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We planned on apple picking this weekend but instead we ended up buying already picked apples and pumpkins. My daughter really wanted to paint her pumpkin since she recently did that at school so we all decided to join in. We did it on a whim so we weren’t prepared with materials and ideas but it ended up coming together well and here is the end result. The only one not pictured is my daughters. Somehow, I forgot to get a picture of hers. Mine is the Minnie Mouse pumpkin. Despite the rain, it turned into a fun and relaxing weekend.



Watercolor Shop Front


The first shop front is Sofie Pizza Cafe in Singapore. I looked at their menu and was impressed that they had a whole menu dedicated to Keto foods/pizza. Reference photo HERE.

This building is cute with all the plants and signs. I especially like the little table with the pot out front.




Le Social is a wine bar and restaurant in Singapore. Their menu looks delicious! I couldn’t find a website, only a Facebook page so I won’t link to it but their menu had some very elegant looking dishes. Reference photo HERE.

I really like the tile one this building along with the colors.


Daily Art Practice


Sometimes, I try to make a small painting a day. It can be an item from my pantry or based off a prompt from my “random prompt” envelope. The gummies were from my pantry and the rest were prompts.



The raisin box was painted with gouache. The elephant is my favorite. It was a vintage illustration that I found online. The box of tea is a pantry item and the tube of paint is a new addition to my collection.





Tea Day



I am joining the T day ladies, hosted by Elizabeth and Bleubeard. My tea today is YOGI TEAS Stomach Ease Tea. I have been drinking a lot of this lately as my digestion has been a mess. Did I mention I have tummy troubles? I have tried a lot of digestive teas and this one is my favorite. I just bought a 6 pack of this tea. Even if you don’t have digestive problems this is a great tea to incorporate into your daily routine after a meal. Do you have a digestive tea you can recommend?

Happy tea Day,


14 thoughts on “Give Me Your Best Pumpkin Face :Daily Art Practice”

  • Hi Kate, I love your pumpkins-years ago before retirement I would buy from a farm these gorgeous painted pumpkins. I really like yours. Great watercolor art pieces too-I love seeing your art-Happy T wishes Kathykathyinozarks

  • Fab pumpkin art!! You all are so creative. Loving your shop fronts again- the details and perspectives are so impressive! Love your Daniel Smith illustration. Hope the tea helps soothe the tummy issues. happy T day!

  • So much fun art today Kate. I am loving the pumpkin idea. Painting has to be easier and more fun than carving pumpkins. And you find the most interesting buildings to draw and watercolor. Wouldn’t you like to visit that areas? I hope you have a super T day Kate, and a great week ahead. Hugs-Erika

  • Cute pumpkins, Kate. In response to your comment on my blog, I don’t do scary either. In fact, I have been walking the other direction, or just quickly and not looking. There was one display taller than a man, and when you go by it trips movement and voice. I walk around so as not to trip the movement! I can’t believe the expense they went to, plus as it is in back of their home, the sound must be annoying every time a jogger, biker or walker go by! 🙂 Happy T Day!

  • Those pumpkins turned out great. Everyone did a great job. Yours was adorable, too. I really like your shop drawings,. I am always amazed at the tall green trash containers found in front of all those stores.

    I like your prompts and daily practices. My favorites are the Sun Maid raisin box and the India prompt.

    Sorry to read about your tummy troubles. I hope by drinking this tea, it helps you. I love Yogi tea and this looks really good when I read what was on the box. Thanks for sharing your pumpkins, your lovely drawings, and your tea with us for T this Tuesday, Kate.

    I wanted to tell you, last week my city had a hospitality fair, where nine companies came together to hire people in the hospitality industry. They had a total of 87 jobs, including hotel staff, maids, musicians, short order cooks, etc. they wanted to fill. Over 500 people showed up and applied for the available jobs. All were filled that day. Seems my city knows how to get workers who might otherwise not know what was available, or didn’t realize they could qualify.

  • LOL, you gave me some mind-puzzling!
    Now, which one of the four looks like Minnie Mouse?

    Ah, scroll down 🙂
    They´re all cute!

    Great works again and “wine – dine – chill” sounds so tempting (being German it might start with “beer”, though – cliché, but true).
    The bin right by the table… hope it´s a cool day in that scene 😉

    You do amazing art-work. Thank you for all the smiles!

    And sadly no… I never knew there are such teas. We have Yogi here, too, will keep my eyes open.
    Have a great T-Day.

  • Fabulous pumpkins, what fun! Lovely to do something with the whole family!Your art really gets better and better, your watercolours are really good. Happy T Day, hugs, Valerie

  • Those pumpkins made me smile. It must have been fun doing those. Are you going to put them in the garden? The darker orange boss-eyed one with the goofy teeth seems to have a professional touch. Did you buy that one already decorated?
    I’m sorry to hear you are still having digestive problems. I fortunately don’t have any problems but I do have a digestive tea that I like a lot. It is a combination of fennel, redbush, chamomile, licorice and mint.
    Happy T-Day,

  • Kate,

    Fab family pumpkins – all are fun!!! Great family tradition to start. Now you can bake some pumpkin goodies and also use the pumpkins in your daily art practice.

    Your buildings are very good as usual and make me want to visit. The garbage cans out by that bar would stop me from sitting outside! Lovely mini-drawings. The Elephant, gummy bears and raisins are my favorites.

    i haven’t drank any tea for digestion but probably need to try it.

    Happy T-day!!!

  • Your watercolors are improving on the daily- I love seeing what you’re working on!
    I would recommend Catnip Tea- it worked great when the girls had Colic as babies- maybe it’ll work for you too!
    If you’re struggling with ulcers, chewing on a small triangle of raw cabbage helps.

  • Hi Kate. The pumpkins are just adorable. I know I have said this before but I am going to say it again. You art is so wonderful. I mean the detail you achieve and the expressions on faces, simply wonderful. I do have digestion trouble. It is part of the lupus I carry in my body. I am always looking for a good drink or tea. I am going to the store today and will look for this one. I normally drink hot water, but will add some ginger and honey to it. Have a great day today.

  • The pumpkins look awesomely fun! Lily’s makes Gummy Bears? I like the Lily’s Milk Chocolate. Very cool daily drawings. Now I have to find where I can get the Lily’s Gummy Bears! Happy T Day

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