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Are you drawn to a certain type of food? I think most people are. I have always loved Asian food. Actually, I crave Asian food, especially during my pregnancies. Growing up, wonton soup, fried rice and General Tso’s chicken were my go too but ever since having sushi, I crave it by the platefuls. And what about Chinese buns and donuts…the ones with rolled with sugar?

It was a struggle with all the Asian restaurants closed at the beginning of the pandemic. I wanted some SO badly on my birthday last year but not ONE was open near us. Of course, most every type of dining was open but not the one I was craving. My birthday is coming up and I am excited that this year, my cravings will be fulfilled.

And did I mention that Asian food looks pretty in watercolor? Be expecting some in the near future.

What about you, what kind of food are you craving?





I tried steam buns again this week but this time I used a yeasted recipe instead of sourdough. I had a much better rise and they were light and fluffy inside. A few of them sunk a bit and I read this was from drastic temperature change. I may have to try leaving them on the burner next time after I turn it off. I am disappointed that the sourdough buns did not rise at all but sometimes, sourdough just takes more practice.



Raspberry Sourdough thumbprint cookies are up next. The last time I made thumbprint cookies was Christmas but they were not sourdough. This recipe was very tasty (according to my kids) and it was the perfect use for discard.



On a whim I also made this Cinnamon Sourdough Crumb Cake that my family loves.



What have you been baking?


Watercolor Food Illustration



I have come to the conclusion that round things are really hard for me. Round fruits are my nemesis at the moment.



But I really enjoyed this citrus slice study. It was very easy and I enjoyed using bright colors.



Strawberries are not as easy as I thought they would be but I enjoyed this study more than the other “round” fruits.



My favorite part of this ice cream cone is the cone itself. On this one, I learned the importance of having a good sketch. I didn’t specify my highlights when drawing and therefore I messed up when painting the folds of the ice cream. I would like to work on this one some more when I have time.




Here are the watercolor materials that I used:




PaperArtsy Guest Designer Post



I am over at the PaperArtsy blog sharing a junk journal using some new and old PaperArtsy stamps. Above is a sneak peek. The entire project was done using only scraps from my desk. I hope you will hop over and take a look HERE.



Tea Day



I am joining the tea ladies hosted by Elizabeth and Bleubeard. Of course my drink today is tea. Strawberry Cream Green Tea is one of my favorite teas, if not my facorite. I love the fruity combination of strawberry and green tea and then the cream that makes it smooth and mellow. It is dessert tea anytime of day. Yum!


Happy Tea Day,


15 thoughts on “Ice Cream With Your Buns? : Watercolor Food Illustration”

  • I hope you get your Asian food for your birthday this. I must say this week’s steamed buns looks really yummy. I’ve never tried steamed buns. I did make a walnut and coffee flavored cake this past week, and it baked fine around the edges but sunk in the middle during baking. I found it weird as it sunk while baking. I’ve had them sink do to not being quite done when they came out of the oven. Well it tasted good, as I bet your buns did too. And your discard baking looks great. I haven’t tried sourdough cookies at all. They look yummy. Its always fun to stop by and see what goodies you treat us with. Have a great week Kate, and a happy T day too. Hugs-Erika

  • Steamed buns seem very ambitious — yours look good. I wondered about the filling. I always liked the barbecue filling at one very nice bakery but it went out of business even before the pandemic.

    best… mae at

  • I love Asian food but we have no good restaurant anymore. Tried to make Bami Goreng myself. Hm. “OK”….
    I “baked” lasagna! And Pizza muffins. (Not into sweets over here).

    Love your watercolor-paintings! Shops still closed here.
    And the tea, hmmmm.
    Happy Tea Day!

  • Your baking is making me drool again, it all looks soooo good. I’m not baking just yet, but perhaps next week I can start baking again! Beautiful art, too, love the journal page and the water colours. Happy T Day! Hugs, Valerie

  • If I hadn’t been hungry when I arrived, I would be now. All that food looks so good. If I ate all those goodies, I’d be waddling and probably wouldn’t be able to get off the couch! Yum indeed,

    Lovely scrap journal, too. Nicely done on the watercolor fruit, too. And your green tea sounds great. Thanks for sharing all the food you baked, the fruit and ice cream you painted, the Asian buns, and your tea with us for T this Tuesday. I hope your Asian restaurant is open for your birthday, too, Kate.

  • Hi Kate, your cooking looks delicious, our son and DIL always take us to Sunday Dim Sum in South San Francisco, we are very often the onlly non Asian people in there, they come round with trolleys and you say yes or not to whatever they have, so delicious.
    We love going to a Asian bakery too, the custard tarts are so good.
    Your water colours are stunning,, gorgeous colours.too
    Have a Happy T Day
    Jan x

  • I am going to try and find that tea! Sounds fabulous. Super looking food you made and wonderful illustrations of food too. I am even more impressed with this post than the one last week. Wow.

  • Oh those steamed buns look so delicious! My hubby would love those. We have never eaten steamed buns before but they sure look lovely.
    Asian food is unknown here. In the Netherlands they eat Indonesian food which I love! And in England there are Chinese restaurants. But here in inland Spain there is no such thing. I think I would like Asian food. I remember backpacking through Thailand in the early seventies and only eating from street stalls as i didn’t trust the restaurants. (I heard they eat rats and dogs) I could actually see food being prepared in front of me so I could stick to vegetarian and cooked (not raw) stuff. It paid off as I was never ill in the four weeks I was there and I have a love for Thai food.
    Your water colors look great. I love the colors you are creating, especially in the citrus page. Don’t despair. Keep practicing round things and eventually you will ‘get it’.
    Your baking efforts are fantastic. What you can do with a bit of sourdough discard! Do you go to a website for suggestions? or do you just experiment?
    Have a lovely T-Day,

  • I’m sure you have one very happy family with all that yummy baking! Just made some raspberry scones this AM so DIL could enjoy one just from the oven with a cup of coffee before helping hubby by using her car to haul something. I do hope you get to enjoy some special Asian food for your birthday.
    Your watercolor drawings are amazing!!! I especially love the cherries.
    Fun journal page- love the doodled botanical. Happy T day!

  • Our favorite Chinese restaurant that was more dim sum than Chinese-American food closed before the pandemic. They made those buns like you made. Theirs were filled with meat or a sweet bean paste. I was so sad the restaurant didn’t catch on. The food was so fresh and delicious.

    Your buns look incredible. I love bread. I love cookies and cake, too.

    Your watercolors are just beautiful. If you didn’t mention the “flaws” you perceive, no one would ever know. 😉 Don’t be so critical of your work. Enjoy your day and Happy T Day

  • I enjoy Asian food… and Italian food, and Indian food, and Mexican food, and standard “American” hamburgers and such and… lol I miss eating lunch out, no matter what food there’s there. I’ve never heard of sourdough thumbprint cookies, but they look tasty. Happy T Tuesday!

  • Great post. Love the ice cream cone and I too like the cone best. The steamed buns are amazing and the cookies and the crumb cake yum yum. Wonderful art and I look forward to seeing the Asian food in art. I don’t really crave anything in particular but if I have my choice I go with Mexican food.

  • I’m so hungry after seeing your post today …lol 😉. Those steamed buns look amazing and are one of my favourites too. I’ve been baking an apple cobbler which my hubby loves served with custard and also flatbreads to serve with some lamb kebabs and homemade tzatziki – so yummy! Your art is beautiful as always too. Happy T Day wishes! Hugs, Jo x

  • I love your beautiful watercolors-so vibrant. I too like Asian food and during the pandemic, I learned to cook some of our favorite dishes. I even made spring rolls! It’s my first time on your site and I really enjoyed it. Will be looking at previous posts. Thanks

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