Are You A Vintage Girl? : Hand Carved Stamp

Paper VS Digital


I have finally completed all of my spring sewing projects so today I decided to start a project for myself. I may have to draft the pattern to fit me better but that would be a wonderful challenge. I have worked mostly with PDF patterns as of late so this vintage pattern will take some getting used to. PDF patterns have step by step instructions with clear pictures so those of you who sew can understand why I wouldn’t want to go back in time. I received a bag of vintage patterns from my husband’s grandmother and I absolutely love the styles, especially from the 50’s. I would make a whole closet full of them but with the cost of fabric and a dress that requires 5 yards, it wouldn’t be worth it.



I am planning on making the shorter version of this dress. Today, I cut out my practice dress using an old sheet. Sheets are the perfect way to re-purpose without wasting good fabric. I am looking forward to seeing how it turns out. I will have more to share when I make some progress.

Do you like vintage clothes? If so, what era?


Creating The Stamp


I designed this stamp to be used specifically on cards. I thought it would be fun to make cards that just require a stamp and a few splashes of color. So, here it is.



I started by sketching my image and then transferring it with a bone folder.



After carving the main image, I decided I needed a sentiment to go with it.



I painted the image with some PA paints. I love making faces but I definitely need more practice. Eyes are really hard to carve. But, practice makes perfect. So, you may be seeing more in the future.


What do you think?


Tea Day

I am playing along with the T ladies over at Elizabeth and Bleubeard’s. We are sharing our drink related beverages. Today I am sharing my Youthberry tea by Teavana. It is quite yummy! I love the orange flavor to this tea.


Happy Tea Day,



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18 thoughts on “Are You A Vintage Girl? : Hand Carved Stamp”

  • I grew up sewing clothes-my Mom was a farm girl and she was an amazing seamstress-she sewed everything for the home and our clothes. I was never very good with altering the patterns though-not good with math, so my Mom always did that for me–I admire you for making ‘your garments-I have been wanting to weave fabric for garment making-my plan once we move and settled into the lake house.
    I love your handmade stamps!! and your teas always looks so delicious
    Happy T wishes Kathy

  • Love the gorgeous face stamp, so pretty! The dress pattern looks like something from my teen time. I still wear a lot of things from the 80s and 90s, I don’t like throwing my nice jackets away. I used to sew all of our clothes, but these days it’s mostly just repairs or art to sew. Happy T Day, Valerie

  • Oh I do love that stamp. I started carving some last year and it is not only fun to do but you get a really unique stamp. I hope you show us your new outfit once you finish it. I looks like a fun vintage style. Happy T day kate. Hugs-Erika

  • Hi Kate, those dresses are just like my Mum used to make and wear when I was a girl, looking forward to seeing your dress when you finish it.
    Happy T Day
    Jan x

  • Your rubber stamp is amazing. I tried carving once without much success. My mother was a seamstress. When I was in my 20s she took a course at a design school and learned to make her own patterns. Her class project was a tweed blazer with a Chesterfield collar for me. I still have it. Maybe some day it will fit me again 😀 She had tons of dress patterns which I sent to the recycle bin when she passed as I didn’t know what to do with them. I didn’t inherit the sewing gene. I can barely sew on buttons. Happy T Day.

  • I used to sew some clothes, curtains, pillow covers and such but I don’t sew clothes anymore. I much prefer using my machine for mixed media art:):) Love how the style used to include the long cocktail dresses like on your pattern. My favorite era was the 30’s and 40’s with all that luxurious dressing for dinner though it would be costly and time consuming to dress like that anymore. Cute stamp and card. I really like the sound of your tea choice today. Happy T day!

  • I was wearing dresses like that in the 50’s. I think it was a great clothing era. No hoodies and sloppy pants to be seen. LOL! Your carved stamp is great. I can imagine many uses for it – even stamped on the front of an envelop that is going in the mail.

  • It looks a lovely style dress dress you have picked out to make, i hope you will show us a picture when you get it finished.
    The hand carved stamp you made looks so cute, there is a sweet smile and a cute expression on the face.
    Happy T day Kate.
    Yvonne xx

  • I’m loving your dress pattern, the style is so beautiful! Wow, the stamp that you carved is amazing, it looks just like your daughter – I love it 😁. Wishing you the happiest of T Days! J 😊 x

  • I like clothes that fit and aren’t closely fitted. Getting anything that actually fits is hard enough so that I can’t be too picky about particular styles. I’venever done much sewing, but that’d be the perfect way to have both fit and style 🙂

    That tea sounds tasty 🙂 Happy T Tuesday.

  • Your hand-carved stamp turned out fantastic, i love her! Good luck with the vintage pattern, I love the styles too, but just don’t do much sewing any more. Have fun with it, and happy T day!

  • Your stamp is simply GORGEOUS – Kate! Love the stylish card you created! You will have a lot of fun with these vintage patterns- They ended up with a very good fortune to come to your house! I am looking forward to some outfits you will share with us then!

    Big big hugs, and a happy T- DAY- this tea sounds like heaven to me!!!

    Susi xxx

  • i´m not a sewer (of clothes), but i like these old patterns so much. of course to rip them up in collages;)
    your carved ” hello girl” is a hoot! you will be able to use it very often!
    happy easter time, xox

  • I used to sew my own clothes when I was young and I used to love the Simplicity patterns. They were more expensive than outçr European ones but it had all the instructions in them and they were so easy to use., I was not an expert sewer, so i needed all the instructions I could get. I used to sew trousers as I was so small, there were no sizes for my in Holland then. I also sewed clothes for my boy when he was little.
    I think your pattern would be from the 60s by the look of it.
    I love your hand carves stamp. Absolutely great!
    Happy belated T-Day,

  • I also want those old patterns, both for the covers and the tissue that I can turn into fabric paper. My grandmother made all my clothes until I entered high school. Since I had a job, I could buy my own clothes. Of course, that was back when fabric was affordable and making clothes was a way to save costs, yet look good, too.

    I can’t sew at all. I tear fabric and sew it using wonky stitches. I couldn’t get into an auto mechanic class in high school, so they put me in a sewing/cooking class. I had to make a suit! A high school kid who can’t sew had to make a SUIT. What a disaster. It was a loose weave, and the instructor made me take the the darts in the skirt out so many times, I ruined the fabric. My grandfather was SO mad I had to get more fabric. I definitely didn’t take after my grandmother or her love of sewing, but I could tear down an engine, or build a bathroom like the best of the guys. After all, my grandfather wanted a boy, so he got me!! As or cooking, the instructor refused to eat my BLUE tapioca I made. She said blue did NOT go in tapioca.

    LOVE your carving. I carve using a kitchen knife., so shapes have to be quite plain. You did a great job.

    Your white tea looks beautiful. It sounds great, too. Thanks for sharing your pattern, your carving, and your tea with us for T this week, dear.

  • Fun, stamp making. And it turned out so well. Mine have turned our really rough! White tea is new to me! I will have to keep an eye out. I drink all kinds, even roubido or whatever. I am not a fan of that. Well, Happy T Day!

  • What a great post Kate! I recall making similar dresses way back in the 60’s – one in blue was my favourite!!!
    I love your carved face …such a cutie! Belated Happy T Day! Chrisxx

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