How to Make Petroleum-Free Eucalyptus Chest Rub

 Eucalyptus Chest Rub, Kid Approved

Whenever my kids are sick, I always try to give them something to ease the pain. The worst is when they have a stuffy nose and their little body is struggling to breath. No one likes to see someone they love laboring over something that should come easily.
I started making this Chest Rub for my littles when I became acquainted with alternative/natural medicine.  I wanted something that was Petroleum-free because my children’s safety is important.
My kids love using this chest rub. It is effective, safe and I can use it too! Not only is it is easy and fun to make but it makes you feel as though you can help ease the discomfort of your little ones.  What mommy doesn’t want that?!

How To Make The Eucalyptus Chest Rub

  1. Gather ingredients on Recipe.
  2. I didn’t have Rosemary essential oil so I infused fresh rosemary into my olive oil. (over low heat until the rosemary leaves wilt and turn brown. Strain oil and continue per recipe)
  3. Here are all my butters melted over the stove on low before adding my rosemary infused olive oil
  4. Add infused oil to melted oils and remove from stove
  5. Add in essential oils, stir and then pour into small jars
  6. Label and allow to sit for a few hours to set.

Top Quality VS Average

I get most of my supplies on Amazon although my rosemary was fresh from my indoor rosemary plant. (pictured above) I am not a stickler for top quality products because, lets face it, we are not made of money. If I can give my family a healthier lifestyle without spending top dollar than that is me doing my best. I would love to be able to afford those expensive essential oils that you pay twenty plus dollars per one ounce and treat it like it is liquid gold. You know, licking up the extra drops so it doesn’t get wasted. Ok, I exaggerate. I wouldn’t lick it up but I would certainly feel guilty for every drop that dripped down the side of that bottle.
Have you noticed the new craze is essential oil companies like Young Living and DoTerra. Supposedly, they are the only good essential oils out there. I am all about being healthy and cutting out the chemicals but man, I think these companies are milking the word ‘Organic’ for all it is worth. All essential oils are concentrated plant compounds removed and distilled into liquids form. How can one lavender plant be better quality than another lavender plant?
This is only my opinion. I am sure you all have your own. All I am trying to say is, eat and live healthy, cut the crap out of your diet, and do this to the best of your ability without breaking the bank. Don’t go into debt for that ultimate essential oil collection 😉
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