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Summer is flying by and I am already registering my children for school and thinking about what they will need. My daughter attended Kindergarten camp last week and she had a blast roasting marshmallows over candles and learning about UV light. She came home with a bracelet that changed colors when exposed to UV light. I have to admit, I am a little jealous and wish I had one for myself. K Camp is a new program offered by the school district that prevents first day meltdowns from Kindergartener’s. The children learn classroom and bus etiquette before school starts.




Believe it or not my freezer stash of cookies is getting low. I am down to my last few dozen so I figure this week I should stock up. I made another new recipe from Duff Bakes: Think and Bake Like a Pro at Home. This time I gave his chocolate chip cookies a try.




The Raisin Puff Cookies were a huge hit so I made another 5-6 dozen of these. You can find the recipe HERE.



Daily Art Practice


Today I am sharing the last Urban Sketch from our Gettysburg trip. This Sketch was done from the window of our hotel room. It was a quick 5 minute sketch that I did right before we checked out of our room.






This sketch was taken from a photo I found on Pinterest. I loved the bicycle and the pot of flowers.



Latte and Cookies tutorial from Nianiani on Youtube.



The dessert in a cup is a workshop from Etchr on Youtube. I would like to watch it again to give it another go as I am not happy with the blending. It’s a little muddy and watercolor blending is very tricky and takes a lot of practice.



The clownfish were painted in a online workshop by Alexis Cantu that you can watch for free HERE.



Lastly, I started working on some waffles with ice cream and blueberries. It is not complete but I thought I would share an in progress photo.




Tea Day


I am joining the T Day ladies, hosted by Elizabeth and Bleubeard. My drink of choice today is TAZO Herbal Sweet Dreams. I have been drinking this caffeine free tea in the mornings before lunch as it is very soothing.

Happy Tea Day,


14 thoughts on “Food Art and A Week of Camp :Daily Art Practice”

  • Your raisin cookies look wonderful. I bet I could eat a dozen in one setting. I’m not sure why, but they look so much better than the chocolate chip ones. I’ve never been a big fan of chocolate chip cookies.

    Your sketches are wonderful. I like the one from your hotel room. It is fabulous and so is the dessert in a cup. I know it’s not your favorite, but I am super impressed with it.

    That herbal tea looks wonderful. I’m surprised it doesn’t put you to sleep. I could never live without my caffeine, but that sounds beautiful. I bet the tea bags would be great in art, too. Thanks for sharing your cookies, your lovely watercolors, and your tea with us for T this week, dear Kate. BTW, I haven’t had any of the pineapple mint tea yet, but Sharon has.

  • what a cutie your daughter is Kate! How great to have such programs for the young ones.
    Your cookies look so yummy and I can see why they’d all disappear quickly.
    Loving all your watercolor art- especially the sketch from your window and the Caffe scene!
    Happy T day!

  • Kindergarten camp is a great idea. It sounds fun. I’d want one of those bracelets too. Your daughter is a cutie, especially in that photo. And wow you are a busy baker Kate. Nice to have some snacks in the freezer though., especially with 3 kids. And I’m guessing your husband too. Your sketches are looking great too. Hope you have a wonderful T day hugs-Erika

  • I love Tazo Earl Grey tea. Your daughter is adorable and very photogenic! I bet your kids love your cookies; I sure would! Your sketching talent is amazing.
    Thanks for sharing. Happy T Day.

  • Very nice watercolors. I’m bothered by the bike though — why doesn’t it fall down? There’s no kickstand and nothing to lean on. The wheel is not near the curb.

    best… mae at

  • Hi Kate! Your little princess is growing up fast, what a cutie! She looks a lot like you. Your baking looks divine, I would like to try them all! I usually bake small portions as I am on my own! Your art is fantastic, love the urban sketches, and the wonderful drinks. Happy T Day, hugs, Valerie

  • What a cute starting pic!!!
    And wow, she sure learned a lot, great “stuff”! I feel old now 😉

    Baking… hmmm. when Hubby is home I have no wish to bake or cook, crazy.

    And I still have no water colours. 5 minutes?! I´d need that in… much longer! The flag came out super-great!!!
    Wow… and all the other paintings, awesome!
    What do you do with them, sell?

    I somehow now don´t even dare to start, mine would look like… crap.

    I need to make waffles (but the blueberries are all eaten up!).

    Happy T-Day. You are a great artist.

  • Wow, you have been taking a lot of classes and your art is soo cool, Kate. Hard to decide if my favorite thing in your post is your cookies or your waffle art in progress. Since I am addicted to waffles, it may be the winner. So smart of your daughter’s school to think of this great idea! Fun post as always! Happy T-day!

  • Your DD is so cute, the summer camps are a great idea, our lGSs all have some planned, the eldest has a weeks of art classes so he’s super happy.
    Your baking always looks scrummy and your artwork is amazing, so realistic.
    Have a Happy T Day

  • Oh Kate! I cannot believe how she has grown. Boy, they do it so fast don’t they? My youngest is 13 and he was a surprise later baby. Getting old… Kate, I am so in love with your sketches and soak them up on IG, but they are even more, not doubly, but triply move impressive here on the big screen monitor! So much gorgeousness, detail and such a keen eye to perspective, while leaving a little artist’s liberty. One day soon I’m going to slow down and enjoy sketching myself again. You’ve given me the vision! Big hugs and hopes that you are well, Autumn

  • Wow, that’s such a lovely photo of your daughter! She has really grown up since last time we saw her 😀. The bracelet sounds awesome, ai wouldn’t mind one of those either …lol! As always such delicious bakes and beautiful drawings too. Happy T Day! Hugs, Jo x

  • Your Little Miss is so cute. What a great idea to take the jitters out of first day of school. Your sketches and watercolors are great. I think you’re being too hard on yourself. Happy T Day

  • Oh My! Your daughter looks although she is brimming with confidence! Your cookie stash looks great – I haven’t made any for ages – I would be eating them too!!
    I absolutely love your sketches! Belated Happy T day, Chrisx

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