I Have A Foliage Obsession: Mixed Media Card


Summer is the perfect time for gardeners to get their fill of beautiful colored blooms and yummy produce. While I have a garden full of berries, I love growing indoor foliage as well. Houseplants, specifically succulents have become a bit of an obsession for me. I started with one or two and since they are miraculously still alive, I have added more to my collection. It doesn’t help that Aldi helps enable me when they sell succulents for less than $2.

Here is a picture of a few of my newest buys. One is a cactus and the other two I have not been able to identify. The back pot has long  fuzzy leaves and the one in the front on the right has interesting almost fiber-like pieces around it.

I don’t know the names of these two either but I put them together in a white pretty pot. If you have any idea as to the names of these plants I would love to hear from you.


This is an Umbrella Tree. It is in the same family as the money tree that I recently purchased. I heard they are very finicky and do not handle change well, so we will see.


This snake plant was not in the best of shape when I purchased it but hopefully it will be resilient.

This is a Spider Plant. I am loving these plants but not the names. Spiders and Snakes are some of my least favorite creatures.

This was a rescue from Walmart. It has grown beautifully in the last month or so. It looks like a bouquet of flowers. I believe that it is a Echeveria.

I shared a photo of my Crassula Ovata Jade ET Fingers a few  weeks ago. I looks like a bunch of alien fingers When I re-potted it last week a small leaf fell off. I decided to re-pot it. The larger leaf is what I started with and as you can see, I have some beautiful new growth. Success! A new plant in the making, And it was free.

Another rescue from Aldi. Still not in the best of shape but I think time and love will change that. Since being in the sun I have noticed the center is turning a lovely shade of purple. I am loving that since purple happens to be my favorite color!

Lastly, I am trying my hand at propagation. I snipped a few pieces off of my Pothos (another Walmart rescue) and put the ends in water. Hopefully, roots will start to grow soon. These grow so fast and I love how they hang down. I am planning on placing them on top of my bookshelves.

Creating the Card

The card base has been layered with painted book paper. I stamped a circle stamp and then painted each cicle.

The foliage is cut from a download of Egyptian plant life. I fussy cut the plants and layered them behind a TH paper doll that I colored with Fresco Finish Chalk Paints. The sentiment is a TH die cut.

Lastly, I added gesso splatters and some doodling.

Do you collect plants?

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9 thoughts on “I Have A Foliage Obsession: Mixed Media Card”

  • Hi Kate, I like succulents too and also like plants around the house. A house is not a house for me when there is no green in it.
    Your card I love, with the layeering and dimension you created on it!

  • Your card is beautiful with the gorgeous images and layers. Your plants look really good, too. I do not have many plants at home, just a rubber tree, a bamboo and an orchid. Have a great weekend, hugs, Valerie

  • I’ve always known the snake plant as Sansevieria. ANY succulent (should) will grow from a single “leaf.” They are so easy to propagate.

    I’ve had an umbrella plant and I can assure you, the pot you put it in is way too small. You do not want o transplant it every year, so I suggest a large (minimum 14″) pot. and because you have it in what appears to be a terra cotta container, it will break the pot quickly as its roots expand. I suggest a plastic type pot to keep it from breaking out all over your floor or counter top. Thrust me, I know what I’m talking about .

    I love what you did here with your art. It is beautiful with all the layers. I was SO impressed with how you colored the little TH dolls, too. Great art and great post today, dear.

  • I love house plants too. Almost all of mine are out for the summer, but in the winter it is really nice to have some living green, and I think good for the closed up inside air too. And great card Kate. I love all the leaves you added.. Happy weekend. Hugs-Erika

  • Your plants are gorgeous Kate. I love succulents too though I only have two of them. They are growing in a little fairy garden that I have on my side table and, luckily, they are doing very well there. I do have some other plants in the house.. I have a few Lillies that I’ve had for years and they flower beautifully and then I also have some of what we call Happy plants. These are a type of bamboo. I have killed a few plants in my time unfortunately, but the ones we have at the moment are thriving.
    Love your card!! So bright and beautiful with gorgeaous images and embellies!!
    Have a wonderful day!! hugs xx

  • You have a wonderful hand not just for amazing Mixed Media Art and for your family and friends – I adore your fantastic tag – it is out of this world and makes me just happy to see! Unique stylish Kate – and I love every bit you used and brought together into a gem!
    Your plants seem to be happy with you!
    It is our vibrations that make them happy – and play good music to them!
    I saw succulents this morning at Aldi ( in Austria the name of Aldi is HOFER..lol, but the same stuff) but I have no more space for plants as I have so much success since two years with a luckily green finger on indoor plants. Hubby thinks they grow so well because I hear meditative music so often here in our living room.I just think it is because I love them and speak to them when nobody can hear me….
    Hubby thinks they like my music very much and it must be the reason they grow so well.
    I don’t know the names of your succulents!Sorry ! Good luck furthermore with your green thumb!
    I wish you a very happy weekend my friend!
    Big hugs,

  • You have a wonderful collection of plants! I love to have plants around the house, too. I have African violets, Aloe Vera, a ficus, and some herbs in pots in the kitchen. I think plants give the home a really welcoming and homely feel. I love the paper doll, the plants, and the vibrant colours of your lovely card!

  • No indoor plant collecting here…now if they are outdoor perennials, well, that is a whole other matter! heehee

    Another beautiful card Kate- your layers are just gorgeous!

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