Do You Have The Sourdough Pains?: A Couch Adventure

Down Time


As I am staring at my screen, I am wondering if I even know how to write a blog post anymore. I have started this  post many times only to end up leaning on the backspace bar and erasing it all. It turns out that one can get out of practice after several months away from the keyboard. If you were wondering why I haven’t been around for a while it is because I haven’t had much to share in the area of crafting.

Since October, I have been experiencing some abdominal pain that I can’t seem to get rid of. It comes and goes and is dependent upon my activity level. Cooking dinner, standing for lengths of time, walking in stores and most movement starts it up. If I don’t stop the activity the pain increases. Some days, I have little pain and others I hurt from the time I get out of bed until I go to sleep that evening. As of right now, the cause is a bit of a mystery. I have had ultrasounds, a scope in almost every hole and a CT scan. Thankfully, I am the epitome of health on a piece of paper but my body screams otherwise when I am in pain. My family has been quite patient with me. As you can imagine, my moods are all over the place when I am not feeling well. I am praying for answers soon, as I don’t want this time period burned into my children’s memories as ‘that time that mommy was miserable‘. So many times my oldest will ask me how I feel and what do I need him to do and then he will shush the younger two, which are always fighting, and tell them to “Be quiet because mom isn’t feeling well and you are stressing her out!”  My middle son will give me kisses and whisper that he hopes I feel better. My daughter will feel my head, tell me I am warm and cover me with lots of blankets. I have a bunch of little caretakers here and I am a grateful recipient! In the next month, I am scheduled for a laparoscopic test and I am hopeful that I will get some answers.


I’m A Sourdough Beginner


Even though I haven’t been crafting, I have spent a lot of time gathering inspiration from social media. I have tried spending my creative energy on things that I can do from the couch. My newest hobby has been learning to make sourdough bread. I don’t make the bread from the couch but I have done a lot of research and the actual bread baking doesn’t require a lot of standing time. All it requires is a starter. You can make your own or get one from a friend. All it needs is flour, water and wild yeast. I love that I can sit at my counter for 10 minutes to prep and walk away while the bread rests. Sourdough requires a lot of rest periods and a lot of patience. You pretty much let the dough do its own thing. Here is a picture of my first loaf.




I felt pretty good about myself after my first loaf seeing as it looked pretty good for my first try. But lets just say I learned my lesson not to think I have it in the bag. My second set of loaves were looking a little flat.



And by the third loaf…any bit of confidence I had deflated, just like my bread. Any one for Frisbee?



But I am not giving up. I thought I would go for something more simple, like cinnamon raisin bread. It looks difficult but it really isn’t. It makes two loaves and tastes AMAZING! Here is the recipe if you want to give it a go. She gives step by step in pictures so it is easy for beginners like me.



Since this loaf, I have made several more. The centers were not done 100% on the pictured loaf and I have since learned to leave it in a bit longer.

I have learned SO much by reading books and blogs over the last few weeks. But knowlege doesn’t mean your loaves will be perfect. It takes practice and experimentation to find out what works for you.

Here are a few resources that I have found helpful:



Homemade Food Junkie

The Clever Carrot

King Arthur Flour

Billy Parisi





Birthday For Two


You may ask what else I have been doing in my free time? Well, over the last few weeks, two of my little’s celebrated birthdays. In February I sewed my daughter a dress, my first sewing project since Thanksgiving.



And what little 4 year old doesn’t want a unicorn cake.




It is difficult to tell from the pictures but it was my first time making multi-colored frosting. It was really pretty and quite tasty!



Sadly, I forgot to take a picture of just the cake for my son’s birthday. He wanted a basketball themed cake so I made a basketball in a hoop.



He was happy with it so that is all that matters.  I can’t believe my oldest is 12!


Tea Day



For the first time in forever…I am joining the T ladies over at Elizabeth and Bluebeard. I really missed playing along with them! I am sharing my China Oolong tea along with my recent Goodwill find. I am curious as to whether or not he is supposed to be a terracotta soldier.

Have you ever tried sourdough? Even if you haven’t, what is your favorite type of bread/pastry to make?

Well, that seems like lot of information for one post but I have a lot to catch up on. I am hoping to be more consistent with my postings, even if it is not craft related. It may just be what inspired me for the week. Until then…

Happy Tea Day,




21 thoughts on “Do You Have The Sourdough Pains?: A Couch Adventure”

  • Hi Kate Good to see you-sorry you have not felt way-I wonder if it could be a food allergy?
    I had to smile with your sourdough baking-I have baked up with sourdough starters off and on for years. my go to book is always Ed Wood I have is original book and his updated book as well. through the years I have purchased several of his starters. I don’t make much bread any more I am gluten free and we are both really cutting back on carbs but I did bring out the Austrian Rye starter and make bread for St Patrick’s Day.
    I hope you get health answers soon Happy T hugs Kathy

    • To answer your comment on my page-I have made allot of different gluten free breads with all sorts of recipes-and my conclusion is not worth the time effort, anticipation, and the expensive ingredients. I even bought several books and contacted an author about my failures-I did make myself a rye sourdough based bread and used bobs red mill 1-2 gf flour mix for the rest of the flour. rye has gluten in it but less than wheat and some say the stomach can handle sourdough opposed to yeast breads better-I didn’t get sick but I didn’t push-just ate made one reuben sandwich with it and one more piece the next day-I dried slices of it to use in soups or to feed the fish haha

  • Sorry to hear you have been having health problems, and hope all will soon be well. But you have done so much. The birthday cake looks wonderful, and so does your bread. Nice to see you around again. Happy T Day, stay safe and well, hugs, Valerie

  • I am sorry you´re so sick and without answers! It must be horrible. “We” wanna fly to Mars, but the human body is still a mystery, how crazy is that.
    Hope they find out and can help you very soon.
    The bread looks great, and your kids very sweet. Very refreshing – I am not allowed to show full pictures of my Nieces and quite frankly… as long as it´s nothing embarassing… why not?
    That unicorn-cake looks amazing, too.
    Best wishes and a happy T-day to you.

  • I’m sorry to hear you haven’t been feeling well since October. Your body feeling pain is its way of telling you something is wrong, so with more tests, the DRs should be able to find the cause of it.

    Your sourdough bread looks delicious, even if the shape wasn’t right. And that raisin bread looks fantastic. (I added the recipe link to my blog. Thanks for sharing that.)

    You made your two children’s birthdays extra special, by making cakes for them. And I love the dress you made for your daughter. (My Mother used to make dresses like that for me when I was little, so you brought back a treasured memory that I had forgotten about.)

    That statue does look like one of those terracotta soldiers. Great find.

    It was nice seeing a post from you for T Day. I missed seeing you join us each week.

  • So sorry to hear you have been unwell and in so much pain, I do hope they solve the mystery and that you feel better soon! Sending you healing wishes! Such lovely photos of your children, haven’t they grown 😊. ,That’s such a beautiful dress and wow, those birthday cakes looks so amazing, you are so talented and it looks like your children loved them! Take care and sending Happy T Day wishes! Hugs, Jo x

  • Sorry to hear you’ve been having pains and not feeling well. It is worse they can’t do anything too. But seems like you have been bale to get up and do some other things-like that pretty dress and those cakes. And sourdough. I have been sourdoughing for a few years now and have mastered pizza dough and some breads but not so much a rustic loaf. Mine tend to be on the flatter side too. But I have made some delicious cinnamon rolls and pumpkin cinnamon swirl bread and a few other things like that. It is fun to experiment, isn’t it? Glad to see you back for T day Kate, and take care of yourself. Hugs-Erika

  • Welcome back Kate. Sorry you have been unwell, and especially frustrating when you don’t have a diagnosis or know what to do to feel better. I do hope you get some firm results soon. How wonderful to hear about your sweet little helpers:) Your breads look so good!! I have made breads before but not the sourdough ones with a starter. Matter of fact I’ll be making a quick and easy bread today to go with the vegetarian chili. Wishing you well, and happy T day!

  • So sorry Kate that you have been suffering for so long with no answers! Prayers are now coming your way from me! I think I might try the bread recipe! Can’t believe my little Winston is 12! Miss him so much, you guys to of course! Feel better soon my dear!

  • Sorry to hear you are feeling under the weather, but so glad all your test results are negative. Sounds a bit like my Young One and they finally decided to call her stomach issues IBS because they couldn’t come up with anything else. I tried sourdough bread several years ago, but keeping the starter going proved to much for me. I’m not good with a pet that needs a lot of attention. That’s why I love cats because they are pretty low maintenance. If you’re loaves are flat, you may be proofing them too long on the second rise. It’s awesome to see them big and puffy, but the structure inside collapses because of too much air. The bread tastes good, but doesn’t look very pretty. Your Little looks adorable in her dress and the unicorn cake is awesome. As is the cake you made for your older boy. I had the same thought about the Terra cotta soldier when I saw your photo. Happy T Day

  • So glad to see you back, Kate. Even more troubled that you have not been well all this time. I hope they find out what is wrong with you soon. I know these times can be stressful, too. However, it looks like you are trying to handle it the best way you can.

    I don’t bake, but I’m trying to cook more now that I am stuck at home. Your bread ALL looks good to me. I am very impressed, especially with the cinnamon-raisin bread.

    Your daughter is precious, I remember when she was two. She has grown up right before our eyes. That dress is precious. My grandmother made all my dresses when I was little, too. Back then, fabric was not as expensive as it is now. Now it’s cheaper to purchase old clothing and make clothes out of the deconstructed yardage. Both those cakes look amazing. I am in LOVE with the basketball cake, because I’m a HUGE Laker’s fan.

    I love that tea container and also thought the same when I saw the terracotta soldier. It is a great find. Thanks for sharing your breads, your cakes, your daughter’s dress, and your tea with us for T this Tuesday.

  • I’m sad to hear you feel bad and can’t find a reason. Here’s hoping this upcoming test will give the doctors ideas for treatment options.

    The bread looks delicious, even the fallen sourdough. I’ve made much worse-looking bread and still found it tasty 🙂 My favorite breads to make are the hot cross buns I make every year and an easy cheese bread I can no longer find the recipe for *sigh* and cornbread muffins. The cakes are magnificent!

    Happy T Tuesday!

  • I’m sorry to read of your health problem, Kate. I hope you get an answer soon and that it’s nothing serious. You’ve raised those littles well. That should make you feel a bit better.

    Your adventures in the kitchen are awesome. The cakes look amazing! You don’t do anything the easy way, do you? A unciorn cake – wow! The basketball net looks really cool too.

    Happy T-day! Eileen xx

  • Sorry to read that you have been feeling unwell Kate, I hope they can help your recovery when you have the next tests..
    The cakes you made for your children’s Birthdays looked lovely and i’m sure they tasted delicious.
    Keep going with your bread making that also looked yummy.
    My hubby used to make our bread and the sour dough loaves never turned out looking the same way.
    He said it was probably due to how and where he kept the starter dough.
    You also make your little girl a really pretty dress , she looks so sweet.
    Happy T day wishes and I hope you will get well soon.
    Yvonne xx

  • I’m sorry to hear that you’ve been dealing with health issues. Esp. ones that they can’t figure out. Your bread sounds like my hamburger buns…a little flat and dense. Keep at it…I’m sure you’ll get better. *she whispers to herself as well*
    Your cake decorating skills are tremendous! I’m in awe!!!
    I do completely understand what you had to say in your opening of the post. Not feeling creative, not feeling like writing, or even if you have anything to say. You do…and your words are very true and honest. Keep it up.

  • Kate, I’m so sorry you haven’t been well, you’re little ones sounds so sweet looking after you, kids are a great joy, hard work sometimes though!!!!
    Gorgeous birthday cakes and beautiful happy birthday boy and girl., you are very talented I must say.
    I’m not a lover of sourdough bread, I do eat it sometimes but it’s not my favorite although yours does look very tasty and what a lovely looking crust, I love the crusty bits on a fresh loaf, with butter, mmmm
    take care and I hope you feel better soon, sending hugs, Jan x

  • Oh Kate, I’m so sorry to hear you are in pain and don’t know what is causing it. I suppose not knowing is the worst part.
    Your children are so sweet. Real gems. It was so lovely to see their happy faces. That made my day. Thank you for allowing your kids’ lovely smiles to enter blogland and into my living room. Say hello to them from me.
    Your son is 12! Wow! time flies! What a pretty dress you made for your little girl. Well done you.
    Sour dough is something I have tried last year. I had a go at starting a starter (we can’t buy starters here and we don’t even have sourdough bread in the shops. My efforts were not successful, but perhaps I should try again, now we are indoors all day.
    Stay safe dear friend and I hope they find out soon what is ailing you,
    Happy (belated) T-Day,

  • I forgot to compliment you on those beautiful cakes. Works of art I say.
    Please keep blogging even though you are not making art. It doesn’t matter. Just keep in touch with all of us.
    (Of course i will pray for you)

  • Oh Kate! I do hope you find out soon what is causing you so much pain! I have never had much success with sourdough bread but yours look great!
    Your children’s birthday cakes are both wonderful- no wonder they look so happy! Belated Happy T Day, Chrisx

  • I´m so sorry to hear you have been ill Kate, I wish you ´ll recover very soon. You ´ve got a really wonderful family, they ´ll help you for sure.
    Those cakes are very funny, Happy Birthday for your lovely children!
    I wish you ´ll feel better soon, and send you big hugs,

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