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Strangely enough, we are halfway through September and I am thinking about all the celebrating that is to come in a few months. Thanksgiving and Christmas are but a few months away and I did the first of my Christmas shopping last week. I don’t like crowds as a general rule but even more so around Christmas. I usually shop from my couch and I will be continuing that tradition. One year, when my boys were younger, I went Christmas shopping at the mall with some friends.  I was astounded by the rudeness of people, not to mention the large amounts of people stuffed into a small space. Instead of feeling the joy of the season I came away from the excursion annoyed and very frustrated. So to keep a joyful attitude, I prefer to spent my time decorating, baking and celebrating with my family.



Another thing I can think to celebrate is the passing of sickness from our house. Although, I still have some leftovers lingering in the form of a cough, I am fairing much better. Thank you for all of your well wishes.


Creating the Journal Page

I had a bit of trouble creating the background for this journal spread. It took me a couple of sessions of re-working but I finally got it right.


I started with the Centered Circle Stencil and molding paste in the background. I used various colors of paint, baked texture powder and gold embossing powder. The Collage, Textures and Patterns, Circles was used with some bronze Distress Paint.



I layered fabric scraps, paper, fiber, thread, chipboard scraps, and a tea bag.



I used a TH Paper Doll as the focal point and finished off by splattering some gesso on the pages.


Tea Day

Elizabeth asked us to share our washi tape collection today. As you can see, I don’t have merely as many as some of you who shared your collection last week.  Sadly, I do not used them often and several have lost the adhesive. But I was very inspired by everyone’s collection last week so I pulled these out and used many of them on a project that I worked on over the weekend.



And for today’s tea I am sharing a Cinnamon Orange Herbal Tea. I purchased this tea at our local bulk foods store. I LOVE the spice in this tea. It is the perfect tea for a fall day.



I am joining in with the T ladies over at Elizabeth and Bleubeard‘s.


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Thank you for stopping today. Happy Tea Day,


24 thoughts on “Celebrate: Mixed Media Art Journal Layout”

  • You probably have a much broader circle of family and friends to purchase for, but I try to make all my gifts. I know some of my friends don’t care for my handmade gifts, so that’s when I shop sales all year long, rather than waiting for the crowds around Christmas. I guess I’m so paranoid about security, I don’t shop online. I think my foodie friend Sally buys most of her things online, including shoes and bras. How in the world can she know if something is going to fit when she buys online. I’ve watched as she has returned both bras and undies because they weren’t the right size. By that time, she paid to return the products she purchased. Not a bargain, if you ask me. But I was a quality engineer in a previous lifetime and if I can’t feel it, touch it, experience how it was made, I don’t want it.

    You have some beautiful washi tapes, Kate. I have one roll of tape that has also lost its sticky and now sticks to itself. Other than that, the rest are fine, but that could be because I use them. I’m sure that now you are aware of all of yours, we’ll be seeing them show up in your art soon. Glad you took the challenge.

    Your tea looks lovely, I’m impressed about the local bulk food store. We have nothing like that here, and your cinnamon orange herbal tea not only sounds beautiful, it looks beautiful, too. Thanks for sharing this beauty with us for T this Tuesday.

  • I am you, I have not been in the holiday shopping crowds for years and years now-probably at least 30-that just takes away from the joy of the holidays. glad you are feeling better now. Loving your journal page-great textures. having fun seeing everyone’s washi tape collections. I would love a cup of that tea-Happy T Day

  • Glad you are feeling better. The journal page is fantastic, and you have lots of pretty washi tapes. I hate Christmas shopping, too many crowds, so I don’t do it!
    Happy T Day, hugs, Valerie

  • i know i repeat myself, but i´m always in awe with the texture you achieve in your journaling! and like you i´m often forgetting about my washi tapes. i don´t want to think about them losing their tackiness!! would be an expensive throw-out!
    happy t-day:))

  • Oh my gosh – I am totally in love with this pages! They are simply STUNNING! Enough washi tape for an artist for my taste! Thank you for sharing a look at your collection!
    I would suggest to link this amazing spread to Yvonne’s FANTASTY collection over at AJJ as well! We would be very pleased to see you there!
    Happy T-Day – your teas always look and sound so unique! I would love to drink tea with you in real life..but for now we meet at TSFT! That’s nice as well!
    Hugs, Susi

  • Nice tape collection Kate. And I love the texture on your art today. Those squares are perfect! Do your journals close flat? You have such super layering but it does take up thickness. Not that it matters. None of mine close. Hope it’s a wonderful tea day. Hugs-Erika

  • Kate this is an awesome journal spread. The textures look fantastic the sort that you would want to each out and touch..
    I’m agreeing about not shopping in crowded places, everyone seems so rushed , its no pleasure to browse in these areas.
    Your washi tapes collection looks lovely, I have a couple that don’t seem to stick so I just glue them down and put up with how they seem to curl along the sides.
    Happy T day wishes Kate, your tea flavour sounds delicious.
    Yvonne xx

  • So much to celebrate and I’m pleased you are feeling better 😁. Your page is beautiful, the sparkle and texture of the background is so amazing! I enjoyed seeing your washi tape collection too and like you I was inspired to create a page using my washi tape stash this weekend, such fun 😁. The tea sounds delicious too – Happy T Day! J 😊 x

  • fantastic journal spread-you got such rich colors and depth! It’s been such fun seeing the washi tapes everyone owns:) Your tea is just the kind I like in cooler weather. Happy T day!

  • We exchange very few gifts at Christmas time.. Just not enough money to do it right.. We make sure the grand kids are taken care of but the adults are on their own.. Now i will make the occasional homemade gift or baked goods to give someone.. But i only do that if i think the person would really enjoy it.. I hate to give someone something and they have to pretend to like it.. if you know what i mean.. Great seeing your washi tape.. like you i don’t have very many nor use it often.. Hugs! deb

  • Wowzer – what a stunning page of celebration – the sparkles of gold amidst the rich colours and deep shadows are magical. Lovely washi tapes on view, and that tea looks amazing.
    Alison x

  • An amazing and stunning layout with fabulous layers in that background! I always love a little frayed fabric texture too. December shopping frenzy…I totally agree. but I never seem to have my act together enough to shop early! I’m afraid on-line shopping may actually make brick and mortar stores obsolete, and that will be sad in a way. happy T day!

  • We buy presents for very few people and always have. It’s even fewer now. The presents are the least part of the holidays for me. That said, I love getting out into the hustle and bustle of the holiday crowd at least once during the season. The decorations are so beautiful, and I enjoy people-watching 🙂

    I love cinnamon and orange together, especially in tea. That looks delicious. Happy T Tuesday!

  • Glad you’re finaly feeling better, Kate.

    Gorgeous spread! Your layers and textures make me want to reach in and touch.

    You have some lovely and unusual washi tapes and I’m glad our “show your washi tape stash” challenge inspired a new project. Can’t wait to see what you do.

    Happy T-day! Hugs, Eileen

  • I don’t really like shopping, unless it’s art supplies or books (-: I prefer to point and click my way through shopping or making gifts. The textures on your page really showcase the layers of celebrations. Glad you’re feeling better, too. My mother-in-law’s favorite tea blend was Constant Comment.. Happy T Day

  • I completely agree about holiday shopping and have the same alternate preferences as you Kate! I would rather not have gifts as part of Christmas and just focus on togetherness and home. I do love your awesome grungy page and agree that there’s much to celebrate in this life. I’m thankful you guys are feeling better. Hugs, Autumn

  • Fabulous journal page! Beautiful work! About Washi Tape, I don’t have much and I do forget to use it! I am glad you are feeling better.

  • Wow, chockablock with texture! Wonderful and you’re so right about shopping. I order most things online (even groceries) just to avoid the crowds and not just during Christmas. There’s so much more you can do with your time than go shopping.

  • So happy to hear you are doing better! Did any of you go to the Dr.? or did you just weather it out? still going back and forth with the hub on this. If they are going to say it is a cold and sore throat…well, I already know that! heehee

    On to that Gorgeous spread! Wow and WOW Kate! You really rocked the layers on this one and you just bowl me over with the cohesive ness you obtain with all of your elements! Gosh How I would love to watch you in progress!

    Have a beautiful day!
    Jackie xo

  • WOW Kate! This spread just blows me away! Your layers,I LOVE, Your colors,your textures, your elements…oh my! You pull everything together so beautifully! Oh how i wish I could watch you “in progress” !

    I am with you about shopping. The older I get, the less I like to get out there,although hubby like to shop! ugh! From the couch is alright by me as well!

    So glad to hear you are feeling better! Did any of you end up in the Dr’s or did you just weather it out? Hub and I still “discussing ” this! teeheehee
    I know what I have, the thing is,will they do anything for me? I just keep drinking my green tea and ginger.

    I love that you have bulk teas by you! I know I have mentioned it before, but I really do need to research where there is one for me! You inspire me in so many ways Kate! thank you!
    Jackie xo

  • Know exactly how you feel about Christmas shopping! I hate crowds too although I am able to manage them perhaps a bit better than you are. Hubby and I love our shopping trips at any other time of the year but, at Christmas, we go as little as possible!
    Your journal spread just blows me away Kate! The colours are gorgeous but the texture!!! WOW!! Absolutely GORGEOUS!!! Love this!! hugs xx

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