Classy Lady In a Purple Mask: Mixed Media Card

 Book Corner


I thought I would share a few books that I have read over the past year and enjoyed. Most are series that I am still working on. I enjoy series but I dislike it when they string you along and you have to wait for the next book to be published.



The Chronicles of Narnia is such a great series for children and adults. Yes, I am still working through it.



I am still working through this series but I am really enjoying it. An organization known as the Great Library governs the control of knowledge and literature that is delivered to the masses. A group of young scholars seek to over throw the library.



This is a great series for fans of fantasy. I am eagerly awaiting the third book when it comes out this year.



This was a great regency mystery with a hint of romance.


This was a very fun series with a bit of time travel. Unusual but fun. It is about a group of children that have strange abilities. I watched the movie after reading the books and I definitely think the books are better.


As you can see, I really like fantasy fiction. I find them easy read through as they do not require a lot of brain power. I do try to read a serious book every few months but it just depends on how stressful life is at the time.


What are you reading?


Creating the Card



I collaged scraps of patterned paper and stenciled using a white pen and StencilGirl stencils. I stamped and embossed the Chinese background stamp in gold. Strips of black Asian character washi tape, thread, and purple Lindy’s spray were used to embellish.  My main image is a Lynne Perrella image that I colored with Distress markers.


Thanks for stopping. And don’t forget to let me know what you are reading. I love suggestions.


5 thoughts on “Classy Lady In a Purple Mask: Mixed Media Card”

  • Nice card today Kate. And I always enjoy a good book review. Fantasy is something I never read much of before the last couple fo years and you have a couple of interesting ones. How are your hives? Hope their better. Hugs-Erika

  • I really LOVE your latest card. It is gorgeous, awe inspiring, and has awesome coloration, too.

    I’m reading research journals right now. Boring to most, but fascinating for me. I think you probably made some great choices with your books, even though I’ve never read any of them.

  • Another wonderful card, Kate! I have read Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children, but I haven’t seen the movie. I have just finished reading Faerie Knitting; 14 Tales of Love and Magic by one of my favourite authors, Alice Hoffman. The short stories are accompanied by knitting patterns of things related to the magical tales and are designed by Alice’s cousin, Lisa Hoffman. I am looking forward to trying out some of the patterns!

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