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Last weekend, I surprised my Little with a trip to the spa. One of our local businesses, had a kid’s day and one the special’s was a spa treatment. They make soap and body products using natural ingredients. I just loving going in there because it smells like essential oils. Her spa experience consisted of a foot soak, facial with cucumbers, shimmer cream on her arms and legs (her favorite part), all while enjoying a snack. She had so much fun and was on cloud nine the rest of the day. Being pampered certainly made her feel special. Can you believe she asked to go again in a few weeks for a back-to-school spa day? I told her it is not special if we go all the time. She is certainly a girly-girl and she loves jewelry, accessories, lip gloss and decor. She doesn’t play with toys, which makes holidays and birthdays easy.  So, I am thinking a spa day may be a good birthday present.


First & Last for the Tea Cup Class


Here is the sketch I made before starting my tea cup class. I remember spending so much time on this and not knowing how to get it ” just right.”



Here is the ending sketch. The only difference that I can see is that my shadows and shapes are defined a bit better.



Since the end of class I have been practicing, not as often as I should of course but here are a few cups inspired by my visits to the T2 website.





Tea Day



I am joining the Tea Day Ladies, hosted by Elizabeth and Bleubeard. My tea today is Loose Leaf Sencha from T2. I got it at such a great deal because it was on sale. This whole bag only cost me about $10. I like the taste and I wish I had purchased two bags. If they still have some left at a later date, I may purchase more. In the meantime, I will do my best to ration what I have.

Happy tea Day,


13 thoughts on “I’ll Take A Facial With My Tea: Daily Art Practice”

  • Your daughter must have just loved going to the spa. That’s a great photo Kate. . And I think drawing cups is difficult, but as long as you’re happy where we went and where you ended up is what’s important, right? I hope you have a happy T day. hugs-Erika

  • Oh, “boy”. I have no patience for spa-times, LOL, I really had to laugh and yes to your argument it´s not special if you do it any time.
    My Brother allows his kids anything anytime… Not good in my opinion.
    Very cute pic btw.

    Difficult perspective with your cup (foe me, at least) – well done! Also your handwriting.
    Happy T-Day!

  • Wos, the spa day sounds delightful! I need one!

    Gorgeous tea cup art. You do so well on your tea cups and I am super impressed. It makes it even cooler that you bought some of their tea and cups too.

    Cozy post – love it! Happy T-day and hugz

  • How lovely to have a spa day for little ones! And so lovely that she enjoyed it! the perfect gift! You are right. It’s not special anymore when you do it often.
    Your blue cups are exquisite! I tried drawing cups, and it is oh, so difficult! So, well done!
    happy T-Day,

  • Hi kate! Absolutely love your tea cup paintings! I’m not a spa girl but my daughter who is 36 has become one… Her daughter is 5 and i’m sure will be introduced to that world. 🙂 Happy T day! Hugs! deb

  • Your teacup art is lovely, Thanks for sharing it with us. I can imagine your daughters delight at the spa. Years ago I took my then young granddaughter for her first mani-pedi. It became our thing to do but only on special occasions as you say. She is 26 now and she still remembers those trips and how special she felt when she went.

  • Nice your daughter had fun at the spa. I’ve never been. Sounds like she had fun and being a girly girl, sounds like a birthday spa day would be great.

    Your tea cups are wonderful. They are all well done, but I think the blue one may be my favorite. And I am glad you got T2 at a bargain. I know it is expensive. thanks for sharing the spa trip, your tea cup drawing and your T 2 with us for T this Tuesday, dear Kate.

    Sorry I am late visiting. I spent time last night in an ice bath trying to help my back I hurt during the neighborhood clean up. Even though I bent with my knees, I felt something go when I stood up.

  • She looks so sweet being pampered. Spa gift certificates will be a big hit for birthdays and Christmas. Your teacups are just amazing.. Happy T Day

  • Dear Kate, that’s a cute photo to start with! If your daughter loves such spa treatments so much, it’s definitely a good birthday gift.
    Your “final” cup simply shows more courage. You drew the colors and shapes more confidently. I also like your exercises very much – very beautiful.
    I keep my fingers crossed that you get the delicious tea again.
    Belated Happy T-Day!
    All the best from Austria and have a nice weekend

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