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I didn’t post last week because we were on vacation in Virginia. Once I complete my travel journal, I will share a few pages. One of the shops we visited in Williamsburg had a selection of Tea and Tea inspired books. Here is one of the books that caught my eye. I will be requesting several of the books I saw from my local library before I decide to buy any of them.

What is your favorite Tea and Tea snack recipe?


Daily Art Practice


My recipe for the theme: My Choice, is Cherry Almond Overnight Oats. I love fresh cherries, but I don’t have them often as they are very expensive by the pound. Sometimes, I buy them frozen and they are delicious in yogurt or a smoothie. As I am trying to explore other mediums other than watercolor, I painted this recipe using gouache.






Tea Day



I am joining the Tea Day ladies, hosted by Elizabeth and Bleubeard. My tea today is West Indies Citrus herbal tea. While we were in Williamsburg, VA I saw many different varieties of Oliver Puff & CO tea. I already had this tea and I enjoy it with a bit of green tea added.

Happy Tea Day,




12 thoughts on “Why Are Cherries So Expensive? : Daily Art Practice”

  • Our Whole Foods had cherries on sale for an incredible low price last weekend! I hope you find some at a price you like.
    best, mae at maefood.blogspot.com

  • Oh cherries are the yummiest, and I will often splurge because they just aren’t available for all that long.. And it’s fun to make and eat something sweet with a cup a tea.. And I hope you had a nice vacation last week.. I’ll be curious to see your journal. Have a great July 4th and T day too. hugs-Erika

  • I would love that Tea & Cake book. You ask about what I like with tea? Anything sweet! I am so bad. Happy T Day.

  • I´ve never heard of frozen cherries, must have a look (I do have frozen raspberries, but cherries…?).
    Your gouache-work looks great. Happy T-Day

  • My favourite tea is coffee! I never liked tea even as a chid in England! Your cherry oats is a beautiful, and I would like to try your recipe, yummy, Happy July 4th and happy T Day, Valerie

  • Love your recipe card – some fab painting and writing. Cherries are expensive – all fruit seems to be now…..I love them though and splurge now and then. Looking forward to seeing your trip drawinings. Happy T-day! Hugz

  • Cherries are incredibly expensive here, too. i certainly can’t afford even 1/4 lb. Sounds like you had a fabulous vacation. Tea and cake sounds like a great book. I looked to see if it was at our library, but without the author, it doesn’t look like we have it here. They have lots of tea and tea inspired books, though.

    Lovely drawing and painting this week, Kate.

    Your herbal tea blend sounds lovely. Adding green tea to it sounds wonderful.. Thanks for sharing your trip, the tea book, your cherry drawing, and your tea with us for T this Tuesday,

  • I buy cherries at the farmers market and I agree, the price is quite high, but I also know that I’m supporting local farming families, and it’s okay for the few times I buy them since they are not available for a very long time. Your artwork looks beautiful. Since I don’t drink tea, I don’t have a favorite one. Happy T day and Fourth of July.

  • My favorite blend of tea is Earl Grey and I’m partial to scones for my tea treat. Your cherry recipe looks delicious, too. Happy T Day

  • It is a beautiful artwork with cherries and a recipe. I like trying new recipes and I like to have recipe books too. This recipe book sounds interesting. I hope you will find the books you saw at the library. Usually, my favourite tea is black tea. But I like Oolong tea as well.
    Happy T-day!

  • Yes, cherries are expensive here too now the season is over. I think I pay 5 euros a kilo. (I bought some yesterday) So I’m very tempted to make the overnight oats from your recipe. I’ll give it a try although I might use half the ingredients as it sounds like an awful lot.
    Your watercolour are beautiful and I look forward to see your vacation art.
    Sorry I’m late. Tuesday is a busy day for me.
    Belated happy T-Day,

  • Lovely post. Yes, cherries are expensive. My brother had a charry orchard until recently so I had the cherries I wanted not I have to buy them. Love your art and looking forward to your vacation art journa. Have a great day.

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