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Dull Brown Eyes

The color brown reminds me of all the things that I could do without in life such as rodents, prunes, dirt, and poop. I can’t think of many things that are the color brown that I actually like, except perhaps my son’s chocolate brown eyes. His eyes combined with the puppy dog look, melt my heart. I myself, have honey brown eyes but I didn’t always like them. I wanted green eyes and curly hair.

Growing up, I always liked the story about  Amy Carmichael. She was born with brown eyes but wanted blue eyes. She prayed every night that God would change her eyes to blue. Every morning she would wake up expecting them to be changed but they never were. When she became an adult, Amy became a missionary to India. She was able to save many young girls given over to temple prostitution by their families, by dying her skin with coffee and pretending to be a native. Until then, she didn’t know why God hadn’t answered her prayers. Indian people all have brown eyes. If she had had blue, her disguise would have been uncovered and she would not have been able to be used of God in that capacity to save all those little girls.


While I never prayed for green eyes, I knew that God made me the way he wanted me. I have never saved or impacted a life solely due to the color of my eyes but I love this story and use it as a reminder that God knows what He is doing. He doesn’t make mistakes.

Creating the Journal Page

I am sharing another prompt for #thestencilfiedjournal. As you can see this prompt is to stencil with my least favorite color. That color for me is brown. As I looked through my collection of colors I realized that my brown paint was almost completely full. Probably because I can’t stay away from those bright colors. I also wrote about the things I love on my gentleman’s suit coat. When it comes to listing my loves in life, the list is endless. But my pen didn’t particularly like writing over a painted surface so I had to stop short of a completed list.

The stencils I used were Math Man and Chinese Garden Plum Blossoms. I painted my stenciled image and then outlined and doodled with a white pen.

My background has been stamped and sprayed.

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4 thoughts on “Dull Brown Eyes:#thestencilfiedjournal”

  • That isn’t dull brown at all. he’s a pretty handsome gentleman . I wonder why he is so dressed up? I can think of several reasons. 🙂 happy weekend. Hugs-Erika

  • Teabags are brown. Tea is brown, vintage images are usually tinted brown. But I can see where you might not care for the color, since I’m not a mother and don’t have to clean poop!

    You used my very favorite stencil: math man. I am going to ask Santa for it for Christmas because there is NO way I’ll ever buy it. You use it to such a great advantage. I am truly in AWE of this journal page and the things you wrote on the man’s coat show how much you love life and your family. BTW, you have absolutely gorgeous handwriting.

  • Oh I adored the story about Amy Carmichael, never heard of her before. I have brown eyes, my husband’s are blue, and my 3 children all have brown eyes too. My grandchildren on the other hand have big blue eyes, as does their mother, though her’s are more grey. There are all sorts of theories as to why people have different colour eyes…. To me the eyes are always are the mirror of the soul, and if the soul is beautiful then that will be mirrored in the eyes no matter what colour they are.

    As to your journal page, I think it is wonderful and you have used the colour brown brilliantly. What an wonderful stencil! The lighter colours round about lift the whole piece, stopping it from becoming too heavy.

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