Do You Have A Mug Shot?: Daily Art Practice


Couch Talk


Our schedule has finally started to slow now that football season is over. My son had some great runs in the last few games and is already talking about next season. I am thankful that things have slowed a bit and I am enjoying the down time. I recently had a foot injury due to too much exercise, so this week I took a rest from work and spent the time with my foot up. It was the perfect excuse to make art.

This is the view from our road on the way to the bus stop this morning. We had had some lovely sunrises this week.


Daily Art Journal


Remember last week I mentioned our drive through the mountains? I wasn’t sure what I was going to do with all the pictures I took so I decided to try some different media in my sketchbook. I started each sketch with a layer of watercolor before going in with my new Prismacolor Premier Colored Pencils. I have never used colored pencils so this is completely new to me. I would like to watch a few tutorials to figure out what I am doing. Do you have any suggestions?



I recently saw a video by Danny Gregory where he shared a journal he keeps, housing sketches of mug shots. I thought it interesting and inspirational and a great way to practice sketching faces. I found a few websites with vintage mugshots as resources for these sketches.




Tea Day


I am joining the tea day ladies, hosted by Elizabeth and Bleubeard. My Tea today is  Tiesta Tea Fruity Paradise. It has been ages since I have enjoyed this tea but I am excited to be drinking it again. Tiesta Tea renamed this tea as it used to be called, Fruity Pebbles. If you like green tea and fruit, this tea is amazing!

Happy Tea Day,


16 thoughts on “Do You Have A Mug Shot?: Daily Art Practice”

  • I like how you made these little vignettes of your mountain drive.. And nice faces too. Hope your foot feels better, but it sounds like it is also a little blessing as it gave you some extra art time. Hope you have a great start to November and a happy T day too. hugs-Erika

  • Awesome mountain views you have. I always enjoy seeing your art and your teas always look so good too.
    I do enjoy my watercolor pencils, by I am still learning this for m of art.
    Happy T wishes KAathy

  • Hope your foot is better soon!
    I once broke mine and was 6 long weeks “up”!
    Great sketches.
    Oh, I fail to have the patience to watch much tutorial-stuff!
    When I retire, haha…. probably by then we don´t have youtube anymore 😉
    Happy T-Day!

  • You live in a beautiful area and such a lovely neighborhood.

    I love how you used your new watercolor pencils to show the autumn colors in your world. And those mug shots are fabulous and a great way to practice drawing faces.

    I’ve never had Tiesta Tea, but that fruity paradise sounds wonderful. Thanks so much for sharing your neighborhood sunrise, your autumn colors using watercolor pencils, your mug shots, and your Tiesta Tea with us for T this Tuesday, dear Kate.

  • Sorry to hear about your foot injury, I hope you are much better soon! So lovely that your son is doing well at sports, I bet it’s fun to watch him playing football or as we call it American Football, me and hubby love the game! Your autumnal art is so beautiful, I love the tree colours and scenes that you created 😊. Enjoy your tea and Happy T Day wishes! Hugs Jo x

  • “Too much exercise” yes, that’s when I get shin pain and have to take more rest days. It’s frustrating 🙁

    I think my daughter and son-in-law would like that tea 🙂 Happy T Tuesday

  • The mug shots are really interesting. What a great way to get some practice. I haven’t seen that tea in stores but I will look for it now.

  • Your mug shots turned out great and I see how they can be good for learning how to draw faces – I’m always challenged with that. I like the watercolor/colored pencils paintings of your fall colors, they have this wonderful dreamy quality that I often experience in fall. And what a gorgeous view down your road! Happy T day!

  • Hi Kate, I love your mug shots! That guy in the middle looks familiar somehow. Hope you are enjoying your new pencils, I have the Polychromos instead of the Prisma, they are similar to use I think except mine are oil based and the Prisma are wax based. However, you can use gamsol with both I think or that Zest it stuff. I can’t think of any tutorials as the moment as I’ve had my pencils for years now but if I think of a good one I will link you. Hope your foot is getting better. Happy T Day! Elle/EOTC xx

  • I hope your foot gets better soon. I never knew one could have too much exercise! Lol.
    What a beautiful view you have from your road!
    I love the mug shots. Anything for practice, but they are fun to look at and you did a great job.
    Oh that sunrise is spectacular! I never see sunrises as that is my best time to sleep, even though I might have had a bad night. So to see yours is really special.
    The wine looks lovely. It’s great to share it with friends (and a pizza).
    You went over to the woods house again. I hadn’t realized you still had that. Has it not been sold?
    The cup cakes really look delicious and the frosting with the Halloween sprinkles are spot-on.
    Happy T-Day,

  • The first photo shares a beautiful view. Nicely captured. I hope your foot will heal soon. The sketches are amazing too. Thanks for sharing with us. Happy belated T day and have a great week!

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