I’m A Tea Totaling Bunny: Daily Art Practice


StencilGirl Column



My column is up over at the StencilGirl blog today. You can see the process and the whole project using stencils HERE.



Daily Art Practice



I worked through one class this week, Blending Entities by Kimberli Johnson on the Etchr Studio Youtube channel. I am interested in illustration and this class was a great intro for me.


Tea Day



I am joining the Tea Day ladies, hosted by Elizabeth. My drink today is wonton soup, minus the wontons. I am nursing a dry socket after my oral surgery so I am on a liquids only diet to prevent food from getting caught in the hole. I drank 5 quarts of this broth over the weekend.

Happy Tea Day,


14 thoughts on “I’m A Tea Totaling Bunny: Daily Art Practice”

  • Hi Kate, I love seeing your paintings-thanks for sharing, and I bookmarked the lesson.
    Ouch pulled teeth are the worse that’s allot of broth-hugs Hope you will be feeling better by Thanksgiving.
    Happy T and Happy Thanksgiving hugs Kathy

  • Oh dry sockets are miserable. I hope you are past getting them. Kate. You might have gotten sick of the broth but it’s a good drink as it is tasty. Will you be able to eat by Thanksgiving? I hope so. That’s a lovely illustration too. I hope you have a wonderful T day, week and Thanksgiving too. Hugs-Erika

  • Ok, I am in love with your darling bunny painting!! Your broth does sound quite good, and healthy too. I should do that every so often for a 24 hour period- just for the goodness of it;) Happy T day!

  • Your paintings are so wonderful (well, I could´ve needed a warning for the first one, LOL!)
    Hope you can go back to normal food again, soon. Best wishes and a happy T-Day 🙂

  • Oral surgery sounds painful. But I would certainly eat and drink that soup. I love wonton. Your little bunny with the cup and saucer is adorable. I like the expression and the colors you chose.,

    I also really enjoyed reading about the scarabs and the Egyptian hieroglyphics background. Your watercolor beetles turned out great.

    Thanks for sharing your art and your wonton soup with us for T this Tuesday, Kate. I hope you feel better soon, dear. Happy Thanksgiving.

  • Fabulous art, as always, that beetle is excellent.: 5 quarts of broth, oh my. I had a liquids only diet when I had the OPs on my Pancreas in April, I know it’s not easy!
    Hugs, Valerie

  • Oh my, Kate, I hope that dry socket clears up fast. The soup looks good though. I am sure you are sick of it.

    Your art is fabulous – I know I always say Wow, but WOW!!! Amazing.

    Happy T-day and happy Thanksgiving. Hugz

  • The post on the Stencil Girl blog was interesting – I really like the hieroglyphics stencil and put it on my – already pretty long – wishlist. Lovely bunny. I often struggle with watercolor as well, but it is such a beautiful medium that I just keep on trying (with several breaks in between).

  • Oh, poor you! That is a painful condition. I hope it gets better soon.
    I read your blog on the beetles and the result (of the wet-on-wet) is beautiful. And then Mrs. Rabbit is gorgeous. I’m sure it must be chamomile tea she is drinking (If I remember my Peter Rabbit stories correctly).
    Happy T-Day,
    Have a great week,

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