How Is It Only February? : Daily Art Practice

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We are still experiencing cold temperatures and my children have 2 make-up snow days now in play. I am looking forward to warmer days, although I am not a fan of the humidity and scorching temperatures that we experience here in PA. I wonder if there is some place in the world where the temperatures remain at a steady 65F. Perhaps I need to consider that area for retirement. When we visited Colorado, my husband and I both said that we wouldn’t mind moving there, as the weather and landscape are beautiful, without the humidity. But we have family here so I doubt we would take the plunge to move out of state until later on in life. Until then, I will just have to continue drinking endless cups of hot tea in winter and stay in the A.C. on those really hot days of summer.


Daily Art Practice


My second sketch in my sketchbook was inspired by the Pinterest photo, above. I recently created a Pinterest board of inspiration photos that I would like to use mainly in my sketchbook. Instead of spending a lot of time browsing for this photo, I went to my board, closed my eyes while I scrolled, and clicked on a picture.



Using the photo as reference, I sketched, erased, sketched some more and then covered the spots on her dress in masking fluid.



I layered my colors. I found this sketchbook to be good with layering paint but if too much scrubbing is used, the bottom layers of paint will come off. Sometimes this is great, until of course, it isn’t. I spent a few hours on this painting, and I found the most difficult part to be her face. I think in the future, I want to limit my sketchbook practice to 1 hour or so despite the outcome. This might help me manage my time better, keeping necessary details a priority, while forgetting the rest.



Tea Day



I am joining the tea day ladies, hosted by Elizabeth and Bleubeard. My tea today is Tension Tamer. I found a great deal at our local Sharp Shopper and loaded up my basket at 0.99$ a box! I really like the hint of peppermint in this tea because of course, peppermint aids in digestion.

Happy Tea Day,


12 thoughts on “How Is It Only February? : Daily Art Practice”

  • I know what you mean about humidity; I am not a fan of it either.. IT’s probably why my husband says we always take cold vacations. Not cold, but like you 65-75 non-humid degrees would be perfect. But I do love where I live. It’s always a compromise, isn’t it? That’s a fun picture you found and your drawing came out great. I hope you have a great T day and week ahead Kate. hugs-Erika

  • I don’t if there is a perfect place-for just the right temperature. I lived in Denver back in the 70’s and I think because of the mountains the temperatures were very up and down like here in Missouri-we get 40 to 60 degrees changes here over night that area can get some pretty wicked winters too.
    Love your art sketch-Happy T Kathy

  • It’s been bitterly cold here, too. I have no idea if they had snow days since I have no children and was under the covers with my furbabies.

    That is one incredible drawing and painting,. And of course, your tea sounds delicious, too. Thanks for sharing your art and your tea with us for T this Tuesday, dear Kate.

  • I had to look up for 65F is in Celsius, and it’s 18C. Here in Scotland, we have 15°C (59°F) to 17°C (63 °F) in Summer, though sometimes it can get warmer, and in Winter an average of 5°C (41°F) though this Winter it’s been much colder, in the -8C range. Being so far north we do get really long summer days which is really nice so long as it’s not raining. We rarely get problems with high humidity which I’m grateful for as I can take the heat but I really can’t take humidity! I love your sketch today, she turned out so well, and I also really like your background. I got some new sketchbooks today, Jackson’s had some on special so I thought I would stock up. Happy T Day! Elle/EOTC xx

  • I don’t think there’s any place with perfect weather. I always thought Bermuda would be a nice place to live with an average 70-75 oF year round. But then you have to put up with hurricane season from June 1 – Nov. 30. Awesome watercolor. Happy T Day

  • Luckily we live in an Arizona type climate here. Desert dry, hot dry summers, but because of our altitude we get cold dry winters. We moved here when we retired. So I understand what you mean.
    I am amazed at your drawing. It must be so difficult to draw a face. She is a pretty picture.
    Happy belated T-Day,

  • Each Winter, especially cold ones like this one, I think I would prefer a hot sunny day, then on a really hot, humid day I look forward to a cold Winter day!
    I love that you showed the stages of your sketch, which turned out beautifully.
    Belated Happy T Day, Chrisx

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