finest department store in London. The night before opening day, the beautiful Clock Work Sparrow, is stolen from the store’s exhibition and an employee is shot. Suspicion is put upon the young shop girl and she goes on a mission with two of her friends to find the sparrow and clear her name.


Happy Tea Day!



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21 thoughts on “A Man And His Travels: Seth Apter Inspired Mini Album”

  • Oh I love making lists. And I like to complete a goal too. But usually my goals need a bit more time also. I think I realized that for me I a happier setting the goal than if I ever complete them. Or at least some of them. Gorgeous travel journal and I hope you have a great T day Kate. hugs-Erika

  • great art piece and you always serve up the best teas
    I am not a list person at all-except for a shopping list when I go into town lol
    Happy T Kathy

  • LOVE your beautiful little journal. I don’t make to do lists, though, I just sort of muddle though everything. Your book sounds great, I would enjoy reading it, too. Happy T Day, hugs, Valerie

  • Like the look of your journal and the great ideas.

    Such a beautiful bright mug and the book seems like a nice read so I have saved it to find later.

    Have a really Happy T Day

    Love Chrissie xx

  • Wonderful pages – gorgeous! I love your style so much!
    Yes I am like you – lists, lists and again lists .. but just loose pieces of paper, as when I have done the things I can discard the slips of paper.
    Sounds to be a good book and your teas always are special!
    Happy T-Day dear Kate! Have a great week!

  • Its a fabulous mini album Kate, I love the vintage style and colour tones as well as all the layers you add to your projects.
    Your fruity tea sound delicious and good to have close by when reading a good book.
    Happy T day wishes Kate.
    Yvonne xx

  • Yes, I am a list maker, but never thought about putting them in a journal…….I just keep them in my planners , on sticky notes LOL!
    I really like your mini album.
    Happy T-day

  • Except for trips to the grocery store I don’t make lists, and I keep my goals/resolutions for the new year to a minimum. They are mainly an effort to make sure I don’t stagnate anyway lol, so getting tied to a list is counterproductive. Except, as I said, for the grocery store where without one I end up buying things I don’t need while forgetting things I do 😉

    Happy T Tuesday!

  • Yes, I am a list person. Like you I make lists for everything andit helps me get things done. But I don’t worry too much if I don’t get them done. They will pass on to the next days’ list. But I think I will want to write my lists in a little note book or something so that I can find lists from before.
    Your idea of a mini album is a good thought. The one you made is beautiful. I love the vintage colours and the oriental feel about it.
    Your mug is fun. What does it say? Secret mermaid? Now that is fun. I’ve not read that book, or heard of it but it sounds interesting.
    I have now learnt that one can’t do comments on an ipad, so I apologise for all those occasions that I appear not to have commented (I always do) and from now on I will use my desk top computer even if it means being a day late as we are always away on Tuesdays.
    Happy T-Day,

  • Amazing journal! The vintage style and colour palette is perfect with those PaperArtsy stamps- I love it 😁. I always make lists as I like to be organised and ticking things off gives me a sense of achievement which means I tend to get more things done …lol 😉. Your book sounds interesting too and it would be a great read with a nice cup of that fruity tea! Enjoy and Happy Tea Day! J 😊 x

  • I used to make lots of lists and have them all over the house, Kate. Now I just make shopping lists and inventory lists for freezer and fridge – lol.

    Your Seth Apter inspired album pages are fabulous! Did you know that Elizabeth is a big fan and had one of her works published in a Seth Apter book?

    Happy T-day! Hugs, Eileen

  • Because my dollhouse is so small, all my list now are done electronically. No matter when you get to it, it’s very satisfying to cross something off the list.. Your journal is just awesome. Enjoy filling it up while sipping your splendid tea. Happy T Day

  • Love the journal page. I do make lists and forget where they are and find them much later. I don’t make journal for them.
    I wrote that book down to look into reading. I ma into books by Lisa Wingate right now. Several series and stand alone novels, too. Happy T Day!

  • Love your journal, Kate! I am an avid list maker and always feel a sense of accomplishment when I can cross things off at the end of the day. I keep my to-do lists in my Katie Daisy planner, then throw them away once everything has been crossed off. Lists like ‘books to read’ I write in the planner for a permanent record. Happy T Day!

  • Hi Kate! I do make lists occasionally but it is not a regular thing for me. The only list I do make on a regular basis is my shopping list and that is done on my phone so that I don’t leave it at home! Must say though, when I have made lists, and actually finished even some of the things on it, I do feel quite pleased with myself! LOL!!
    Love your journal pages! Fabulous colour and amazing textures. Absolutely gorgeous! hugs xx

  • Thank you for joining T yesterday. I’m so pleased you showed up, even though I was unavailable. Please check my Wednesday post I still haven’t written to see where I have been. I’ll be back soon to visit and see what I have missed. For now, just be aware, I am so grateful for your visit and continued support of T Tuesday, dear Kate.

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