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Eye for Letters


I recently finished reading a book entitled Script and Scribble: The Rise and Fall of Handwriting. When I read the description to my husband he made a smart comment about how riveting it sounded. I had to laugh because it didn’t sound that exciting to me either. But once I started reading I became intrigued and I finished it in a day.

Growing up, I was always writing letters. I had pen pals all over the world with whom I exchanged postcards/letters. Each one was handwritten and I fell in love with the art of letter writing. Over time, the letters stopped as we went our separate ways but to this day I still have most of them. And with each letter, I observed the different scripts. In some cases I found individual letters of the alphabet that I copied and worked into my script. My handwriting was always transforming.



The book talked a lot about the history of handwriting and the people that influenced our present day script. What I really enjoyed was the various historical samples of handwriting that were shown throughout the book and the theory that an individual’s handwriting can predict many things about them. I was very inspired and even tried a few of them out. Can you believe that people get paid to analyze hand writing? It sounds like a fun job.

In an age where computers have taken over, I am probably one of the few individuals that is sad to see the art of long hand fade. Most schools are replacing long hand (cursive) with keyboard. If I want my children to learn to read and write this art form I may need to teach it to them myself.


Mail Art


Here are a few pieces of mail art that I have created to send to my cousin. We exchange hand written letters frequently so I thought pretty mail art would make it more fun. She always has beautiful stationary while mine is pretty plain. I used various stamps, including hand-carved stamps and PaperArtsy Infusions and Paints to decorate business envelopes.


Guest Posting for PaperArtsy



I am over at the PaperArtsy blog sharing a journal layout for the theme: Eyes. I used some of Lynne Perrella’s beautiful new paper doll stamps. It was a really fun project which you can see HERE.


Tea Day



I am sharing a Apple Mango Hibiscus Herbal Fruit Tea 5 Oz Pouch for my drink today. You can join in by linking your drink related post over at Elizabeth and Bleubeard’s.


Happy Tea Day,


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13 thoughts on “I Can See Clearly : Mixed Media Mail Art”

  • First, I hope you are now feeling much better. Second, I went to the Paper Artsy blog and loved the mail art you created. Those stamped paper dolls are beautiful. You did such a great job with the eyes, too.

    I used to have good handwriting, but over the years, as my arthritis has grown worse (I was born with a rare form in which I have no calcium around any of my joints), I am SO glad for computers and printers. I can barely hold a pen for more than a few minutes. If I have to write several addresses, I need time for my hand to rest in between lines of text. You are so lucky to be able to share your love of cursive with your children. I personally think it’s important and a gift.. For ME, however, typing is a gift.

    Your apple mango hibiscus tea looks beautiful. Of course, I also thought how beautiful that purple hibiscus would look dyeing fabric (grin). Thanks for your beautiful mail art, your warning of the lost art of cursive, and your tea with us for T this Tuesday, dear Kate. Keep those letters flowing.

  • It’s sad that so few people do proper writing these days. I love looking through old letters and enjoying the written words, ink-blots, corrections etc. Your journal page is gorgeous. Happy T Day, Valerie

  • So much cool art today Kate. And the books sounds interesting. I checked out the link and it it different from what I first thought, making it more fascinating. Hope you have a super T day Kate. Hugs-Erika

  • I’m also sorry to see handwriting fade away. I used to write letters and send postcards when I was younger, but now all I do is mostly emails and text messages. I also liked calligraphy because of my fascination with Illuminated Manuscripts, but I haven’t done calligraphy in years either. I like all of your mail art. It is beautiful. And your tea looks delicious. I always enjoy visiting your site each week. Happy T-Day!

  • How interesting to read about handwriting. Yes, I am aware that children are not taught to write nicely anymore. when I see how some youngters hold a pen, I think it is a miracle they can write at all! Like you I had penpall when I was a kid and I still write postcards up to this day. I love snailmail.
    Your tea looks delicious.

  • Our daughter taught cursive in kindergarten back in the early 90s as part of a pilot program. I guess that was before computers really took off as a mainstream thing. I think the book you read sounds intriguing , too. It is a shame that more handwritten letters aren’t exchanged anymore. I do create a lot of cards and at least write a note when I send them. I also, try to include handwritten mementos from my family members in my scrapbooking. Beautiful mail art, Kate. Happy T Day!

  • Good morning, thank you for sharing about the handwriting book-I will check that out. I could not believe it when I learned the schools no longer taught hand writing I think this is a very huge mistake-just like they no longer prepare high schoolers anything about cooking, sewing, basic economics, or shop classes it is beginning to show up now how these students are not getting life skills. they don’t teach much math either-sad. your tea photos are always so lovely too-hugs Kathy Happy T

  • I don’t think you’re one of the few who hate to see cursive writing thrown aside in schools, Kate. We are many. I’ve decided (and hope) that, as long as there are artists and advertising, there will be cursive. Simply because it’s beautiful and flows. Cursive makes great design elements.

    Your mail art is lovely. I’m pleased to see some cursive there. 😊

    Happy T-day! Eileen xx

  • A super post Kate, the book sounds interesting, , hand written letters seem so much more personal that those using a keyboard. I hope our future generations don’t forget this and the schools still teach them how to write by hand.
    Your art /mail art looks fantastic.
    You tea blend looks good, Happy T day wishes.
    Yvonne xx

  • Your post made me smile. I used to play with my handwriting when I was a kid. Would look at how people made certain letters and try to make them mine. I think schools are coming around to putting penmanship back into the curriculum. They are realizing that texting with thumbs doesn’t develop fine motor skills the way writing does. Your mall art is awesome. You always have the most unusual and fragrant tea blends. Happy T Day.

  • I adore Lynn Perrella AND paper dolls! I didn’t realize she had new stamps out…. Beautiful journal pages. And Love your mail art, truly gorgeous! I am sad that schools are no longer teaching cursive hand writing… I guess it will become the secret code of the older generations! Happy T day a bit late….and maybe we could exchange mail art some time? ❤

  • Wonderful Art journal spreads Kate !! Absolutely gorgeous, with so great layers, colours and stamps. I Love your mail art, these dolls are fabulous. Happy belated T-day (sorry I´m late visiting). This tea may be delicious. I wish you a very nice Friday, and send big hugs.

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