I Am Unique: Mixed Media Art Journal Layout

SO Unique

As I was sitting at the bus stop this morning, I was looking at my little people and thinking about what makes each one of them unique. I find it so amazing that I have three children, all with the same father and mother and yet they are very different.
My oldest is sensitive, sweet and the perfect older brother except when it comes to his roommate. He has swindled his little brother out of more than one battery operated toy. ๐Ÿ˜‰
And my middle is so cuddly and snugly. He LOVES bunnies and has more energy than all my children put together. Most afternoons he can be found laying on the floor, using his feet to propel him through the house on his back. I call him my human vacuum cleaner.
And my sweet rainbow baby is still developing her personality but is so happy when around her family. She makes the funniest expressions and has a belly laugh that warms my insides every time.
They are all so unique yet so AMAZING!

Making the Journal Layout

Inspiration or Lack Thereof…

I made this layout for my new art journal fashioned from a comic book. I haven’t named this journal as of yet but the theme so far is stenciled backgrounds and vintage photos from India.
I started off thinking this was going to be a Alice In Wonderland themed art journal. I stamped and cut out all my Alice themed stamps and covered the pages with paper. After making this first background, I struggled with finding placement for the Alice stamps. Nothing I tried was too my liking, so I tried some of the photos that I had been saving for my newly bound and massive art journal. These photos appealed to my eye so I will have to save the Alice themed Journal for another time.


My background was made using the StencilGirl Art Deco Borders. I used some embossing powder in various colors and a Pink Paislee stamp in the background. I added my photo because I thought I was done. But I still felt it needed more so I went back and added splashes of Distress Paints in brighter colors to finish it off.

I am a little late but I want to join Elizabeth for Tea Day!
Happy Week BEFORE Christmas!

Challenges Entered:

STAMPlorations: Mixed Media December

Art Journal Journey: Let’s Celebrate (Our Uniqueness)


19 thoughts on “I Am Unique: Mixed Media Art Journal Layout”

  • Happy T Day really love all the textures in your background page-almost looks like fabric.
    we are all unique in our own ways so we are all special-hugs
    Merry Christmas Kathy

  • I agree that each of us is unique. I love this journal page. It is rather different from some of your other spreads, but that makes it special in its own right. It was also a perfect journal page for Sheila’s theme at Art Journal Journey.
    Oh, I love how you finished off that spread. Like me, I see you also have trouble leaving well enough alone. Unlike me, you add to your entry, which makes it even better.
    Thanks for sharing your beautiful art journal entry, your darling nativity, and your cup of tea with us for T this Tuesday. And thanks again for sharing this at Art Journal Journey.
    Hope you have a fabulous Christmas, too.

  • That is a great idea – to celebrate one’s uniqueness. Yes isn’t it strange and interesting how the children of the same family can be so very different. I enjoyed reading about each of yours.
    Your journal page is so very attractive with the merging of these lovely colours and the photo. I liked how you kept adding to it to achieve this lovely complex surface.
    Thanks very much for Celebrating with all of us at AJJ.

  • Beautiful textures on your journal pages, I often go back and add more to my pages as well.
    Your Nativity looks so adorable.
    Happy T day and Holiday wishes.

  • beautiful pages Kate! i love the art deco design and the touches of embossing and gold. Yes, i guess siblings can have each their own unique personalities. Can’t think of hearing anyone i know saying anything differently. Adorable nativity scene. Happy T day and a Merry Christmas too!

  • Such a wonderful page! The texture and colours are amazing, I love the central design it looks so exotic with the gold accents – beautiful ๐Ÿ˜. Wishing you a Happy T Day and Holidays! J ๐Ÿ˜Š

  • Kate i’m a little late too …. crazy trip to the airport in the middle of the night… then slept till noon… I’ve been rather discombobulated all day…But here i’am and i enjoyed the story of your children very much and your art journal page is lovely… I hope you have a Merry Christmas and a Happy T day~ Hugs! deb

  • What lovely thoughts abut your children. It’s nice once in a while to just sit and observe – the wonder of it all.
    Your backgrounds are gorgeous! Funny how our art sometimes goes in a totally different direction from what we had in mind. You made a good decision. Your backgrounds are so exotic looking and colorful that India seems the perfect choice of theme.
    Happy T-day and Merry Christmas! Hugs, Eileen

  • Oh my gosh this spread is absolutely AMAZING! This colours and the textures and this wonderful image – stunning!
    I am sure that every child is unique – a wonder but that’s a fact!
    Lovely thoughts about your three children!โ™ฅ
    A gorgeous spread linked to Art Journal Journey dear Kate – thank you very much for linking to us !
    Have a happy T-Day on Wednesday!
    Merry Christmas to you and yours!
    oxo Susi

  • Beautiful journal spread and i just love the graphic you used- very unique.
    Thank you for sharing about your sweet little ones- I could picture the one on the floor scooching through the house, it made me giggle!

  • I love this journal page Kate. it feels exotic and hass me dreaming about a little adventure. ๐Ÿ™‚ Nice hearing about your family too. Happy belated T day and Merriest of Christmas’ to you and your family. Hugs-Erika

  • What a fabulous post and what a great thing to celebrate! My three grown up boys are all so different yet all so alike too and get on with each other so well! Have a wonderful Christmas! Belated Happy T day! Chrisx

  • What a wonderful layout and a wonderful post too. The shimmering gold and the vintage photo work beautifully with the jewel colours to create an atmosphere of heat and light and excitement. I hope you have a wonderful Christmas with your family.
    Alison x

  • What cool stencil work and an amazing background! This image is perfect. I can’t see Alice on this either, so good decision to change the game plan. I too find it the most fascinating thing ever that each one of my FOUR (gah!) children are completely, totally different from one another. It is truly a marvel and I revel in God’s handiwork! ๐Ÿ™‚

  • wow! just stunning!!!! you just got yourself another follower ๐Ÿ˜‰ thanks for playing along with us at the STAMPloratinos Mixed Media challenge this month!

  • Yeah, late again, but this is not to be missed! Your pages are stunning, and I’m so happy you changed your game plan! But looking forward to seeing Alice in the future! Loved reading about your little ones–they are God’s gift! I have twins, and they couldn’t be further apart in their personalities and looks! I couldn’t be more blessed! Have a wonderful week! Hugs!

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