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Couch Talk


We have had some really high temperatures again and I have lost several plants to sun burn. That and a lack of water. I am not the best water girl. I always get pre-occupied and then it is too late when I notice my droopy, crispy plants.

This past weekend the hubby and I got some alone time as the children were away. We went to State College, PA (home of Penn State University) and browsed the downtown. We have been there several times to eat, but we never spent a lot of time in the downtown because it is always full of college students. Before noon on Saturday morning was the perfect time to walk. There wasn’t a lot of people and the temperatures were still comfortable.



While walking down a back alley, we came across a tiny but air-conditioned Venezuelan restaurant, called Juana’s. I am not familiar with this kind of food so I was a bit hesitant but hubby coaxed me in and we gave it a try.  We both had different versions of the Arepa’s. I couldn’t get over how much meat they packed in. It was very heavy and I loved that the ‘bread’ was cornmeal patties, as I am Gluten-free. If you have enjoyed Venezuelan food and have suggestions, please send them my way!


Watercolor Shopfront


My shop front this week is Lewistown Printworks. They are a printing and graphic shop that opened in our town within the past 10 years. A recent goal of mine is to complete several paintings of our local businesses and get them printed on cards. I seem to be behind with all my goals this year but completing one building is a good start.



I took this reference photo on a walk through town.




Tea and Poetry: Marie Curie



Our person of interest this week was Marie Curie. She lived her early life in Poland but the majority of her life was spent in France. She won 2 Nobel Prizes, one in Physics (in conjunction with her husband), the other in Chemistry.


We watched Youtube videos on France, Paris and Marie Curie. I highly recommend this book. It had SO much information and beautiful pictures that no other supplementation was needed.


Marie Curie By Demi


As you can probably guess, our spread was French inspired.



The main course was a French Dip Sandwich. This recipe didn’t call for cheese but we added a slice of provolone to each sandwich. It was yummy as is but I think it would have been even better with the roast beef heated up.



Simple-French Style Potato Salad was our side. It was delicious, and a light and healthy alternative to traditional potato salad.



French Apple Cake was perfect for my daughter that doesn’t like cake. This was more apple than cake so it was quite moist and fruity.

Overall, we enjoyed the small portion of French cuisine that we tried and I would definitely make all these recipes again!


What is your favorite French food?


Tea Day



I am joining the Tea ladies and Elizabeth and Bleubeard for Tea Tuesday. Our tea for Tea and Poetrythis week was Numi Organic Tea Gunpowder Green Loose Leaf Tea. This is a favorite of mine and I get this from Amazon on a regular basis. I highly recommend it you like green tea.

Happy Tea Day,


18 thoughts on “Have You Ever Heard of An Arepa?: Daily Art Practice”

  • I’ve never had Venzealian food,, but an arepa looks very delicious.. As does your French food too. Marie Curie was a good choice.. How many more weeks of tea parties do you have? And your kids must be enjoying them too. And we have that same heart right now, and it is so dry. My gardens are starting to look like do in September. . Let’s hope it cools off. Have a great T day Kate and week ahead. Hugs-Erika

  • I’ve been reading about everything from the arepa to the potato salad and more. I am not a fan of mayonnaise, so I was intrigued by the potato salad. Of course, when I went there, I saw a recipe or several for vegan bean burgers and was super impressed. The arepa sounds good with cheese, which I would love. I’ve always loved French Dip, and even crave them on occasion, even though I’m now a vegetarian. As long as the au jus is hot, I could care less if the sandwich is or not. Wow. now I’m really hungry.

    That shop in your town turned out great when you painted it. I think it would make great cards.

    Nice green tea and glad to see it is ethically sourced and has caffeine, too. Thanks for sharing Marie Curie, your French inspired meal, the arepas, your watercolor painting, and your tea with us for T this Tuesday, Kate.

  • I never had Arepas, but they look delicious and I would cetainly try them. Your shopfront is beautiful, I like those windows in the roof (I’m sure there is a special word for those). Ah, French food – I don’t have a favorite French food, I simply like everything (except for tripes), but found that I especially like the cuisine of Provence and Roussillon and especially fish dishes.

  • Good morning (early-I fell asleep on the couch and got woken up from the thunder and lightening) Your foods look amazing, I will look into the book you suggested. Your watercolors are fabulous! that is a wonderful idea to turn into postcards. sounded like a nice get away for the both of you-and those look delicious too happy T hugs Kathy

  • Aaaahh a getaway… i think i need one too.. somewhere NOT hot…All your food looks delish Kate! Hmmm… French food… I do love Cordon Bleu… I believe thats french.. lol Happy T day! Hugs! deb

  • Even though I’m pretty good at keeping up with watering it’s been so hot that they plants have suffered from the heat anyway. I’m still hopeful that everything will survive, but the leaf burn is hard to watch 🙁

    All that food looks delicious. I’ve never had gunpowder tea. Happy T Tuesday!

  • I enjoyed seeing your watercolor. I have been considering water color as a hobby for the past year or so. I have some supplies. I just need to start. What a lot of work this took with all the little bricks. It’s very pretty and evocative. Oh I see you do a weekly shopfront. I’ll have to watch. I like architecture and downtowns. Especially old ones. We have several nearby that I should visit more often.
    I did read a Marie Curie biography by her daughter Eve Curie. It was very interesting and I learned about radium. She was fearless because she just wanted to find out all about it. A true scientist.
    I have a collection of Numi tea that my husband picked out for me one Christmas – it is a very good brand.

  • I know arepas because my husband is gluten free. However, I contacted a few places here who make them and they admit they use wheat flour because it is easier to handle…In Mexico we often have gorditas which are much like arepas.
    I love your drawing!!!
    I love visiting towns in the morning before the crowds come out. I even do that here.

  • So lovely to spend some quality time with your hubby and that Venezuelan food looks so delicious 😊. Your Marie Curie tea party looks amazing and wow, your art this week is stunning, I love all the details that you created! Wishing you a Happy T Day! Hugs Jo x

  • OOh I´ve never heard of arepa, but it looks delicious ! Happy T-day ! this apple cake may be super yummy.
    I loove the watercolour shopfront, it´s gorgeous.
    I wish you a great afternoon,
    Big hugs, Caty

  • I have had arepas before in Australia of all places, quite the melting pot for restaurants, and there were a few South American ones that were very good. As for French food I love Ratatouille, and I would definitely eat your potato salad that that apple cake but I would have to skip the roast beef. Love your Printworks painting this week Kate. Oh btw, I only used one Polychromos colour on that sunflower page, the rest was just black pen and neocolours for the yellow. But I do recommend then as great pencils especially for mixed media work. Happy T Day! Elle/EOTC xx

  • Your painting is quite charming. Oh, my all the food sounds fabulous! I don’t care for mayonnaise so that potato salad looks especially tasty. Happy T Day

  • Aha. Sun burn it really is! I wondered about my strawberry plants – first time I saw this!
    Having no kid but being an Auntie I think I understand your “time-out” 🙂 We have this every day – might sound even boring!
    We´ve been in Venezuela – they made “European food” every day, how sad! Mexico, Jamaica, all the same. Cuba even went for Brussels Sprouts. And I was so dumb to try them!!!

    Love your watercolor work. Oh, really. I need to get started on that. Or so I? If it feels like “have to”… maybe not? It´s supposed to be fun, right?
    Yet… sometimes work comes before the fun starts. Argh…

    “And don´t say Marie Curie” said “my” Elizabeth when asking a man if he knows female scientists, LOL! But she sure was mentioned after all this way!!

    Croissant! Baguette, Ragout Fin!
    Alas, I was in a French family as student. Two weeks. They cooked “German” for me 🙁
    I o looked forward to Coc au vin… nada…

    Happy belated T-Day!

  • Hello Kate!

    I tried something like an Arepa at a local mexican restaurant that actually offers some foods from other countries too. I loved it. I am so glad you were adventurous and found this unique place. Experiences like that make life so much more interesting.

    Your tea and poetry spread looks outstanding and, and always, I am soooo impressed and wish I had been there!

    The art is amazing – better than the picture! Wow. I love how you did the brick – it adds even more to the picture.

    As always, I enjoyed visiting your post and seeing what you have been up to. Happy T-day a bit late.

  • Oh arepas! I love arepas. I often make them as we can buy that special corn flower in our local shops. There are several south Americans in our area. Not necessarily Venezuelans, but they all use that particular flour (to make tortillas). Good choice.
    I love your tea party subject. Marie Curie was amazing! That in a day when women were not allowed to study.
    My favorite French food? I love quiche Lorraine and I make that myself very often. (Or any other kind of quiche). I also enjoy French onion soup. I love moules (mussels). I have had them in Belgium as well as northern France. They come in a bucket and I love a glass of white wine with them. I love crepes of course and my hubby loves a fresh croissant for breakfast.
    The printworks artwork is amazing! Yes, it would make a lovely postcard.
    Happy T-Day,

  • I think I would like Arepas. They certainly look appetising ! I love your panting of that beautiful shop front, Marie Curie sounds like an excellent topic to explore……and a great excuse to eat French food. I love most French food but not those with beef in although you really can’t beat a good croissant or galette. A very belated Happy T Day Chrisx

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