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Recently, my hubby and I watched the movie Not Without My DaughterIt is based upon a true story. An American woman, her Iranian husband and their young daughter travel to Iran in the early 80’s. What starts off as a two week vacation turns into the American wife being held hostage inside the home of her husband’s family. Her husband returns to his muslin faith and starts to abuse her, refusing to let her leave the house or have friends and separates her from her daughter. She stumbles upon an underground operation that helps plan her escape. She never gives up hope and eventually is able to escape back to America with her daughter. 

As you can imagine, I found this story terribly disturbing. All I could think about was how terrified she must have felt, especially when they took her daughter from her. And when her husband turned into a violent man. I am so thankful that I have the privileged to dwell in a land that allows me religious freedom and looks down upon domestic and sexual violence among its citizens. I am blessed to have a loving and kind husband that has never raised a hand to me or my children. Sometimes, I wonder why I have all these blessings when I could have so easily been in that lady’s place.  By God’s grace I am where I am.

I know there must be many women and children in these types of situations all over the world, even in places in America. There is nothing I can do to help them from my little spot in Pennsylvania other than pray for them. I can pray that somehow they will find a way of escape and be cared for. That they won’t lose hope. And I can be more grateful for the freedoms that I experience on a daily basis.

Have you ever seen this movie or read the book? I have this book on my to-read list.

Creating the Journal Layout

I made another layout in my Paper Doll Art Journal. The background has been stenciled with StencilGirl Decorative 6-Petal Flower Screen and Art Deco Peacock Feathers.

I used thread, stamping and some journaling die cuts to embellish.

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Simon Says Wednesday: Anything Goes

(Inspired by bright yellow color)

(Inspired by bright yellow color)


12 thoughts on “Dwell: Mixed Media Art Journal Layout”

  • Gorgeous journal spread adore the colours and layered elements . Loved reading your post. I could not imagine what she must have gone through having her daughter taken from her . Tracy ❤️

  • A really fantastic journal spread – dramatic, powerful, and eye-catching. A thought-provoking post too. So sorry I’ve been missing so much… I really hope to do some proper catching up soon.
    Alison x

  • I have heard of this movie Kate but have not seen it. Sounds like a total nightmare for a woman and mother to end up in such a situation especially when you are in a foreign country. As you say, all we can do from our little corner of the world is pray that anyone who finds themselves is in similar straits, will find a way to escape. I thank the Lord every day that I also have a loving husband and family and that we are all safe.
    As always, your journal spread is amazing!! I love the bright yellow colour and the layered elements! Simply gorgeous!! Have a fabulous day!! xx

  • Kate, I feel your angst, but there are things you CAN do. You can watch and make sure other women aren’t putting out signals of abuse. Surely you attend chldren’s, school, and church functions, where you can become aware of what is happening. The signs are obvious once you know what to look for. Even small signals, like pulling back when you place your hand on a friend’s arm can be a sign of abuse. It’s never too late to learn and observe the signs. Once you’ve seen them, you will never forget. AND, that;’s when you can make a difference, not just say a prayer or two, but a REAL tangible difference, like the people who helped the woman in the film.

    I am in awe o f your fabulous spread. It is beautiful and so soft and musted. I always love how you put thread to work for you, too. Great spread that obviously was inspired by that film.

  • I haven’t heard of this film and I bet it was disturbing. Her husband sounds like a dr. jekyll and my hyde personality. It makes me think he couldn’t have been like that when they were here in the US. That is scary. You also made another wonderful piece of art that you shared with us today. happy weekend. Hugs-Erika

  • That’s a beautiful spread, love the colours and textures, too. I saw the film many years back. It must be awful for those poor Mexican kids being snatched from their families, too. I hope they are all soon re-united. Valerie

  • Beautiful art journal work!
    Thank you for joining our challenges at Scrapki – wyzwaniowo and MM&A this month 🙂

  • Oh Kate, such a beautiful layout inspired by that movie!
    I do love the yellow you have a a focus color- and your thread additions always seem to complete the spread/page.

    I have not seen this movie as of yet, but read about it years ago. Sad that such things happen Still in other countries as well as our own.
    Jackie xo

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