Do Your Strawberries Taste Like Gold? : Mixed Media Cards




We haven’t seen much of the sun recently as we have had a month of rain and thunderstorms. It has been quite humid here and though I don’t enjoy being outside in this weather, it has been wonderful for my strawberry patch. Some of my strawberry plants are on their 4th year so the fruit is a bit small but the new plants we put in my boy’s trial garden last year have grown runners and are producing some nice size berries. If you remember, the boys wanted to try their hand at gardening so they planted strawberries, mint and sweet potatoes. Mint grows like a weed thanks to it’s underground runners and apparently so does strawberries. My boys were very frugal with the TLC so as you can imagine the sweet potatoes didn’t make it past a few months.



Now that I know that strawberries can survive on minimal care, I think I will be clearing more of our hillside to plant more. You can never have too many berries in the summertime. I am freezing them as I pick them so I will have enough to make desserts or smoothies.

What is your favorite summer strawberry dessert?


Creating the Cards




I used the Lacy Lotus Repeat Stencil on the background of the second card. I love these Egyptiann inspired Lynne Perrella stamps for PaperArtsy. I also added some PA Fresco Finish Chalk Paints to paint the images and in the background. Just a few simple cards that can go through the mail.


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