Do You Grow Your Own Food? : Watercolor Food Illustration

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This is the time of year that it’s nice outside and there are few social obligations. Most Saturdays have been spent in the garden since the beginning of April. Actually, hubby and the boys are working on the garden remodel while I spend my Saturdays in the kitchen. I usually plan on baking a few items before painting but for some reason I never make it to the painting/crafting. I find a few more things to bake and before I know it, it is time to make dinner and my feet are tired. After that there is no crafting time so the rest of the evening is spent in my chair with my feet up. Classic sign of an old lady, I am thinking.

The garden is coming along and as you can see Hubby built 6 raised beds. We planned on 8 but it has taken so much work to clear the land and get this far that we decided to stop with what we have. We may add a few more beds next year. All that is left now is to add more compost to the beds, complete the fence and the walkways. Hubby is digging down and burying chicken wire below the fence to deter pests. All those pots are full of plants that I saved from the old beds that I will be transplanting. Thankfully, the snow we had last week didn’t seem to effect them and they are still budding. I am excited that we are on schedule and planting should occur the 2nd week of May.


Watercolor Food Illustration


Cup of Matcha was a video on Youtube by Nianiani. I have really enjoyed a lot of her videos. Most of her watercolor videos are step by step and easy to follow.

I haven’t ever had a cup of matcha that I enjoyed as it is quite bitter in taste. Or maybe I have never had it prepared properly. Anyone have a good recipe or mix that they would recommend. I really want to like it but I am struggling.



Here are a few “Fruit” lessons that I completed from The Joy of Watercolor: 40 Happy Lessons for Painting the World Around You .



Step-by-Step watercolor book. I highly recommend.



The supplies I used for these paintings:





This week I made a few loaves of cinnamon sourdough raisin bread.




Something new this week, I tried chocolate chip sourdough cookies. These were very soft and melty. My family loved them but then again they love almost everything I make. They are an easy crowd to please.



Tea Day



I am joining the Tea Ladies, hosted by Elizabeth and Bleubeard. My tea today is Tea Forté Organic White Tea WHITE GINGER PEAR. I don’t have any new teas that I am drinking so I thought I would share this tea that is on my list. It sounds delicious with ingredients of white tea, pear, ginger, lemon balm, and licorice root.


Happy tea Day,


16 thoughts on “Do You Grow Your Own Food? : Watercolor Food Illustration”

  • Your raised beds look great Kate. I’ve been doing lots of garden work also,. It is fun to do, and gets me back into a little bit of shape after the winter. Ha-ha. And your baking looks yummy. The bread looks good. I made some sourdough discard brownies, but not much else. I like all these sourdough discharge items you’ve been making lately. Do you find your recipes online? I find with these brownies both times I made them that they start off cake like and after a day they turn into nice gooey brownies. Is that true with the cookies? I hope you have a wonderful T day and have fun your garden. Hugs-Erika

  • Kate your watercolor paintings are really fantastic!!
    Your garden looks quite professional and I’m sure you’ll be reaping lots of fab produce from those raised beds.
    Good thing it’s the end of the night for me cuz your baked goods would be tempting me to eat otherwise:) Happy T day!

  • Wow, it must be great to grow your own veggies! (You have good weather? Frickin’ cold here, 1C!)
    And still lockdown, no water colors… Never had a matcha.
    Love your works and enjoy the book still (I have soo many books I read “at the same time” it takes a while…

    “They are an easy crowd to please.” made me giggle.
    I was a very bad kid then… Picky eater still.

    Happy tea Day

  • Your garden is looking amazing, we have some fruit trees in our garden which are in blossom at the moment 😀. Looks like you’ve been so busy, all your watercolour paintings look so beautiful, the details that you captured are amazing! Those yummy cookies would go so well with my cuppa this morning too – wishing you a very happy T Day! Hugs, Jo x

  • Oh my gosh, I want to try that tea. I love any tea with licorice.

    Your garden looks amazing. I wish my hubby could get interested again – he use to grow all kinds of things but now we just do a few tomato bushes and some peppers. Very sad….

    All your drawings are wonderful and your food looks totally yummy! Love the idea of sourdough chocolate chip cookies. I may have to try them!

    I had a lovely visit – I totally love your blog.

  • Your raised bed look really nice. What are you going to plant? (Or re-plant?)
    I absolutely loove your water colour painting. I had a look at the book (online) but it wasn-t available in Spain. The was a book about gouash by the same author.
    The raisin bread looks delicious as do the choc chip cookies. I have never made cookies would you believe!
    Happy T-Day,

  • You are so lucky that your husband prepares the beds. My husband won’t let me tear up the yard. He Is a city boy and he says, “you know they do sell tomatoes in the supermarket”. Lucky we have lots of farms nearby. Your watercolors and your baking all looks wonderful.

  • Himself would love your garden. Me? I’m happy with your baked goods and delicious watercolors. The still life, Fruit in Blue Bowl is charming. I like the sound of your tea, too. Happy T Day

  • I had three raised beds a few years ago, but my bamboo that I thought I had gotten rid of, came back and encroached on my beds. I’m sure you will have better luck. I look forward to seeing the beds as yo start to plant seeds and veggies. Speaking of veggies, your veggie and fruit drawings are wonderful

    I’m SO hungry now. I always get hungry when I visit you because you have such delicious looking food you’ve baked. And I know it would go well with that tea. I’m sure you will receive some one of these days. Thanks for sharing your new raised beds, your lovely drawings, your baked goods, and your wish inspired tea with us for T this Tuesday.

  • Hi Kate. Your cookies look and sound good. Lovely that you can have a garden, and I am glad the snow didn’t hurt anything. I have to agree with everyone else, your watercolor is beautiful! I follow several you tube water color instructions. They don’t come out this well! Happy T Day.

  • Those beds are going to look great full of veggies – love that you spent your time baking while they were all outside! That sounds like a treat to me!
    I love your watercolours – I need to get some more practice. I love ginger jam and pear on toast…but you know me and tea….I’m sticking to coffee.
    Belated Happy T Day, Chrisx

  • Ohhhh I love ginger pear. I have some ginger pear vinegar. But at the start you showed your raised beds and asked if I grow food. I do! I love to garden. Your beds look great. Nice baked goods too. The paintings are fabulous. Nice post. Have a great day.

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