Bird Gond Watercolor Painting

Let it Snow …


We had our first snow of the season yesterday and my kiddos and I spent the day inside in the warmth. The snow started much earlier than predicted but the school district had already called off school for the day.  Things didn’t quite go as planned as my workout was interrupted with a long power outage and a shower in the dark. But we had so much fun together dancing to Christmas music and making apple dumplings once the power was restored. And thankfully, my hubby made it home from work before they closed the mountain. He did have to leave his car halfway up our very steep hill as it was sliding all over the place. But that is so much better than being stuck in traffic for hours on the highway during a snowstorm. We saw a lot of reports of people being stranded on my hubby’s usual route home. Hubby had the insight to take a different way, therefore avoiding much of the traffic. I have much to be thankful for this snowy weekend.



Creating the Watercolor Painting


I have been slowly getting back into painting and here is my second Gond Painting.



I started out by sketching my image on Archers cold press paper. I am not sure the weight of the paper as this is a scrap piece. Next, I used watercolors to fill in the image.


Here is the image completely filled in before adding black and white details.



And here is the completed painting. I was unsure as to whether I should put color in the background so for now I am going to leave it white.



Deer Gond Watercolor Painting

Watercolor Portraits


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Happy Weekend,




10 thoughts on “Bird Gond Watercolor Painting”

  • Another fabulous painting Kate and it looks like your kids are having super fun!! I hear there is snow everywhere up your end of the world, – stay safe and warm, so glad hubby got home safe and sound. Here November is much warmer than it usually is….

  • I’m grateful to have made it home also. It certainly was a mess being the first storm of the season.
    I have to say, I do like this “doodling”. You’re very neat and it does create an aesthetic, pleasing look at the end. 😘

  • It looks a fantastic painting and the bird is so colourful against the soft background shade.
    The family photo is lovely and the children do look like they are having alot of fun in the kitchen.
    Stay safe and warm in the snow.

  • Gorgeous painting Kate! I loved seeing the different stages and the colours are fabulous! Sounds like a wonderful time with your kids and I’m so glad your hubby got home safe. Weather down here is totally the opposite to yours. We are looking at a few hot days followed by a drastic drop in temperature and rain. Will be interesting to see if the Bureau gets it right this time! Hope you all stay safe and enjoy the snow!! hugs xx

  • Sounds like power outages are the rage. My power was out slightly over 24 hours, and it was frigid overnight, too. I was so lucky when the electricity finally came on. We don’t miss it till it’s gone, do we? You were lucky you didn’t run out of hot water, because if yours is like mine, it has an electric start. Looks like you and the children were cozy and comfy, after the electricity came back, at least.

    Your painting is fabulous, Kate. It is beautiful and truly frame worthy,

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