Her Mind Swims at a Depth: Mixed Media Journal Layout

Mindful Depth

Thinking has always been one of my worse enemies. I tend to dwell on past situations and words, analyzing every aspect until I have convinced myself that something I said or did caused offense. My husband doesn’t quite understand me when I try to explain how my mind works. When I asked him about his, he described it as compartmentalizing. He says that males have their shelves lined with boxes. Only one box can be open at a time and once that box is closed, so are all the after thoughts regarding that subject. No dwelling allowed.
 While my hubby is a great listener and adviser he doesn’t dish out a whole lot of sympathy. I don’t fault him for this, as I know that it is not in his nature. That is why I usually pour out my heart to my few close female friends.
It is not that my thoughts are too complex for hubby to understand, it is just that my emotions are woven throughout and are at the root of each thought. And most men aren’t very good with emotions or deep topics. If I poured out my heart to my husband the way I do to my best friend, I believe that it would leave his carefully organized shelf waterlogged and chaotic.
I love how despite our differences we compliment and complete each other. And when my mind is burdened with all of its many browser tabs, my hubby is there, trying to understand and loving me with a listening ear and ever so practical advise.
I hope you all have that someone in your life that you can be ‘deep’ with.

Creating The Layout

My drawing and painting skills are lacking as it has been years but I decided to try my hand at it again. I found a picture of a mermaid online but I didn’t feel right putting it in my journal as it is copyrighted. So I decided to paint my own version.
I sketched my mermaid and then used Fresco Finish and Lindy’s to paint her.Several of her features are a bit wonky but I guess that is something that I will have to work on with practice.
I combined some stamping to add texture to her tail and the water. And I found the quote online.
Happy Tea Day to all my friends over at Elizabeth and Bleubeard. I am sharing my beautiful new copper tea pot that I received as a gift from my best friend. It was a wonderful birthday surprise. Isn’t it beautiful?

19 thoughts on “Her Mind Swims at a Depth: Mixed Media Journal Layout”

  • Beautiful mermaid and a great angle too Kate. There’s a good reason for best girlfriends, and another for hubbys:):) Gorgeous copper teapot. Happy T day!

  • I was totally impressed with your incredible drawing skills. I had NO idea you drew that well. Your mermaid is fabulous, beautiful, and ethereal.
    Congratulations on your new position at Stencil Girl. I’m sure you will love your new post and appreciate the stencils you received as compensation, too. You really deserve it.
    I’m in awe of that copper teapot. It is fabulous and would go great in my kitchen, too (grin). Seriously, you have a very good friend to give you this gift.
    Thanks for sharing your lovely mermaid spread and your awesome copper teapot with us for T this Tuesday, dear Kate.

  • That is a beautiful teapot. What a nice gift. And I know what you mean about your husband’s listening empathy. Loving your mermaid. She is a beauty. Hope you’ve had a wonderful T day Kate. Hugs-Erika

  • Definitely something fishy about your posts! You may have been a mairmaid in another life! Lovely project and the kettle isn’t bad too!
    Lisa x

  • Once again I recognize much of what you say in the first part of your post…. The interesting thing is that in my case after 44 years of marriage things have changed and I can now say that DH will listen to all those complicated open tabs and is more able to take on the position of best friend at least as well or more so than some of my female friends.
    Your mermaid spread is beautiful, I love the way she sits, the colours and the use of blank space! The use of light and shade on her body is awesome!

  • i understand your words about men and female friends – i think this is quite common. i´m also lucky to have three Close female friends with whom i discuss other things than with my husband. and that´s ok.
    this mermaid spread is one of my absolute favorites so far! i love the layout and i wish i could sketch and paint that beautifully! the Quote is perfect, too.
    happy belated t-day, kate
    (you are on my blog Readers´ list.. i hope things will run smooth then)

  • Your mermaid turned out just beautiful! You are a very skillful drawer! A real artistis heart and soul ! Men are so different, they will never learn to understand us completely, and I think it is good as it is. Same to me. I always say that men are from mars and woman are from venus ever since I read that book. We need girlfriends, I have a lot of them who are just wonderful and I didn’t know what to do without them! Even my daughter who turns 18 next year is a better soulpartner than my hubby. I need and use him for other things which are as important as the soulthings. But also often I have to admit that he has good advices for soul problems – so –that’s life!
    We will not change a man’s soul – but with our love he can grow and vice versa!Happy T-Day. this post looks AMAZING!!!!
    Hugs, Susi

  • Well i do not have any female friends Kate so do sympathize with my hubby…lol He has to listen to it ALL… And so far he has survived nearly 30 years…lol But i get what your saying about how they think and i do agree with you.. 🙂
    Your mermaid is beautiful! Happy Belated T day hugs! deb

  • I think one of the issues we women have is, we’re brought up to be pleasers. So we worry if we’ve done our job well. Maybe we should be more like the men and compartmentalize things. As to artwork. Don’t be so critical on yourself. Your mermaid is lovely. I love the shiny copper tea kettle. Use it in good health.

  • What an awesome copper kettle! Such a lovely gift!
    Your mermaid is beautiful and the quote is absolutely perfect.
    I smiled when I read about your hubby’s compartimentalizing. I am lucky to have a husband with a female side to him, so I can come to him with all my ‘browsers’ . Which is just as well as I don’t have best friends that I confide in. I only confide in my husband.
    Wishing you a good week,
    A belated happy T-Day,

  • I can really relate to your post today and how our Girl friends can be just as important to us, as our husbands are,
    I loved your journal page and the beautiful mermaid you are an amazing artist.
    Belated T day wishes.
    Yvonne xx

  • Fabulous page, Kate. I’m just blown away by its beauty. The composition is outstanding as well. I can’t see any wonky features about her. She’s beautiful!
    You make art with words as well as you create it with paper and color.
    My hubby and I had a good laugh over the male-female mind conundrum. You descibed us perfectly too!
    Happy T-day! Hugs, Eileen

  • Such beautiful words, and it is the way of the world we are different. I’m very close to my husband and I’ve read the book Susi quotes Men are from Mars and Women are from Venus which helped me understand and recognise these differences too 😁. Your mermaid painting is beautiful and I love how you have blended the colours. That’s such an amazing copper teapot, I hope you had a lovely birthday and sending you Happy T Day wishes! J 😊

  • Kate! Your mermaid is perfectly beautiful!!! Nothing wonky about her! Gorgeous spread!
    Great post as I believe you described my brain to a T and I do believe that is how many men think and respond. My husband is a great listener as well,only he thinks he should fix everything for me, which he need not! heehee I love evrything about about my man!
    Happy Mother’s Day this weekend Kate!
    Jackie xo

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