Corsets: The Price of Beauty; Mixed Media Tag

Pretty Corsets

Mixed Media Tag

I always enjoy layering items together and this tag was no exception. I really love how the background came out and how all the little elements tie together. My favorite part about it though is the color combination. Vibrant and bright!

Corsets VS Comfy

I have to say, corsets can be a thing of beauty. What woman doesn’t love the idea of having the ideal waist measurement, magically achieved all due to a piece of clothing. When shopping for clothes I have found myself wishing I lived in a time when intricately hand crafted dresses and hats were made specifically for a individual and not mass produced. The fabrics and details are definitely lacking in today’s clothing industry. But…
I love my comfy jeans (that are not really jeans) as they are stretchy and they fail to leave pressure marks on my abdomen. But I also love being feminine and dressing like a lady. Wearing dresses with tight undergarments to “suck it all in” seem to always make me a little more confident and in turn make me feel prettier. Or perhaps that is just the Spanx keeping me from my usual slouching position.
Every time I see a movie or photograph of women from the previous eras, I cannot help but admire their clothing and at the same time think of all the damage these women did to their bodies in the name of proper etiquette and beauty.
Here are a few such health issues:

Although I love the clothing of many historical periods in history, I am thankful to God for placing in this century. Clothing, sanitation and medical practices have come so far and I know that I am enjoying the benefits of all of these advancements. I also know that God made each each one of us unique and individual. If he wanted us all to have a 20 inch waist he would have cut us all from the same mold. Aren’t you glad he didn’t?
Above is a picture of a corset dress by Angela Clayton. She makes all her period costumes. I have spent a lot of time browsing her site and watching her YouTube Videos. Believe me…if you like period clothing her blog will be pure eye candy.
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