A Year In Review


After week off from blogging to enjoy the time with my family I am ready to get back to creating. It was really nice to focus on family without the stress of other things. I can always clean my house when they go back to school, right? Aren’t they just the sweetest?!
I can’t wait to start art journaling again especially since Hubby bought me this for Christmas!!!!!

The only problem is we are remodeling our family room which also happens to be my craft space. Obviously, getting a bright new beautiful space to play is NOT a problem. But it does mean I will not be able to create or sew for a week or two until the flooring is complete. I will be waiting with eager anticipation until it is done and storing up ideas in my brain.
I will be sharing a few journal pages that I have completed over that two week period of time. So, today I thought I would share a few of my favorite projects over this past year. You can click on the text to be taken directly to the post.
So Here we go!

Favorites of 2017

The Vintage Circus Altered Book Part 1 & Part 2


Splashes Of Tea Art Journal


Seth Apter Steampunk Journal Layout


Steampunk Art Journal


The European Tourist Pamphlet Card


Asiatic Dynasty: Fabric Journal


Thank You!

I just wanted to thank all my loyal readers for your comments and encouraging words. I am always glad to hear your thoughts on my pondering’s and my art. I have laughed quite a lot and found out so much about each one of you from your personal tid bits and experiences shared. I love that! It makes blogging so much more personal.
For the coming year I am considering moving my blog to a domain, mainly because I am limited as to what I can add to wordpress and I am running out of photo space. As of this month my blog turned 7 years old and believe it or not that is a lot of pictures! I am not sure about all the specifics so I will let you all know if and when I decide to do that.

Happy New Year! And a Happy Tea Day over at Elizabeth’s!

18 thoughts on “A Year In Review”

  • Happy New Year!! and I enjoyed seeing all of your art-lucky you an updated craft space-awesome way to start out the new year. I am on google blogger and there is no photo limits there that I know of Have a good week ahead hugs Kathy

  • I can’t wait to see your new craft space and all the new art you’ll be inspired to make too. Gorgeous projects from your year in review! Here’s to another wonderfully creative New Year, and a happy T Day too!

  • You made some wonderful art this past year. Your kiddies are really cute. I hope you can soon get back into your craftroom. There are no limits on Blogger! Hugs, Valerie

  • I’ll be interested in hearing what you decide to do about your blog. I use blogger, but I know there are several options. I wouldn’t be up to a DIY domain, I don’t think…
    I like the texture and depth in your art. Congrats on your “new” space. Happy T Tuesday!

  • Aww, that’s a wonderful photo of your little ones with their Christmas stockings, Kate.
    Your 2017 favorite journal spreads are beautiful – so many fabulous details and layers. I especially like the Seth Apter Steampunk layout.
    I’ve enjoyed getting to know you as well through our T-parties. They really do make the internet a friendlier place.
    Happy New Year and Happy T-Day. Hugs, Eileen

  • First, PLEASE add your retrospective post to Second on the 2nd. It’s simply perfect for a second look.
    I LOVE your tea journal. I was so happy to see it, because I hadn’t seen all the entries before. I remember the Too Much of a Good Thing Can Be Wonderful spread. That may be the first time I visited your blog. I just know you create so many layers and they are all beautiful and so well done.
    Thanks for joining us for T this Tuesday and I hope you’ll post this for a second look, too.

  • What a fabulous photo and they sure are the sweetest! It looks like they are having such a wonderful time opening those Christmas stockings😁. I enjoyed seeing your beautiful journals too. Wishing you and your family a very happy New Year and sending Happy T Day wishes too! J 😊

  • It is a real sweet family photo and it was lovely to see some of your fabulous projects from the past year.
    Happy New Year to you and your family and Happy T day wishes as well.

  • Believe you me i understand remodeling…lol uuughh… Mine is still on going.. Lovely to see your art…I find it sad to hide it away in a book.. I guess thats why i can’t talk myself into doing an art journal.. I want to put it on the wall..lol Hmm … maybe other people may wish i put it in a book..lol but i think until i run out of wall space i’ll just put it on a wall..Happy New Years hugs to you and happy T day! deb

  • I like all you mixed media creations.what a lovely photo of your children …I have 3 sons who arent back at school yet so hoping to have time for a bit more mixed media when they are back at school..happy new year and thanks for visiting my blog

  • Your kids are so cute Kate! That’s a great photo. And I love your art look back since I only “met” you recently. You made some gorgeous art. Good luck with the remodeling and I hope you get back to craft space very soon so we can see more beautiful pieces. Happy belated T day. Hugs-Erika

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