Anything But The Lively Sort: Mixed Media Art Journal Layout

Not So Lively


Things have been lively here for the past week but not in the way one might expect when you have 3 children. Thanks to a nasty sinus infection and an outbreak of hives (going on day 5 today), I have been a tired and irritable mama. (Sorry,kids) Despite my being under the weather, I have to brag on my littles. I woke up Saturday morning with puffy hands and sausages for fingers (thank you, hives). Because I couldn’t bend my fingers normally, my sweeties helped me open packages, set the table and cook breakfast. When I decided to lay down for a nap, they came and put a few extra blankets on me and tucked me in. They even went around whispering so they wouldn’t disturb me. I had to laugh when I heard them fighting in whispered tones over who would make the sandwiches for lunch.



So, I am taking it easy laying around, reading books and shopping online. I am looking forward to getting up and about, even if it includes laundry and cleaning. Being under the weather makes me very thankful for overall good health.

Creating the Journal Layout


I have created another layout in my daughter’s art journal. The background was made using the Collage Textures and Patterns, Circles stencil with Fresco Finish Paint and the Chinese Background stamp. 



The layered were made from recycled projects and my scrap stash. I sprayed PaperArtsy Infusions, added some thread and used some Lindy’s Embossing powder.





Tea Day



Today’s tea is WHITE PINEAPPLE WONDER by TIESTA TEA. I had it once before and it was so delicious that I added it to my Amazon wish list. The Amazon app sends out notifications when an item on your list has decreased in price. This week, this 8 ounce bag of tea went from $36 to $14. As you can imagine, I decided to purchase it at that fabulous price. It should be here within the next week and I will share a picture of its contents then. But for now, I will just share the link if this happens to sound tasty to you.

I am playing along with the tea ladies over at Elizabeth and Bleaubeard‘s.

Happy Tea Day,


19 thoughts on “Anything But The Lively Sort: Mixed Media Art Journal Layout”

  • gorgeous journal pages Kate and i just love the joy on the kiddies faces! Sorry you’ve been unwell. Hope you feel better real soon. I feel the same as you that when I do have some kind of flare up once it’s over I think more about really appreciating all the good days! Enjoy your tea. Happy New Year and happy T day!

  • Your journal spread is wonderful, love the photos you used. Sorry you have been feeling bad, but how lovely that the kiddies looked after you, that’s really precious. Happy T Day, Valerie

  • Kids can be so sweet 🙂 I hope all your health problems are behind you soon. Good health is a blessing )

    Your layers are lovely and add such depth, even visible on the computer screen. It sounds like you got a real bargain. The items I keep track of at Amazon tend to go down in amounts less than a dollar, so I’m never tempted lol Happy T Tuesday!

  • the tea sounds delicious-but its back up to the 34.00 I added it to my wish list-I need to see how much caffeine is in it too as I can’t have any or very little
    Love your journal page
    and your kids are so sweet-hope you feel better soon
    Happy T Hugs Kathy

  • So sorry to hear your not feeling well at all. Bless your little ones for keeping things quiet for you….LOL! Fighting in whispers is a new one. My boys never knew what a whisper was.
    Love your journal page……every little piece of it!
    Happy T-day hope you get to feeling better

  • I had a long post written, then somehow hit a button and it disappeared. Not smart on my part.

    I’ll begin by saying how sorry I am to read you have the hives. The visual image I got when you wrote “sausage fingers” was very insightful. I hope you are better soon, and you are well by the time your new tea arrives.

    That is a wonderful layout. Of particular note is the fiber you wound around the corrugated cardboard, What a clever way to use those tiny bits of leftover fiber you can’t bear to get rid of, It’s a great entry and a beautiful way to remember a happy day with the children. Thanks for sharing this and your tea with us for T this Tuesday, dear Kate.

  • Sorry to read you are not feeling so well. I hope you feel better soon. Your little ones sounds as if they have been trying so hard to look after you.
    It is a beautiful layout and a lovely photo.
    Take care of yourself and Happy T day wishes.
    Yvonne xx

  • Sorry to hear you are unwell, I hope you feel much better soon! Your kids are so sweet looking after you and arguing in whispers 😀. Your layout is amazing with the colours , texture and photo of your three little ones – beautiful! Take care and wishing you well! Enjoy your special tea and wishing you a very happy Tea Day! J 😊 x

  • Oh I get the hives you have been having. I am on month 16 of daily hives. They just “suck”! To put it nicely. I hope yours go away way sooner than mine. And I love the latest journal spread. Nice how you used your kids photo. Hope it was a great T day. I am late getting around to visit today. Hugs-Erika

  • You manage so many layers. I know there is quite an art to that. I hope you are feeling better. You must be a great Mom to have taught your little ones to be so caring.

  • you can´t be angry on somebody who whispers not to disturb you, i really had to laugh… your layout is beautiful as always:)
    take care and turn back to normal soon. happy t-day, xox

  • Oh dear, so sorry to hear you’ve had a sick house over the last week – I do hope things are settling down now.

    I love your page spread – that fabulous green ornate flourish underlying both sides provides architectural structure, and the layers over the top add texture and delight.
    Alison x

  • I’m so sorry to hear you are under the weather and have hives. That is so annoying. Isn’t it amazing that modern medicine has not pinpointed the exact cause of hives. It is a reaction, yes, I can see that. But what causes it is often unknown. I hope it goes soon in your case.
    Your kiddos are sooo sweet! What a blessing! That’s how much they love you.
    Your tea sounds lovely. It will be interesting to see what is in it. How convenient that they warn you when a product has decreased in price.
    Wishing you a rapid recovery and back to ‘normal’.
    Happy T-Day,

  • What sweet little s you have. Touching about an extra blankie when you went to lie down, but had to laugh at the whispered argument about who was going to make lunch. Love the page your created. The littles look like they are in a nest. So cute. Hope you’re feeling better. Will look forward to hearing the review of the White Pineapple tea. Happy T Day

  • So sorry that you have not been well Kate but it sounds like your kids have got everything well in hand. They are so sweet. With their encouragement, I hope you will be well again soon.
    Your journal spread is pure delight. I love the colours and textures and the design is gorgeous!! hugs xx

  • A fabulous spread Kate, I love the layering and the gorgeous photo of your children, they sound like fabulous kids looking after you when you’re feeling poorly. Wishing you all a wonderful new year full of lots of happy family time and making new memories xxx

  • Sorry to hear you’re not well, Kate – fingers like sausages – yikes! You can be very proud of your thoughtful “littles.” They’re terrific because you’re a terrific mom. Lovely page for your daughter’s journal. Feel better soon ;-(

    Happy T-day! Hugs, Eileen

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