Can You Ever Have Enough Sushi? : Daily Art Practice



Couch Talk


We had some more snow flurries this week, but surprise, my daffodils survived the craziness! I decided to pick some just in case they didn’t and now they are on my counter looking lovely and bright. I forgot to snap a picture so maybe you can just imagine them.

There is not much interesting to share this week so I will get right to the art.


Watercolor Practice

I guess my theme for my watercolors this week is food. I love sushi, especially California Rolls. I had them for the first time at one of our local Asian Buffets and I have been hooked ever since. Asian food is something that I always crave, in fact, I ate wonton soup for most of my meals during my pregnancy with my oldest. I am hoping to add more Asian dishes to our weekly meals so I hopefully I will have more dishes to paint in the future.

Recently, I watched a free Etchr Studio class on Youtube on how to paint this watercolor sushi. I planned on painting it twice but I was pleased with the outcome from my first try, which rarely happens, so I decided to move on. Food is very difficult as it requires a lot of layers as well as whites to give it a realistic appearance. I am not good at being patient so realism is not only a lesson in watercolor but also patience.



A few weeks ago in THIS POST, I shared a photo of the Peanut Butter Chocolate Cake that I made for my son’s birthday. I am always looking for more foods to paint so I thought this would be great practice. It consisted of many layers of paint and the hardest part was the frosting swirls on the top of the cake. I also struggled with the shadow placement. If I ever give this cake another try, I would use masking fluid for the whites instead of a white gel pen and I would practice those frosting swirls in advance before making my completed piece. The glass cake stand was a bit tricky as well, but overall not so bad.



Tea Day



I am joining the tea day ladies, hosted by Elizabeth and Bleubeard. My tea today is some of my favorite teas from Tiesta tea. If you have never tried these flavors, I suggest all of them. My absolute favorite is the Fruity Pebbles which has recently been renamed Fruity Paradise.

Happy Tea day,


16 thoughts on “Can You Ever Have Enough Sushi? : Daily Art Practice”

  • You’re making me hungry with your drawings this week Kate. Especially that cake. Yum. I like sushi, but funny, California rolls are not my first pick. But you really capture the look of the sushi for sure. I hope you have some spring like weather and a great week ahead Kate. And of course a happy T day too. hugs-Erika

  • The cake looked delicious as a photo, and still looks delicious as a painting. I’d love to have a slice!

    best… mae at

  • Your realistic watercolors are SO wonderful Kate!! I don’t have that kind of patience required for the dry times and layers which is why watercolor art is not easy for me. I t’s such a treat seeing yours. happy T day!

  • Wow your watercolors are so good-I love that you share your work.
    sorry you got snow again hopefully it will be the last of it and spring weather will come in
    Happy T kathy

  • Kate i remember you from when i was with the Tparty before i left..! I remember you always posted such beautiful art! That has not changed! Happy happy Tday! Hugs! deb

  • Your paintings are… you get bored, reading my same-ole-same comments all over each week, do you?
    Kidding. Beautiful. I don´t like seafood or sweets, but these look delicious! My Hubby would go all in!
    Happy T-day – P.S. did you go on with the selling your pics-idea? Did I miss something?

  • Wonderful art, Kate. The cake is my favorite. The teas look wonderful too.

    Can you have anough sushi? I love it, but remember one night when I decided to venture out with my sushi and eat a very large and very ornate dragon roll. I over did it and had to swear off anything but California roll for several years – lol. I had to give a presentation the next day and it was the toughest presentation I have ever given

    Hugz and Happy T-day.

  • Ironically, I didn’t have time to visit the sushi bar at the Chinese buffet,. I think you did a great job painting it. But my favorite was the cake. I thought you did an excellent job with it. It looked just like the cake you baked..

    I have never had any of these Tiesta teas, but the fruity pebbles sounds good. Thanks for sharing your incredible art and your Tiesta teas with us for T this Tuesday, Kate.

  • I remember the cake you made for you son’s birthday and the painting looks just as good. Yes, give me sushi. Hard to get around here so I use to make my own. I haven’t had any in quite awhile. Have a lovely day.

  • I don’t think you can ever have enough sushi – I love it. Your watercolor painitngs looks good, the cake looked delicious when I saw it first in your photo and now again as your painting. I can imagine that it is not easy to paint food. Happy T day.

  • Oh. my goodness, Kate, that cake looks good enough to eat! Your artwork is wonderful as always. Happy belated t day.

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