It's a Baby: Mixed Media Bunting

Awww… It’s A Baby!

Not my baby but my soon to be nephew! I am going to be a Auntie for the 3rd time! Sadly, I still haven’t met my little nephew that is the same age as my youngest little. They live too far away so I am excited to have this new arrival closer to where we live.
So, here is the banner that I made for the baby shower. *PICTURE OVERLOAD*
I made these paper feathers from book paper and pipe cleaners. Very easy and I think they look pretty good.

The Cake

Here is the 8 layer, 2 tier, naked cake I made garnished with purple basil from my garden. Thank goodness it turned out better than the practice cake. If you ever want to try your hand at making a cake like this, I used this recipe for the cake and This recipe for the buttercream icing. I am a beginner and these recipes were very detailed and easy for me to follow but with very tasty results.

Crap Happens…

I just had to add a few pictures of the diaper game. Surprisingly, some of the guests were squeamish when it came to this game and refused to play. Imagine that? Perhaps it is just because I am a nurse but poopy diapers don’t bother me. I don’t prefer them over peed diapers but come on…it is just a game.

Jungle/Boho Decor

I am not quite sure how to describe the decor for the shower but my mother-in-love is an amazing decorator and she did the table and vignettes. Just a few pictures.
Well, that is more pictures than I usually post but I hope you enjoyed! I enjoyed the shower but I am not going to lie, I think I will sleep well tonight. Partying is hard work at my age!
Have a great weekend.

5 thoughts on “It's a Baby: Mixed Media Bunting”

  • The decorations you made are fantastic, love the banner, and even the crappy parts, as you say, it’s all fun and part of the game! The cake looks so professional, really wonderful, well done. You all went to a lot of trouble to do the arrangements and decorations. I am sure you will have fun when your new nephew is there. Have a great Sunday, hugs, Valerie

  • Everything looks wonderful, the cake must have been delicious! The diapercrap realistic, but I bet a lot less smelly! And those feathers are so creative!!

  • Oh my gosh – you overdid yourself – this cake looks heavenly and the banner is amazing and the crappy parts are so fun – lol! Thank you for showing all that super photos – the deco is amazing as well!
    All the best for the new nephew and congrats on getting auntie again! So exciting!!!
    oxo Susi

  • I was SO glad you shared so many photos. The banner is fabulous. I especially enjoyed the little animals you added to each banner triangle. It was also great that you used the feather theme. Book pages and pipe cleaners? You are genius! Seems it must have been a theme taken on by both your MIL and you. And I can see you married into the right family, because there was beauty everywhere!
    Your cake was fabulous, and I was so in awe of the huge size of it. I can see why so many people are now choosing these for weddings. Although taste is important, appearance is everything, and this cake has it.
    Loved the diaper game. Reminds me of once when I was teaching freshmen in college and said that word. One of the students complained to my boss. Goodness, if they haven’t heard the word by now, it’s time they knew about the bodily function!
    So glad you took us on this baby shower party and I for one, really LOVED all the photos.

  • Wow, I bet it was one amazing baby shower with your wonderful decorations, cake and games – fabulous! I loved the little animals you included on the bunting, they are so cute 😁. Hope everyone had a great time and wishing you a happy new week! J 😊

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