Fermented Saurkraut: Trader Joe's Style

My Version of Trader Joe’s Sauerkraut and Blueberry Kombucha

Sauerkraut and Kombucha

I don’t know if any of you are sauerkraut fans but this kind sold by Trader Joe’s is AMAZING! I can’t seem to get enough of it but for 5 dollars a container it will break my bank. My problem is I can’t stop at one teaspoon. I could literally eat the whole container in one sitting. So, I am making my own version and crossing my finger that this works. Aside from making Kombucha (fermented tea) every week, this will be my first ferment.

  If you have never made Kombucha or tried it, RUN to the store and get some. It has a  wonderful tart/ sweet flavor with fizzy soda-like qualities. Totally addicting and here is the kicker…it’s healthy! My husband and kids (okay, only one kid) love it. But seriously, it is a miracle that my husband is on board. He goes through a few boxes of movie theater candy a week. That is anywhere from 100-150 boxes of candy a year! He has a major sweet tooth!!

DAY 3: Look at those bubbles!! Bubbles equal fermentation.

Probiotics and Gut Health

  My Dr. has recommended I ‘eat’ my Probiotics instead of supplementing them. Fermented foods are an amazing way to build good gut health and fill your gut with healthy bacteria. Those healthy bacteria get bred during the process of fermentation. Not only do they aid in digestion, those little buggers also help build immunity. By eating only a tablespoon each of different strains of probiotics per day, I can  protect myself the same way, if not better, as if I was taking a store bought probiotic supplement.

My Probiotic Journey

I have autoimmune hypothyroid disease called Hashimoto’s Thyroiditis.I have battled with years of stomach and gastrointestinal problems (IBS), among a few other issues. I am a registered nurse and have seen the way pharmaceuticals have wreaked havoc on the health of our current society. I am convinced that going back to the old-fashioned way of preparing food and treating minor illnesses could alleviate obesity, many autoimmune disorders as well as the overuse of antibiotics that we are now experiencing. My personal goal is to lower my antibodies to where I can become drug-free and restore my gut health. I intend to share my journey with you and hopefully at the same time encourage you to implement some of these amazing foods into your daily lifestyle.

DAY 2: Homemade Sauerkraut: Cabbage, Garlic and Cucumbers

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