A Pair of Chickens: Gond Watercolor Painting

Fresh Eggs

I have been dreaming of having my own chickens for a while now.  I love the idea of having a small little homestead with a few chickens running around and maybe a goat and some bunnies. My youngest son received a rabbit hutch for Christmas. He has been asking for one for ages but we have held back due to the responsibility required to take care of pets. I suppose this will be a great test to see if he is ready. So, my dream of raising chickens has been put on hold until we can finish important home improvement projects. But in the mean time, I am dreaming of a souped up chicken coup and fresh eggs for breakfast. 



Creating the Painting

My cousin lives on a farm and owns chickens. For Christmas I decided to paint this Gond style painting for her to hang up. I used cold press watercolor paper, 140 lb and a black pen for details.



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I hope you had a blessed Christmas with your family.

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7 thoughts on “A Pair of Chickens: Gond Watercolor Painting”

  • This is a remarkable painting, Kate. Your thoughtfulness was surely appreciated. I know I would be over the moon if I received something that beautifully handmade.

    I hope your son takes care of his rabbit when he gets it. It IS a big responsibility. Getting the hutch should prove how serious you and your husband are to allow him this privilege.

  • Great painting Kate. It’s an eggcellent gift. (sorry for the pun) Probably you will have to help take care of the bunny too. That’s usually how it goes I think. But maybe you will be lucky and your son will be all into the care. 🙂 I have thought of getting chickens but we have lots of coyote , bobcats and fisher here and I just think it would be too much risk Hope you don’t have to wait too long for those fresh eggs. Hope the rest of 2018 is good for you. Hugs-Erika

  • Ah chickens, when my kids were young I was always dreaming of things like that, but as we lived in an urban area we would not get permission to keep them. So I wish you much better luck. Meanwhile your painted chickens look delightful and I am sure will be much appreciated by the recipient!! I love that fun and colourful style!!

  • Its a wonderful painting, I’m sure your cousin will have loved this.
    Keep hold of your dreams and i hope you will get your wish to have your own chickens and fresh eggs.
    Happy New Year Wishes to you and your family Kate.
    Yvonne xx

  • You made a beautiful gift for your cousin and so special that you took the time to paint it yourself, I bet she loves it. We had a fabulous Christmas thank you, I hope you all did too xxx

  • A wonderful painting, Kate! I’m sure your cousin loved it! Your dream of having a little homestead with chickens and rabbits and goats sounds idyllic. I used to have a giant white rabbit called Peach, and she was lovely. I would love to have another one, but can’t have small animals with Finn around as he would spend all his time chasing them. Wishing you and your family a very Happy New Year!

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