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Do you enjoy the fall colors? Every year when we lived in New York state, we would drive to the Adirondack’s to see the trees changing. This year, the colors where we live have been vibrant and full of variety. I love that I can look out my window and see green, yellow, orange and red, right in our yard. On a drive the other day, we were wondering how one tree could have so many different colors on it, such as green and red leaves on the bottom branches and yellow and orange on the top. My one son speculated that he thought it was the temperature change in the air surrounding the tree. My opinion was that God created it just so he could awe us with his creativity. You have to agree it is pretty spectacular when the trees are at the height of their color change.

As for our weekend, we spent it in dust and noise but the remodel is creeping along. My husband and son are working hard but have had a few setbacks with leaks, mold and boards that won’t move. Through it all, my husband has been very patient. He fixes problems for a living (aka Engineer) so he is really good at coming up with solutions when these problems occur.


Daily Art Practice


My daughter and I took a walk through our yard on Saturday and found leaves and flowers that were colorful. My daughter and I then laid all the flowers out, drew a picture and arranged the flowers where we wanted them. It was a fun activity, and we were left with so many flowers that we decided to dry and press them to use in a different project.

My daughter’s portrait is of a lady singing. She used zinnias from my garden, which are still blooming, despite the growing chill.



My portrait uses red maple leaves, red roses for the crown and red blooms from the top of our pineapple sage for the earrings.



This was such a fun and easy project. The only downside was all the insects that we brought inside on the plants, but overall, we had fun using items from nature and only a piece of paper.



Tea Tasting for iteaworld



I am joining the Tea Day ladies, hosted by Elizabeth and Bleubeard. I am sharing the second set of teas in the Oolong Collection that I was kindly sent to taste from iteaworld. We all had a short tea break in the midst of middle of remodeling so here are our opinions.




My impression: Fruity and smooth

Hubby: “Picking apples on a fall day”

Son: Minty

Daughter: Mint




My impression: smells like honeysuckle, lighter in color, tastes spicy.

Hubby: “Tastes like drinking flowers with a bitter aftertaste.”

Son: smells like summer, tastes like tea leaves

Daughter: smooth, minty


It was a difficult for me to pick a favorite as I enjoyed the unique flavors of each, but we all agreed we liked FENGHUANG DANCONG the best. Anything fruity certainly has my vote! I liked how each tea was Oolong, but they all had very different flavor profiles. If you haven’t read my review on the other teas in the Oolong Collection, you can read it HERE.


Happy Tea Day,




14 thoughts on “Fall Into Tea Tasting: Daily Art Practice”

  • You are so lucky the leaves are turning in your world,. Here it is still green. You live in a beautiful area.

    Lovely faces you and your daughter drew, Most impressive.

    I may have some of that oolong tea. I’ll have to see how your take on it matches mine,. Thanks for sharing your lovely trees, faces, and tea with us for T this week, dear Kate,

  • Your daughter’s portrait is very sweet! And yours is very beautiful – I like the idea of using the tops of the pineapple sage for earrings, they’re made for this! I think your husband makes the best comments about the different teas – he should write poems! Happy T day!

  • The colors are amazing right now, aren’t they? I can explain all about leaf color, but I won’t bore you with some cellular biology. 🙂 Smile. Your faces are such fun, and what a great thing to do with your daughter. And it’s fun to read more tea impressions from your family too.. Your son’s comment “Smells like summer, tastes like tea leaves” made me smile. Have a great T day and week ahead. hugs-Erika

  • The combination of tea tasting and daily art practice sounds like a cozy and creative way to embrace the season. Beautiful and creative artwork with flowers. Thanks for sharing your warm and inviting experience! Nice tea review as well. Happy T Tuesday!

  • The colours of the trees is always spectacular in autumn, I love watching the changes. I LOVE the art you and your daughter made, really wonderfu, she has talent, too.
    Hope your remodel will soon be finished, it must be a lot of work. Hugs, Valerie
    And I love the tea cups, gorgeous!

  • I do enjoy the seasonal changes and the fall color. Some years are better than others (here in Memphis, TN) but there’s always something to notice 🙂

    What a beautiful cup and saucer! Happy T Tuesday

  • How beautiful is creation! The colours are stunning!
    I loved your project that you did with your daughter. The face of the singer was really good. Loved the hair and the earrings too.
    It’s amazing how the same tea type can taste so different. Oolong is a nice tea. I do like it myself.
    Happy T Day,

  • What a fun activity you and daughter shared! I admire your creativity. The earrings are beautiful!
    I once picked some daisies in the woods, and later found so many tiny spiders on them i threw them away.
    Love your tea cups.

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