Does Beatrix Potter Eat Galaxy Cake?: Daily Art Practice


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Not only has our week been busy with daily life and tea day, but we also celebrated a birthday this weekend. My son loves Star Wars so he asked for a Galaxy Mirror glaze cake. This was the second year that he asked for one and I made an excuse last year because I was too scared to give it a try. I figured I would have to give in eventually, so why not this year? Below is the cake before adding the Lego mini figures that my son made.



Pretty cool, huh? I love the marbling effect.


Tea and Poetry



Our theme this week was Beatrix Potter, picked by my youngest son. He turned 12 and his birthday just happened to coincide with Tea & Poetry Day. He has always loved bunny rabbits, so he picked Beatrix Potter. Our food contained things that could be found in Mr. Mcgregor’s garden.

Green Grapes

Carrot Cake Scones with Cream Cheese Frosting


Honey and Seed Flapjacks


Of course, a garden themed table is not complete without Dirt Pudding and gummy worms…Yum!


While I read some books, the children colored.



Here are a few of the books we read.


Beatrix Potter and Her Paint Box had lovely illustrations and talked about the people that influenced her art and how she received her first set of paints.


Who Was Beatrix Potter had SO much information about her life that I never knew. I had no idea she was a scientist who studied mushrooms and even wrote a scientific paper.


The Art of Beatrix Potter was another great read. It has full page pictures of her illustrations and the sketches that became illustrations. As someone who paints, I love seeing the process behind her work. All of her art is in this book, including her mushroom illustrations, interiors of the houses where she lived and visited and the countryside where she drew most of her inspiration.


Tales of Peter Rabbit and His Friends is a book that I have had since I was a little girl. I love that I can flip to the front cover and see my name written in my 6 year old hand. My hard-cover edition has lasted all these years and to this day, my favorite story in the book aside from Peter Rabbit and the Tale of Benjamin Bunny is The Tailor of Gloucester.




Watercolor With Me In The Forest, is my go-to book when I need an easy relaxing project. It has been busy here lately so my painting time has been cut in half.





Tea Day



I am joining the tea day ladies, hosted by Elizabeth and Bleubeard. My pot of tea this week was Earl Grey again at the request of my kiddos. Never would I have thought they would enjoy it as much as they have.

Happy Tea Day,


15 thoughts on “Does Beatrix Potter Eat Galaxy Cake?: Daily Art Practice”

  • Kate, so adorable and sweet to do these fun birthday themes. Love the food, books and art. Looks like a lovely birthday. Great art. Happy T-day. Hugz

  • That mirror glaze is amazing Kate. I really like the marble effect. I have never tried a mirror glaze, and it’s on my list. Did you find it difficult to do? And your weekly tea looks quite like another fun affair. Will you do this every week all summer? I’m sure it will make some great memories. . Thanks for sharing it with us, and I hope you have a super T day and week ahead. hugs-Erika

  • a lovely post full of colorful fun! Fab galaxy cake decor- I know your son will remember and appreciate this for a long time because my son will still talk about some of the detailed themed cakes I made him when he was young (he’s 34 now:) Love Beatrix Potter- stories and art. And your watercolors are fab. I’m a real bird lover, but this round your snail is my fave. Happy T day!

  • The birthday day cake looks amazing! and I love the tea party and poetry you have created for your children-this is really a special time together and learning as well.
    I just discovered Beatrix Potter enjoying her art work.
    Happy T hugs Kathy

  • What a wonderful way to spend a birthday. Your son was treated to a wonderful birthday, it seems. Coloring, reading tales, and eating food inspired by tales of Beatrix Potter is a great way to celebrate a birthday. It’s amazing how your children actually like Earl Gray tea. Thanks for sharing the party and tea with us for T this Tuesday, Kate.

  • The cake is fantastic. And I love the idea of a Beatrix-Potter birthday, so beautiful. And I would et dirt pudding with worms, too! Happy birthday to your son! Hugs, Valerie

  • Kate i’m sure your children LOVE that you put in so much effort. I certainly can appreciate it.. That cake turned out marvelous! I would be scared too!! lol I recently caught the movie Miss Potter on YouTube and thoroughly enjoyed it.. Renee Z. played the part very well.. The movie did not cover that she was a scientist either.. interesting.. What a lovely table you set too.. A tea party fit for a King!! Happy happy T day! Hugs! deb

  • Wow Kate, I am so impressed with this post. A truly lovely table setting. Great drawings from the kids and books to inspire the day. You always come up with the best ideas.

  • What a fancy cake! The scones look tempting, and I imagine the dirt pudding was a lot of fun. Beatrix Potter offers a lot of interest. So much information on her that lends itself well to art, reading, and food. Cool! Happy T Tuesday

  • Wow, that cake is amazing and I bet your son loved it too! The birthday celebrations looked wonderful too, you really went to town with all the fabulous food that you made for the party – perfect 😀. Beatrix Potter is one of my favourites too, I have a number of her books from when I was young as well as some figurines. Wishing you a very Happy T Day 😁. Hugs Jo x

  • The cake looks downright cool!!! Lovely table setting with lots of delicious food. Years ago I visited the Beatrix Potter museum in Gloucester, it was a lovely place to see and learn more about her.

  • Wow! That is some cake! I love your Beatrix Potter themed tea party. All the treats look so yummy. Your little bird and snail fit so well with the theme too. Miss Potter would be proud of you. Happy T Day

  • So much deliciousness Kate! Your cake looks fab and that tea party is just gorgeous. I think I would have to start with the carrot cake scones and then some dirt pudding with worms lol. I also have that book – the Art of… – and also one about her garden, she had a lovely garden too. Happy T Day! Elle/EOTC xx

  • I love this post, Kate. I am really loving Tea & Poetry, and the fact that your son chose Beatrix Potter for his birthday. We love all things Beatrix Potter here, and a few years saw a movie about her life, Miss Potter, staring Renee’ Zellweger, which we really liked. Now I will check out these other titles you mentioned. Your kids are talented artists, like their mom. Happy T Day.

  • Oh, Kate! I LOVE Beatrix Potter! We just did a Baby Shower with just that theme for Lissie and Arabella (Soon to arrive)! I love your “relaxed” watercolors 🙂 My Dad’s favorite tea is Earl Gray, too. Have a great 4th of July!

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