Babies Eat Celery Too: A Couch Adventure


Couch Talk


What a crazy week! The temperatures are abnormally warm for November and the holidays are just around the corner. I am really looking forward to spending Thanksgiving and Christmas with family!

I thought I would share a few pictures of my son’s bunny, Leia. She is a beautiful English lop that will turn two in April. She is so cuddly and friendly. I held her for an hour and a half while we watched TV on Saturday morning and she just laid on my chest, content. We didn’t know that she would get quite so large when we picked out her breed. Here is a picture of my daughter stealing a piece of Leia’s celery. She loves to eat whatever the bunny is eating.



Bathroom Renovation



Another week without work in the main part of our bathroom but the shower tile is finally finished! Tomorrow the pluming is scheduled to start. Dare I hope that we have a brand new functioning bathroom by the end of the week? I will let you know next week.


Facial Expressions

I have been working on some design team projects this week so I spent less time sketching. Here is the only one that I completed. This one was very challenging for me due to all those wrinkles.



The man with the glasses I started but have not yet finished but I thought I would share anyway.



Both these examples are taken from the book, The Artist’s Complete Guide to Facial Expression.


Tea Day



I am joining the t-ladies over at Elizabeth and Bleubeard‘s. The Republic of Tea Caramel Vanilla Cuppa Cake sounds so delicious! I have tried many Republic of Tea flavors and I have enjoyed all of them. This one is on my list of teas to try. Maybe it will show up in my stocking.

Happy Tea Day,


17 thoughts on “Babies Eat Celery Too: A Couch Adventure”

  • Your tile looks amazing Kate. I really like that. And I’ve heard rabbits are quite friend and social. Leia is cute. So is your daughter. Is Leia more a family pet? We’ve been warm here too but I like it as I have gotten so much outside work done. Cold will be back too soon I am afraid. Hope you have a great T day. Hugs-Erika

  • awww how adorable is Leia. I have always adored bunnies- especially lops -even though I never had one of my own…love that your girl likes to share snacks with Leia as well- such a cute photo!
    Your bathroom reno is coming along beautifully as are your portrait sketches. Happy T day!

  • I have a friend who breeds and raises English lop. He told me they have the longest ears of any of the lops. I think that’s pretty amazing that yours is so domesticated.

    Your tiles are looking wonderful. Let’s hope you finally get your bath finished this week.

    Both drawings are quite good. I say that because I can’t draw a thing. The wrinkles say it all on the baby.

    Your tea sounds wonderful. It sounds very sweet, too. I hope Santa brings you some for Christmas. Thanks for sharing your English lop, your updated bath, your drawings, and your tea you hope you get for Christmas with us for T this almost Tuesday.

  • Your bunny is really huge, and so lovely and cuddly. Your sketches are really good, glad you are able to keep on with the course. Have a happy T Day and a good and safe week, hugs, Valerie

  • The bunny´s ears are so cute! Quite a big one! Love your faces and that bath looks cool, hope to see the finished piece soon.
    Happy T-day, sounds really yummy this one.

  • Your bunny is really cute. I knew a woman who had pet bunnies that she combed for the hair, and then made mittens to match her pets. The mittens were nice, but the bunnies were a bit of trouble as they liked to chew on electric cords (which could both destroy them and disconnect appliances) and also they weren’t really house broken. I hope your bunny is better-behaved.

    be well… mae at

  • Leia is so beautiful and she sounds like she is very calming to have around ! Your daughter looks delighted to be enjoying the same food as the bunny too …lol 😀. Your drawings are fabulous and then tea looks delicious! Happy T Day wishes! Hugs, Jo x

  • I love the picture of your daughter stealing the bunny’s food. Big smile.

    Great facial sketches. You’ve really been inspired by that book.

    Happy T-Day! Stay safe and stay well. Hugs, Eileen

  • What a lovely rabbit! Gorgeous! Our daughter and family had a pet rabbit even before they had the children. He was called Jimmy. Jimmy lived 12 years and lived in the house with them, but also had a hutch in the garden. He was very domesticated and no trouble at all. The children were 11 and 9 when he died (of old age) and they were understandably very sad.
    Your bathroom tiles are beautiful! I can’t wait to see the finished pictures. I hope they won’t keep you waiting too long.
    Your face drawing is awesome. The expression of the crying child is amazing.
    Yes, your vanilla tea sounds nice. I hope Santa remembers.
    Happy T-Day,

  • Your mermaid tiles are beautiful, Kate!
    I really LOVE your sketches. They are really impressive. The book sounds interesting, I will check it.
    Hugs, my friend.

  • Adorable bunny and so sweet your Little likes to eat bunny food. Good for her. Bathroom tile looks amazing. Fingers crossed you have a working bathroom at the end of the week. I’ve had that tea in a teabag. Like drinking candy. So fun. Happy T Day

  • You are doing so well with your drawing, Kate. You have such a sweet adorable little girl and bunny. 🙂 The caramel vanilla tea sounds good. Have a wonderful week, and I hope your bathroom gets done, too!

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