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A very uneventful week past. I spent the week sick so I still didn’t get my trip pictures and journal edited. In fact, I didn’t get any art done. I felt lazy sitting in the chair, watching Gilmore Girls but it was all I could muster due to my constant coughing and nose blowing. Thankfully, it is past and I am left with a weeks worth of catch up.


Watercolor Shop Front 


My first shop front this week is Kodawari Katsuya in Singapore. They are known for tonkatsu, which is a a Japanese dish of pork, coated in breadcrumbs and fried. The reference photo is HERE. I wasn’t thrilled with my version but that’s ok. It was my first time painting a motorcycle and I am thinking I need more practice.



Littered With Books is the next shop front, reference photo HERE. It looks like an adorable store inside, with a great selection of children’s books.



Daily Art


The most recent online class I took was a line and wash class, painting a London scene. I have never painted a city scene before so this was a challenge. The instructor made it look easy and gave a lot of great tips for making it look detailed without a lot of work. The main technique in this class was painting reflections. I found out that I did the wrong thing a few seconds after I did it. By then it was too late and as you know, watercolor cannot be erased. But that is ok as I am learning and part of that is learning what not to do by doing it. All of these classes are free and every week he teaches a new scene. I am looking forward to trying some other ones.



Tea Day



I am joining the T day ladies, hosted by Elizabeth and Bleubeard. My tea today is Teapigs Liquorice & Peppermint . As I frequently mention, I have digestive issues and this is one of my go-to teas. I love the combination of these two herbs together as they are delicious and soothing. This is a great after-meal tea to aid in digestion.

Happy Tea Day,


18 thoughts on “Coughing Up London: Daily Art Practice”

  • Nothing like feeling ill to zap one of any energy…glad you are on the mend and it wasn’t anything more serious. Great illustration for T day, along with your shop front scenes but I must say I am in love with your London scene and the reflections!!! bravo Kate! Wishing you well, and happy T day wishes.

  • Your city scene came out great, and I wouldn’t even guess what the mistake was. At first, by your title, I thought you had gone to London. Wouldn’t that be nice? Sorry to hear you didn’t feel well Kate. . Hope you are back on your feet and feeling yourself again soon. HAve a wonderful T day. Hugs-Erika

  • Hi Kate, so sorry you have been ill, this has been a rough allergy season for me so far. I love your art so much-and enjoy seeing what you are painting. I am hoping this winter I can play with my watercolors more.
    Happy T(ea) wishes

  • Sorry you were sick. Gilmore Girls are agreat cure.

    How do you need more practice?! That´s beautiful the way it is!
    Littered with books. Yupp. Here.

    Yummy tea, have a happy T-Day and thank you for always sharing your wonderful art.
    The set I bought has but one brush and an absorbent brush, no description. Reckon you need to wash it after each color-use? And one watercolor “cake” of color pigment… crazy stuff, a bit frightening.
    Sewing today!

  • I LOVE your tea cups and tea pots you drew. They are wonderful. I also like the shop drawings and was drawn to the one with the motorcycle.

    Your licorice and peppermint tea sounds wonderful. Thanks for sharing all your watercolors, and your tea with us for T this Tuesday, dear Kate.

  • Sorry you have been ill, that’s not nice at all. Your art is wonderful, as always. i especially like the picture from London, my home town, you did it so well. Happy T Day, hugs, Valerie

  • I’m sorry you’ve been ill. I hope that by now you are feeling better. I greatly appreciate you putting together a post in spite of feeling yuck.
    I love the Singapore shop fronts. I love going to the other website and look at the photo. The motorbike made me smile. Never mind, next time you’ll do it differently. Same sith the reflections. It’s a learning process as you rightly say. And who am I? I can draw or paint to save my life so kudos to you!
    That bookstore is great. I looked at the website and was surprised it is so big inside. What a great store for a child to get lost in.
    Happy T-Day,

  • Kate, I ak glad you are feeling better. Watching Gilmore Girls sounds lik ea great thing to do when recovering.

    All the art is fab, but the London scene is my favorite. Most of us wouldn’t notice the error – everything looks so well done to me.

    Great sounding tea too.

    Happy T-day!!

  • Kate I really love your art, the London scene is absolutely brilliant, my son most likely sees that view every day going to work
    I love all your art, the store fronts are beautiful.
    Sorry to hear you’ve not been well but the best thing is to just rest, pleased you’ve recovered
    Happy T Day

  • I love everything in your post today Kate! I really love the tea cups and teapots, and the London scene looks great, – what is the free class you are doing? it sounds interesting. Liquorice and mint tea is my favourite tea! Pukka also do a version of it but they are so expensive so for a time I was buying the supermarket brand mint and liquorice separately and mixing the teabags together in a box. Tasted just the same as the Pukka one. Then they stopped selling liquorice tea, I think because of the associations with high blood pressure, so i am back to the Pukka brand again lol, Happy T Day! Elle/EOTC xx

  • Sorry you haven’t been well. I love the cups and teapots.. The shops look difficult to draw but oh so pretty! The London scene is brilliant. I’m sorry but your tea doesn’t tempt me at all. Belated Happy T Day, Chrisx

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