Give Me Some Wild Salt Air : Mixed Media Art Journal

Wild Air



For some reason I thought the start of school meant a slowing of schedule but so far it is not to be. Last week, I spent a few days shopping in preparation for our salsa making day. My hubby’s grandmother started the tradition 13 or so years ago. It was around the time we got married but I didn’t join in until about 5 years ago.



My hubby’s grandmother no longer joins in but my MIL and I are carrying on. It is so much fun but a lot of work! We made 52 quarts this year and it took almost 10 hours start to finish.


And here they all are.


StencilGirl Column

I am sharing an Art Journal layout using only stencils over at the StencilGirl blog today. If you are wishing for beach weather, this post is for you. You can have a look HERE.


Tea Day



I am joining in with the T ladies that are gathered over at Elizabeth and Bleubeard. We share drink related posts along with art, travel and food. I am sharing Ginger Sweet Peach, an herbal tea that I received from Tiesta Tea. It is perfect for upset bellies and aids in digestion. Sometimes, I like to add a few tea leaves. I didn’t get a chance to take a close-up picture so this picture of the package will have to do.


Happy Tea Day,


17 thoughts on “Give Me Some Wild Salt Air : Mixed Media Art Journal”

  • Congrats on making up all the salsa and canning-I love home canned salsa I usually make up a couple dozen pints every few years for us. Loved the tea
    Happy T wishes Katthy

  • Oh my, I have never seen so much salsa in all my life, enjoy! LOVE the beautiful journal spread at Stencil Girl, really wonderful, so beautiful and full of texture and colour. Happy T Day, hugs, Valerie

  • I think I was most impressed by the Medieval Cyrillic stencil, but they all worked so well together. Lucky you to have so many stencils at your disposal. I looked at stencils recently and even the cheap ones were too expensive for me to afford. I also like how you treated the koi. I couldn’t believe those wee stencils. They were amazing. thanks for sharing the beautiful spread.

    You and your MIL must have had a great time making all that salsa. That was wonderful and so rewarding, too. GREAT selfie with all those jars.

    Also, so glad you got the image of the peach tea you had this week. I always love your teas and this one sounds really special. Thanks for sharing it with us for T this Tuesday, dear Kate,

  • I love to can foods. Makes me feel so usual and as I am doing my part to connect to the past. Salsa is good too. You sure made a lot. Will it all get eaten? Happy T day Kate and thanks for sharing your salsa making fun. Hugs-Erika

  • wow- you could set up shop with all that salsa! Nothing like homemade. So nice to be able to keep that tradition going despite the long hours of work. Will go check your art:) Happy T day!

  • The jars of Salsa look delicious, it must have been a busy day, but rewarding to be continuing a family tradition..
    Your journal page looked amazing, I love all the layers you add to create the page.
    The tea blend sounds lovely and ginger is a favourite flavour of mine.
    Happy T day wishes Kate.
    Yvonne xx

  • Wow, that’s a lot of salsa, but it sounds like a great tradition. (Did I mention I love salsa? 🙂 Your art journal looks great. Happy T-Day! (Sorry for being late.)

  • Wow! 10 hours! A lot of work ! I hope and bet it is delicious and worth it! Love the Wild Salt Air journal page.
    Have a happy week as I am to late to say Happy T Day. 🙂

  • I don’t know if my comment took or not. Your salsa must be delicious to spend 10 hours doing it! And I be it is! Love your Wild Salt Air journal page. Happy week , as it is too late to say Happy T Day! 🙂

  • It’s so nice that you did a selfie. And thank you for that gorgeous happy smile. Made my day!
    What a really great tradition! That’s a lot of salsa! It looks so colourful in their jars. I have never made salsa but I know they use it in Mexican food. Did you have to sterilise the jars at the end?
    I suppose you needed a ‘Relaxer’ after all your hard work.
    I forgot to say that the metal grids on our windows and doors are pure tradition. Our crime rate is very low. The gates on the carport will have panels on them to shield the car from the hot sun. In summer the car gets so hot, it takes a few minutes of running with the airco before i can get in it. Besides it’s not good for the paintwork and the seals around the windows plus the tires will dry out.
    Happy belated T-Day,

  • Wooowwwww You have done a lot your special salsa Kate !! This is Amazing ! yes a lot of work, but I´m sure it ´s Delicious ! And ohhhh, your Wild Air page is fantastic, I love all the so lovely elements you have added, Wonderful !
    I wish you a very nice weekend, and send big hugs,

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