Do the Eyes Tell Secrets?: Mixed Media Mail Art


I know they say the eyes are the window to the soul but I personally have never seen into any one’s soul by looking into their eyes. I know that I am not the most observant individual and I don’t always pick up on body language but it seems rather unlikely that I will be able to pin down someones deepest darkest secrets by gazing into their eyes. I look into my hubby’s eyes all the time and I gather more from his tone and facial expression than from his eyes. My hubby on the other hand can read me like a book. Yet, I don’t think it has anything to do with my eyes. He can read every micro-expression that flashes across my face. I wish I had that talent.

But when it comes to artwork, the eyes can set the tone for a painting. So, maybe there is some truth to that quote. It just hasn’t found me.

Creating the Mail Art

So…I made another postcard. I stenciled the Ornamental Floral Screen in the background and stamped a Japanese wave stamp over some Dylusions Paint.

I stenciled and embossed the Art Deco Flower Medallion and layered it over a piece of chipboard. I used a Wendi Vecchi stamp, fiber, thread, doodling and some splatters to embellish.

Other Postcard Art:

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I just thought I would share this picture of my Yucca plant. My daughter decided to feed it cheerios. I found it hiding in one of the branches today when moving my plants around. Haha! 2 year old’s sure do some crazy things.

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8 thoughts on “Do the Eyes Tell Secrets?: Mixed Media Mail Art”

  • This piece is gorgeous!! I just love how you layered it and your palette choice! You really have a knack for these layered mail art pieces Kate!
    haahaa Cheerios in the plant! Your kiddos make me giggle!
    Jackie xo

  • Cool postcard. I bet you are a lot better at reading people than you think you are. I bet you can read your kids like a book. 🙂 Love the postcard and have a super weekend. Hugs-Erika

  • Another fabulous piece of textural mail art! But I have to disagree with you on the eyes…. To me they are by far the most telling bits of what goes on inside a person and I absolutely believe they are the windows to the soul…..

  • I never seem to focus on eyes. I couldn’t tell you what color my cats’ eyes are, if I didn’t see them in photos.. That really, REALLY made me think, Kate.

    You create the most incredible layered art I have ever seen. I tried to make something layered and it looks dull and unfinished compared to your art. This latest mail art entry is out of this world and I am simply thrilled you shared it with us. LOVE those eyes, too.

  • Hey Kate, I’ve had such a time with internet lately and have tried writing you comments that failed. I’m sorry, but hope this one goes through. I totally love the amazing dimension on this piece and that fabulous eyes image. What a gorgeous design! Big hugs, Autumn

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