Fresh Eyes Are Needed: Mixed Media Art Journal Layout

Fresh Eyes

When I was younger I had glasses but I never wanted to wear them. Eye wear wasn’t very fashionable when I was in high school. Large frames and metal rims just weren’t on the covers of fashion magazines…not that I read those. Anyone that knows me, knows that I am all about comfort over trends. So, last year I started wearing glasses all the time and I was amazed at all the little details that I could finally see. But since I like comfort, I decided I wanted contacts. My hubby has been wearing contacts for 15 years or so and makes it look so easy to get them in and out. A few months ago, I made the switch.

So, this morning I bolted awake in bed at 6:15 and realized that I had forgotten to take out my contacts last evening. I slept all night with them in! I frantically raced to the bathroom and prayed that I would be able to safely remove them. In college I had a friend that lost part of her cornea due to sleeping with contacts in. The contact fused to her cornea and tore off a piece of her eye when she removed the contact. She had to have surgery and will never be able to wear contacts again.
Thankfully, my contacts came right out without removing pieces of my eye ball. But needless to say, it scared me, so today I am taking a break from contacts.

Creating the Layout

Here is the last layout in my Colors of India Art Journal. My background has been stenciled with StencilGirl, painted with Infusions and embossed. The flower stamp is by PaperArtsy and the Japanese Wave Stamp by Deep Red Stamps.

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And my favorite beverage is Tea as I play along with Elizabeth for Tea Tuesday!

Thanks for Joining me,

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28 thoughts on “Fresh Eyes Are Needed: Mixed Media Art Journal Layout”

  • This is a scary story about contacts. I had heard of that happening, but thought it was a wives tale to scare people into removing their contacts. I wonder if they have actually gotten safer now. Glad you are OK.
    Your journal page is beautiful. I like how you incorporated the stencil and I adore the rich colors you chose.
    It looks like you still have lots of snow. Tea, hot and inviting will keep the cold at bay. Thanks for sharing your lovely journal page and tea with us for T this Tuesday, dear Kate.

  • Again a very beautiful spread! If you liked the view with the contact, then stay with them. I have had them since my twenties and am so happy with them. No more fogging … and I think much better without glasses for me.
    But get into the habit of taking them out … that’s all 🙂

  • I had hard contacts for many years as I was younger but now since more than 20 years I prefer glasses. My daughter has those soft monthly contacts and loves them – never heard such scary stories yet sbout contacts. Take good care of your eyes
    an artist needs a good eye lol… you have made another amazing spread Kate – so full of amazing textures and the patterns and colours are so beautiful to this Hindu woman!
    Happy T – Day Kate!
    oxo Susi

  • Your journal pages are always so beautiful.
    I have had to wear glasses since I was a young child I remember I tried the contacts when I was in High School but didn’t like them-I am sure the contacts are much better now adays. that was a horrible story about those contacts.
    I love a good cup of hot tea too Happy T Day Kathy

  • I’ve never worn contacts, but I’ve always worn glasses to drive and now these last few years for reading. I’m glad your contact story had a happy ending 🙂 You do have a beautiful view out that window, and I love your plant! Happy T Tuesday

  • I was pleased to read you had no problems removing your contact lens. I’ve always worn glasses and never ever wanted to try contacts.
    Your journal pages are beautiful, gorgeous textures and colours.
    Happy T day wishes.
    Yvonne xx

  • Gorgeous journal spread Kate!! Beautiful layers of texture and rich color in the background.
    I have worn contacts since high school. I began with hard lenses . Some years later i got such bad corneal ulcers in one eye(despite being vigilant about cleaning and removing lenses often) that I had to have my eye patched and had to have hubby take me to the opthamologist daily for dressing changes for a week! Scary, yes. But I was reassured I could still wear lenses again. I was switched to soft lenses and still wear them daily after many years. I had and still have that VERY good doc 😉 So glad your eyes were OK and you didn’t have to go thru the pain and healing – yikes!
    Happy T day !

  • Wow Kate-it’s another gorgeous page! You really do know how to create some beautiful texture. I remember sleeping once in my contacts. It was not good. Glad that your sleeping mistake worked out ok too. Hope it was a great T day. Hugs-Erika

  • What a lovely journa, spread, Kate! The colors are so happy and vibrant 🙂
    Wow! What a scary thing to happen to your friend! I’m so glad all was well with your eyes.
    Hugs to you!

  • Oh, that must have been so scary. I’ve been wearing glasses for decades. I get squeamy with anything going near my eye. Putting eye makeup on was a challenge. I couldn’t imagine trying to get a contact in. Your story doesn’t help. =^,.^=
    Love the colors of the journal page.Makes me think of Spring which is not showing outside your window. Hope all your snow melts soon. Happy T Day

  • Your journal pages are so rich in color and tremendous, delicious texture! Thank you for sharing them, (and telling us what your resist is) in our Dare to Resist Challenge at Frilly and Funkie! Hugs! Sara Emily
    Oh, how terrible for your friend! I’m happy you are OK. Lesson learned! I wore my contacts on a ski trip once. I didn’t wear goggles, and we had a 4 hour bus ride to and from the slopes. I had my contacts in the entire time, and had the durndest time getting them out eventually. So happy I was ignorant of what could happen or I would have panicked for sure.

  • I have slept in contacts before too in my younger days… just too lazy to take them out.. Thankfully i escaped any damage and i’m glad to hear you did too. I have worn glasses since 6th grade. I bought myself my first contacts when i graduated high school … wore them for many years but now i have just worn my glasses for many years.. I do like not wearing glasses but the contacts really were a pain.. Happy T day! Hugs! deb

  • Oh what a scary story. I started wearing contacts when there were only hard lenses. But I didn’t get on very well, so I stopped until soft lenses came on the market. I wore those for many years until I started getting irritated eyes and minor problems. Then I decided to call it a day. So now I wear glasses (varifocals) and am very happy. They hide the bags under my eyes beautifully and I can be fashionable by regularly changing frames. So there….
    Your journal page is absolutley stunning. I love those flowers. That stamp is amazing.
    Belated happy T-Day,

  • That’s a very scary story, Kate. I bet you won’t make that mistake again!
    I’ve considered contacts many times, but I think I’ll pass. Plus I have dry eye, so they would be even riskier, I would think.
    That’s an absolutely gorgeous colors of India page – gorgeous!
    Happy T-day! Hugs, Eileen

  • I just had cataract surgery on both eyes in October and December , and only use glasses now for longer reading times. First time I can go without glasses in 32 years.
    I could never wear contact lenses because I had an astigmatism. But they took care of that with a Tori’s lens in one eye. So I am good to go now! Your India Art Journal is gorgeous. You are an artist! I am a tea drinker and am having a cup of Tazo Butterscotch Blonde tea right now. ;). So happy Tea Day!

  • Your journal pages are amazing. I love all the texture and mix of colors. Thanks for joining us on the Simon Says Stamp Monday Challenge.
    Cathie ♥

  • I’m deaf since age 11, but have had glasses also (since age 16). You can imagine how much I depend on what eyesight I have! I had contacts (wear them 7 days, rest 1, then rewear 7 days, etc.) at age 18 – 21, but forgot that rest day several times. I developed ‘bubbles’ or cysts on the inside of my eyelids & have never been able to wear them since. At 52, I enjoy going w just Rx sunglasses- finding those comfy for driving & being outside. Otherwise…I’m usually caught LOOKING FOR THEM! lol! I totally agree: comfort over all! So glad you’re ok& U can still wear yours!!
    This layput is so eye-catchingly colorful!! The bw girl called to me to take a closer look at her- beautiful!
    And tea? Of course!!

  • Hi Kate! Oh what a treat to get to your blog and soak up the artsy goodness! These colors are really inspiring me today and I always adore your layering of color, texture and imagery. We are so thankful that you shared with us at Frilly & Funkie. Hugs, Autumn

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