I Have Had Enough Snow, Man! : Mixed Media Mail Art



Today is the first Monday of March and we are still experiencing the after effects of the snowstorms. Three this week have left us with more school delays and days off than actual days spent in school. As an individual that thrives on routine, lets just say that these last few weeks have been rough when it comes to accomplishing things. Laundry, reading and sipping tea have taken up more of my time than I care to admit. When my children don’t start school until lunch and then come home less than 4 hours later it seems reasonable to spend those few hours during nap time enjoying a cuppa tea and escaping into a book.  And the days they are off school, well, let’s just say taking a shower, keeping everyone fed and maintaining a clear path to the door are my main priorities.



But I am finding that life goes in cycles. Sometimes I want to spend more time reading than crafting. And vise versa. I have come to be thankful for these cycles because I realize that if I was only ever stuck in one cycle, lots of other important things would never get done.

So, as I am still stuck in the reading of books cycle, I am hoping that when warmer weather comes along, so will my desire to craft more, clean the house, garden and frolic in the sunshine.


Do you go through cycles?


Creating the Mail Art


I made this quick piece of mail art from scraps on my desk.




The background is patterned paper that has been stenciled, painted, and stamped. I layered a piece of embossed paper, a paint soaked paper towel, washi tape and thread over top.





Lastly, I added some word stickers and a copy of a TH paper doll.


Tea Day





It’s that day again and I am sharing a yummy tea as I play along with the T ladies hosted by Elizabeth and Bleubeard. Today, I have a delicious Spiced White Pear Loose Tea by Tealyra. This tea is one of my favorites and one of my few hoarded teas. In the background you can see my new wandering jew  plant.


Happy Tea Day,




22 thoughts on “I Have Had Enough Snow, Man! : Mixed Media Mail Art”

  • Your tea photos always look so delicious-this one sounds really good too. great card! I think I go in cycles too
    Happy T hugs Kathy

  • Yes, it is time for spring. What a winter it has been. I go through the same phases you do, but the other day it was sunny and I felt so ambitious to clean and make art. I think it is the dark and cold–after a while it gets to you. Have a happy T day Kate. Hus-Erika

  • Snow, as lovely as it is when we don’t get it very often, can create huge problems with routines both for you and the children. I hope the warmer days start soon for you so you can get back to them. Lovely to see your card of scraps bringing some beautiful bright colours into the mix, love how you’ve layered it up. I don’t seem to want to read any more, I have enough deadlines to keep me busy lol. Hope you’re week goes well xxx

  • Beautiful mail art. I love the paper doll and the many layers. It is gorgeous. It’s simply too cold to work in my craft room, even though I have an electric heater in there in addition to my whole house heat. I’ve been caught up watching tv, trying to get my strength up, and watching even more tv under covers flanked by my two furry motorboat heaters. Consequently, I understand cycles. I know how frustrating it must be for you to have your routine interrupted. But you have certainly come through with some awesome art this week.

    Your tea looks lovely and your new plant looks really healthy, It won’t be long and you’ll be cutting off a few shoots and rooting them to make new babies. Thanks for sharing your art, your spiced white pear tea, and that lovely plant with us for T this Tuesday, dear Kate.

  • Love the beautiful mail-art. I always spend a lot of time reading, but I suppose I just do less housework, which is okay as I don’t need to clear up after three kids, as you do. Have a great week, happy T Day, hugs, Valerie

  • wonderful mail-art, love the layering and the patterns of the various pieces. and cycles? yes, definitely! i was into fabrics for about 2 or 3 years, then in late autumn last year i went back to paper almost from one day to the next. actually i should have more lives to cope with all my interests. life is too short;) happy t-day ♥

  • Beautiful artwork. I’ve had enough snow, too! This past week I had snow falling from Thursday through Monday from 4 different storms. Ugh. Your food looked delicious. Happy T-Day and Mardi Gras!

  • beautiful art. It sure has been one heck of a season for annoying weather hasn’t it. Bring on Spring! I have had a white pear tea and it was delicious. Happy T day!

  • Your mail art is great, I really like the comple layers. I’ve been knitting and reading. My favorite winter activities. I find art hard to create as nothing dries fast enough. Your tea looks lovely and I imaging it tastes lovely too.

  • It is fantastic mail art project, great layers. The snow falls must be getting everyone down, thankfully here in the UK we haven’t had to much of the white stuff, just the cold. I love reading, my time to enjoy a book is at bedtime and i find it a good way to relax.
    The tea sounds delicious, I think it would have tasted good as well.
    Happy T day wishes Kate.
    Yvonne xx

  • I love your Happy Birthday art. You get such good texture and dimension and color to combine in great pieces. I used to enjoy wandering jew but haven’t had any in ages. I may have to look at getting one when it’s warm enough to move the plants out onto the patio. Happy T Tuesday!

  • Kate your mail art is lovely, there’s so miuch texture. I used to have house plants in England and used to love that plant, now it’s too hot for them inside although many plants in our garden are houseplants is colder climates, we have the umbrella plants, rubber tree, yuccas and bird of paradise.
    We had problems in S.f with the fires near Sacramento when we were over last year, the smoke drifted so far that the air quality became bad and the schools kept sending the G.ss home, we were just enjoying a coffee and lemon danish when our son telephoned to ask if we could collect them both, that was the end of our peaceful day!
    Have a lovely week
    Jan x#16

  • I’m in a de-cluttering cycle right now. Not a lot of fun; but it feels so good when it’s over. I blame Kathy (in Ozarks) for getting me started 😉

    Lovely mail art. You’re so bold with your layering, Kate. I’ve been saving paint soaked paper towels, but haven’t gotten up the courage yet.

    Happy T-day! Eileen xx

  • I am like you, with reading and crafting! Lately, I have discovered two new authors and they have books in series. I go right from one to the next!
    Your tea looks interesting, and love the wondering Jew. I used to have one all the time, but it has been a few years now. Great post. Happy T Day!

    • I don’t know how you manage to survive all the cold and snow….I’m just a wimp. Ohio doesn’t usually get nearly as much as you guys! so…does that mean the kids will have to do some make-up days because of all the snow days? bummer…. love your gorgeous mixed media art! Yes, lots of tea please…happy T day!

  • I find my my life revolving around cycles, too. In the summer it is all about the garden and fitting other things around that, then in the winter when not much is happening in the garden, I spend more time on writing and crafting. I read every night when I go to bed, but I go through cycles with that as well. Sometimes I might go for a couple of weeks when I don’t feel like reading a novel, so I will get out my old Somerset Studio magazines and browse through them.
    Lovely mail art. I love that you’ve incorporated the paint soaked paper towel into it!
    Your tea looks yummy with all the different things in it, and with the lovely wandering jew plant in the background.
    Happy T Day!

  • Oh what a lovely tag! Just thrown together with bits on your craft table? Now there’s the artist!
    Cycles? Mmm, I think I go in phases. I’ve had a lace making phase, and a ATC phase and a scrapbook phase. Now I have discovered pocket letters and I’m doing that. I’ve had a phase of knitting socks not long ago and I have an unfinished emroidered table cloth, which I will never finish because we now have a different shaped table …
    But reading will never leave me. I am privileged that I can read at night in bed. We do not have to get up early the next morning, and our nights of passion are few and far between at this age. So we both get stuck in a good book. I travel through books and live different worlds through books. They take me as far as the author’s (and my) imagination takes me. Some books are scary, some are entertaining, while some are inspirational or educational.
    I love your plant. We used to have one like that in Holland. I never knew it was called a wandering jew. I suppose the politically correct brigade will soon prohibit that name.
    Whatever happened to the tea you complained about? Did they send you a fresh batch?
    Have a good week,
    Happy T-Day,

  • I find it difficult to work with people around. And since Himself is semi-retired I’m having difficulty establishing a new routine. Winter can be a hard season for motivation as the cold landscape is so dreary. Looks like the snow or upset in your regular routine didn’t effect you creating happy mail art. I also like the dish your tea is displayed in. Very Spring-=y and looks like potpourri. Happy T Day

  • The joys of motherhood, – I remember it only too well, – I had 3 of them within 4.5 years. Thankfully they are all in their 40s now.
    Good to see you managed to create this lovely multi layered card though, despite snow days.

  • Ooh! There’s that pretty tea again – love to see it even though I am a coffee lover! Your mail art is fabulous – it’s great when just the right thing is on your table! Sorry about the change to your routine, hopefully the snow will go soon! I know what you mean about cycles! Every so often I feel the need to do something different….like the jigsaw puzzle I just had to do the other week!! Hugs, Chrisx

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