Healing Bone Broth Recipe

The Gut Healer

A lot sources I have read recommend bone broth to heal the damaged lining of the gut which occurs in many autoimmune disorders. I have mentioned before that I suffer from autoimmune hypothyroid disease called Hashimoto’s. Bone broth, made from the bones of chicken helps to seal the gut and aid in proper digestion thanks to essential amino acids, minerals and  gelatin found in chicken bones. The gelatin acts like a thickening agent and attracts liquids and digestive juices  and holds them in place to ‘seal’ the gut. Cool, huh? I have been incorporating this broth into my weekly regime of healing foods. It is easy to make and has enormous health benefits including immune boosting properties. I hope that you will give it a try.


My Bone Broth Recipe

  • Chicken Bones from a whole chicken
  • 8 cups of filtered water
  • 1 piece Astragalus Root (immune boosting; aids in lung and heart function)
  • half of onion
  • a few baby carrots (or whatever MILD flavored veggies you have on hand)


Veggies and Astragalus Root

Combine all ingredients in crockpot on low 6 hours or over night. Mash chicken bones with masher and allow broth to cool to room temperature. Strain solids using an old clean t-shirt or fine mesh strainer. Squeeze to extract all the liquid. Store in the fridge for up to 2 weeks.
Ready to Cook: Veggies, Chicken Bones and Water

I make bone broth every week. On Sunday’s  I roast a whole chicken for dinner while we are at church.After we eat, I throw the bones in the crockpot with the remaining ingredients.

Ideas for Cooking with Bone Broth

  • Use it in recipes as a substitute for chicken or beef broth (I use it in Shepard’s Pie, Beef Stew and Rice Pilaf)
  • Make soup with it (I use it as the base for Spinach Egg Drop Soup YUM!!!)
  • Drink it in a mug
  • Don’t forget to drink the film / skin on top. It is full of nutrients.


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