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This coming week we are hosting friends and I am beyond excited to spend some time with the lady that has been my “bosom friend’ since my hubby and I started our marriage. She was the first person to ask me over for dinner, to run errands around town or to hang out at the laundromat (yeah, that’s a thing). We have shared many special and many sad moments together. Some of these while at a distance.  I have tried to explain to my hubby why girls need girlfriends. Haha. As you can imagine, he doesn’t understand. Since our marriage started, my hubby has never had ‘buddies’ to hang out with. Not because he doesn’t have friends but because he likes to come home to me. He says he doesn’t need a close buddy because he has me. Awe, I just LOVE that about him!

But I still need my girlfriend. And I don’t know how to explain it to him except, girls are different. Original, right? So, this is the week that I get to soak up her presence and then she will be gone. But we are planning a girls weekend in the spring and my hubby is graciously letting me go. It sounds so wonderful to have a few days with no interruptions. We will be able to shop, talk, and encourage each other. Now all we have to do is figure out where to go.

Do you have a special spot for a girl’s weekend? Please share.

Creating the Journal Page

I am sharing my second completed prompt for the #thestencilfiedjournal challenge. 

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For the background, I stenciled with the Decorative 6 Petal flower Screen as well as the Chinese Garden Plum Blossoms. I used Fresco Finish Paints and Distress paints to color in the stenciled image. I used my new white pen to doodle and an Arabic Script stamp. To complete the prompt, I tore it out of my journal, mounted it on card stock and tied it to my deck railing. Now to see how it weathers.

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10 thoughts on “Friendship Blooms: #thestencilfiedjournal”

  • Your hubby sounds a lot like mine. he has friends but likes to come home and hang with me. Does cut into the evening art time, but I am glad to have a hubby who is a friend and wants to be with me rather than hanging out with the boys. Loving this piece today. The cherry blossom stencil is gorgeous. Is it from Stencil girl? Hugs-Erika

  • Your page is beautiful, love the stencilling and your colourchoice. The translucency of the blossoms is lovely too!
    My best friend for more than 30 years go on a trip almost each year, it’s totally different from going with our husbands and we love this tradition we made of it.
    Not one favourite place, but the Greek islands are our favourites.
    Wishing you a wonderful time with your friend, Kate.

  • Oh what a fabulous page and it looks wonderful the way you have mounted it up like that, absolutely LOVE that stencil!! Just one little comment to the
    script stamp, – did you really mean to say Arabic?. I have been to the Middle East several time and that is not Arabic lol, it’s either Chinese or Japanese….

    My hubby is also like yours, but having been together for 45 years, I can happily sit at my art table while he does his thing, so I am lucky he does not eat into my art time. And of course us girls need girl friends too, – I hope you will have a fantastic time with yours!!

  • Your journal page is definitely beautiful. I love that it has such a great Asian flair to it, too.

    I feel a bit bad because I have close friends of both genders. Because I’ve never been married, I have mostly worked and gone to school all my life. One thing I appreciate is my ability to go and come as I choose, which I realize doesn’t happen when you are married. Regardless, I’m sure your friend and you will soak up each others’ friendship this next week.

  • Loving your page – the Chinese characters look great – I like to use them too – do you ever wonder what they say? It’s great that you can spend some time with your friend – hope you have good weather for whatever you have planned. Thanks for your visit to my blog earlier – I really appreciate it :))

  • This art journal page is so beautiful Kate and I love how you had it mounted outside! Cool!
    Yes, girls need girl friends that’s for sure – I hope you will have a fantastic time with yours!
    My hubby has some friends as well but I am his “Lebensmensch ” as we say here, means the most important person in his life and he is the same for me!

    Hugs, Susi

  • Beautiful page – one of my favorites stencils=imagine that!
    Love my faraway girlfriends as well!
    Jackie xo

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