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Our summer Tea Days have been few so far this year. The weeks are full and now that my oldest son has a job, we aren’t all together as often. I encouraged him to enjoy his last summer as a child and reminded him that he has the rest of his life to work but he insisted that this was what he wanted. So, the two younger ones are at home with me all day and we find plenty to keep us busy, whether it is running errands or cleaning house.



The few Tea Days that we have planned are centered around Tea traditions around the world. Our first theme was South Korea. Our menu consisted of Vegetable Potstickers, Pineapple Fried Rice and Chrysanthemum Tea.  We enjoyed all the food and have made the rice several times since.



I purchased these dried Chrysanthemum buds at our local Asian grocer a year or so ago but didn’t know how to use them. Surprisingly, my children enjoyed this tea. It had a sweet taste which was unexpected, and I drank it without sweetener.


Tea Cup Class: Lesson 2


Last week, I posted that I had started a Tea Cup class with Liz Steel. You can see week one HERE. This second week, we studied more theory, learned how to do a pattern study (below), and got acquainted with our paint mixes.



Shadow mixes were interesting and something that is individual in taste.



Here we learned about the types of paint consistencies as well as tea colors and gold trim.



Here is another pattern study for one of my tea cups.




Tea Day



I am joining the Tea Day ladies, hosted by Elizabeth and Bleubeard. My tea to celebrate the Tea Day’s 10th anniversary is  Tiesta Tea Chai Love. I made my “10” from fresh blackberries from my garden. Thanks to Elizabeth for hosting Tea Day every week!

Happy Tea Day,




17 thoughts on “Happy 10th Tea Day: Daily Art Practice”

  • Lovely post, your food looks delicious-I love your tea parties that you have at home. Your art is always so lovely too.
    Happy t 10th anniversary, and I your 10 berries-hugs Kathy

  • Always love to see what you are painting kate! I LOVE potstickers… hmmm.. maybe a little too much and pineapple rice how can you go wrong?? Happy 10th T Anniversary! Hugs! deb

  • Happy TSFT 10th Anniversary wishes! I loved visiting you today, I’m so pleased that you are enjoying the summer and your paintings are so beautiful, I love how you capture so much detail. Your 10 blackberries are perfect to celebrate this special day too 😊. Happy T Tuesday celebrations! Hugs, Jo x

  • Your fried rice looks delicious! I remember blackberry vines in my backyard when I was a child. Fond memories. Now I buy them at the grocery. It’s just not the same. Happy 10th T Anniversary

  • Your food looks delicious, Kate. The potstickers make me hungry. I’m not surprised that you made the rice several times now, it looks very tasty. Happy T day!

  • Children grow up so quickly, one moment babes in arms and then old enough to work! Love the idea of different dinners from around the world. Your teacup art is fabulous! Happy T Day anniversary, Valerie

  • A very, very nice post. Fabulous food, wonderful art and ohhh blackberrie tea. That sounds really good. Wonderful showing for Elizabeth and her 10th. Have a nice evening.

  • I am hungry right now and I shouldn’t have read your post because that Korean food is making me even more hungry-smile. Is your soldest on saving up for something he wants? I can’t believe he is old enough -time does fly. And your blackberries look so good. . Mine are still green. I hope it was a great T day and that you have a super week ahead. hugs-Erika

  • This is my third attempt to leave a comment. My computer is NOT a ROBOT and I wish your blog site understood that.

    Lovely So Korean food. I love it all, of course. And your class is coming along nicely. It seems you are learning a lot about theory and color mixing.

    Fun to see your spiced chai tea. Loved how you used the blackberries from your garden to create the number 10 . Thanks for sharing your So Korean food and drink, your tea cup lesson, and your tea and 10 with us for this special 10th anniversary T this Tuesday, dear Kate.

  • Love your creations, Kate. Your fresh blackberry 10 is so creative, too. 🙂 Happy TSFT 10th Anniversary.

  • The potstickers and fried rice looks so delicious. The Chrysanthemum buds look so pretty in the glass teapot. It must be fun watching them bloom. Your teacup journal is just amazing. Happy Tenth T Day Anniversary

  • Wow, kate. You family dinner and tea look and sound really wonderful. I want to try the pineapple fried rice and that tea!

    The tea cup study looks amazing – I wish I was doing it too! Your pages are beautiful.

    Your 10 year anniversary picture is really cool – what a good idea to do something from your garden and a bag of very interesting tea.

    Happy Special T-day and many hugz

  • What a lovely post. Your meals look really delicious.
    I love it that you tell us about your paint lessons and show us your attempts.
    Time flies. Your eldest must be 15 or 16, (I don’t know at what age a child is allowed to work in the US.
    I love chai tea. I drink it strong with milk. (No hot drinks in the summer though)
    Happy belated T-Day,

  • Ooh great meals Kate !! your 10 blackberries may be delicious, this was a great 10th Anniversary of TsfT.
    Thanks so much for sharing your second lesson of T cup paintings, they are so lovely.
    I wish you a great day
    Big hugs, Caty

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