Doodling Tea Pots and Some Books: A Couch Adventure

Couch Talk


How has your week been? I have been going a little crazy trying to organize everything that is going on in my head but school is keeping us extra busy so not a whole lot of organization at the moment. Even my list of goals for the year hasn’t been made yet.

Once it is made, reading more non-fiction makes the list as well as reading more books in general. So far, these are the ones I am currently reading.





Here are some books that I want to read this year.





I haven’t had a lot of time for art but when I get a chance, I have been doodling. I sketched and painted this little illustration this week.



Tea Day



I am joining the T day ladies over at Elizabeth and Bleubeard‘s. Hubby bought me this tea and put it in my Christmas stocking. It is delicious and the perfect blend of herbs and fruit to sip in the morning.


Happy Tea Day,


15 thoughts on “Doodling Tea Pots and Some Books: A Couch Adventure”

  • Your sketches of teapots and cups are delightful! And your reading list is very interesting — you and I have completely different interests and I see how much there is to read in the wide world!

    be safe… mae at

  • Loads of books and love your doodling – a happy T-day to you!
    (Just checking if “Charlotte´s Web” is OK for my Niece – 2 years in learning English so far, any idea?).

  • Sounds like you’ve had a busy week and you’ve chosen some great books to read this year 😁. Wow, your tea cup and teapots are so beautifully drawn and coloured – stunning! That’s a lovely present from your hubby too, enjoy and wishing you a Happy T Tuesday! Hugs, Jo x

  • Nice book list. I have sketchbook explorations nd creative girl, and they are good ones. The others are all new to me, but I like to check out new books and find something different to read. The teapots and cups look amazing. I am guessing it is watercolor. Perfect for T this week, and for January too. Well anytime really. Hope you have a great T day Kate. Hugs-Erika

  • You have a lot of books on your reading list. I can only read one at a time. Sure love your teacup, teapot, and teaspoon doodles. To me they are REAL art. I have some Teavana, but no beach bellini. It sounds good and what an amazing stocking stuffer. Thanks for sharing your book choices, your tea doodles and your newest tea with us for T this Tuesday, Kate.

  • LOVE your teacup illustration Kate!! these would make wonderful notecards! You’re a much more voracious reader than I am for sure. Such a great variety of reads too. The only one I have is Creative Girl and I’ve done many of the practices from the book. Enjoy your reading with tea!

  • What a lovely list of books. I don’t know any of them but they all look interesting. (Funny that I had books on my blog too)
    Your ‘doodles’ are brilliant! I have a sketch book and last year I used it several times. Made myself draw at least one thing every day. Must take that up again. So many things, and so little time (even though we are retired)
    In your comment to me you mention the sock pattern. I assume you know how to knit. If you are new to knitting, I wouldn’t start with socks. But if you know how to knit but have never done socks, this is perfect. I had tried several times to knit socks but always got stuck on the heel. This pattern and way of knitting socks makes it very easy. It costs 1 dollar but is totally worth it.
    I knit with circular needles (magic loop) and have bought proper sock wool that is machine washable.
    This method/pattern teaches you to make a cardboard ‘cut out’ of the foot so that you can compare your knitting with the template. I started at the toe. How to start is not in the instructions, but find a Youtube video on ‘Turkish cast on’. (easy and invisible). From the cast on you increase stitches guided by your template. The pattern explains when to start the heel and talks you through it. Once the heel is done it is plain sailing .
    Does that make sense?
    By the way, if you can, buy a lighter colour yarn. It is easier to knit with as you can see the stitches clearer.
    As this was my first sock, I just did plain knitting (no fancy stitches or patterns) but I had a nice variegated yarn which looks nice and hubby likes it too. I have now ordered a brighter yarn for myself. I will show it in next week’s blog.
    Using the circular magic loop needles makes the knitting easier (and faster) as for most of the sock you only knit (not purl) as you go round all the time.
    Happy T-Day

  • I adore your tea-themed doodles, Kate. Thank you for the book list. I’ll check some of them out – as in Kindle not the library.

    Happy T-day! Stay safe, warm and well. Hugs, Eileen

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