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I have been a little sparce lately because I have been party planning and baking. My husband turns 40 today and we had a Lord of the Rings themed party for him over the weekend. We had SO much fun planning our outfits. My children went as Hobbits (Frodo & Samwise) and my daughter was a little hobbit girl. They all looked adorable! My husband went as a Soldier of Gondor, and I was an Elf.

My husband and sons all made their own swords out of wood. Guys love their weapons! My 13-year-old son was the first one to make his own sword, all out of hand tools. It was a lot of work and a lot of hours! And then my husband and other son decided to join in and make their own. They spent time together throughout the process and it was a great bonding experience for the three of them.




And here is one side of the island full of food. It was a Hobbit feast, including all 9 courses. If you have never read the books or seen the movies (we watch them every year), Hobbits eat Breakfast, Second Breakfast, Elevenses, Lunch, Afternoon Tea, Dinner, Supper and Midnight Snack. So naturally, I had a dish for each. I don’t think anyone went away hungry.


Daily Art Practice


My building today is the William Pitt Store, in Williamsburg VA. I loved the various merchandise displayed in the windows, especially all the hats. I used ink and watercolor.



There were so many little merchant stores in Colonial Williamsburg, and I enjoyed going into all of them. It is a lot of fun to see the different items that you can only find there. It was quite a hot day so it was also nice to go inside and get out of the heat.




Tea Day



I am joining the Tea Day ladies, hosted by Elizabeth and Bleubeard. My drink today is Dragon Fire Juice. This is a delicious drink that my MIL made up for the party. It’s a mix of a berry drink mix and sparkling water. My children love this.

Happy Tea Day,


12 thoughts on “Hobbits Like to Feast: Daily Art Practice”

  • Oh my Kate, what a fun party. You and your husband look amazing . Those costumes are great. Was the party just for your immediate family or did you have other guests ? I am sure all of you will remember this big event. And this is a fun post for T. Have a great T day. hugs-Erika

  • Wow, I wish I had been at your party! What a great way to celebrate. I love your costumes — you look perfect for those characters. And the refreshments look totally Hobbity. I’m also a big fan of the books, not so much the films.

    best… mae at maefood.blogspot.com

  • It looks like a fabulous and fun birthday party. Happy birthday to your husband. t seems everyone enjoyed the party preparation including making their own swords. The drink sounds interesting.The artwork is beautiful too.
    Happy T Tuesday!

  • You make a perfect elf. I love your elf ears, too. I am not familiar with Hobbits, but I certainly like what you and your husband did for his birthday. That sword is stunning. It certainly looks like a feast. Loved seeing the Dragon Fire Juice. Clever idea and awesome signs.

    Your watercolor is wonderful. I was especially impressed with the windows on the second floor. Thanks for sharing your husbands birthday, meal, and drink, as well as your art with us for T this Tuesday, dear Kate.

  • Hi Kate, what a fabulous feast you had. Great costumes and wonderful, hobbit food – they really know how to eat! Love your watercolour! Happy belated birthday to your husband. Hugs, Valerie

  • The hobbits are brillaint! and all that yummy food, I’m really hungry now! Love the painting and most of all, the Dragon fire juice!! FAN-tastic! Happy T day!

  • I love the idea of a LOTR theme party. You and your Hubster look like you stepped out of the pages of Tolkien’s novel. You certainly provided a wonderful feast and the Dragon Juice sounds deliciously fun! Happy T Day

  • Hello pretty Galadriel (or one of her sisters?) – this must have been a wonderful party – you look great and so does the buffet. It’s also a wonderful idea that the “3 boys” made the swords themselves! The drink from your MIL sounds fine. And I really like your William Pitt store in Williamsburg, too.
    Have a good start to September!

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