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The summer days always manage to fill up with activity even though nothing is planned most of the time. I find grocery shopping takes a whole day by the time we are done running around to 3-4 stores. Some days we dedicate to chores and then there are the Dr’s Appointments. It is hard to believe that school is around the corner.

My hubby and I had a pleasant getaway this past weekend shopping and eating out while the children spent time with their Grandparents. We found some amazing clothing deals for at Burlington and Gabe’s. Our town doesn’t have a Hobby Lobby so I was excited to visit one. Can you believe that I didn’t purchase any craft supplies? Instead, I purchased placemats. I am learning that buying supplies can be an addiction, so I am trying to only purchase what I need.




A few books that I recently checked out from our local library InterLibrary Loan that I would recommend.


How To Make Hand-Drawn Maps By Helen Cann


The book, How To Make Hand-Drawn Maps By Helen Cann, has gorgeous and unique examples of hand-drawn maps. They are not all traditional in style which makes it all the more interesting.


The V n A Sourcebook of Pattern and Ornament


I found this book, The V n A Sourcebook of Pattern and Ornament ,in the Mount Vernon Gift shop and added it to my library list. This book is thick and full of pages upon pages of patterns, whether from fabric, clothing, or decorative ornaments. I had a lot of fun flipping through this book and found it to be very inspirational when it came to color, subject and pattern.




Tea and Poetry



Our theme was a bit relaxed this week and I chose to make things simpler than usual. Every week this summer, the children and I have taken turns reading my illustrated version of The Jungle Book MinaLimaThe book has beautiful illustrations and interactive elements that make it a more interesting read. We had a pot of tea along with a Gluten-free, Sugar-free apple peach crisp



While I read, the children sipped their tea, ate crisp and colored these pages that I printed out. I promised them that when we finish the entire book, we will watch all the movie versions of The Jungle Book. After looking online, I realized there are quite a few so we will pick the best and enjoy some popcorn.

So, as you can see, this week was pretty simple but enjoyable.




Recently, I found a Youtube Tutorial by Marco Bucci that really encouraged me to try a new way of painting. I love details and realism but at times, I get so caught up in getting everything perfect, that I struggle to focus on the big picture. I watched this tutorial many times and each time, I made a painting. I haven’t done a lot of urban sketching and this was a great tutorial for focusing on the big shapes so that I can work fast but still capture the essence of the scene, despite the lack of detail.



I really enjoyed this exercise and am looking forward to trying this again. It is fun to see the difference between the 1st painting and the last. Each time, my colors and composition turn out a bit differently.


Tea Day



I am joining the Tea Day Ladies, hosted by Elizabeth and Bleubeard. Our tea this week was Earl Gray, again. I may need to make my children try a new tea next week as they continuously pick this one.

Happy Tea Day,


17 thoughts on “It’s A Jungle Out There! : Daily Art Practice”

  • Lovely post Kate, I always love seeing your art, loving reading about your children’s tea and books events too Your dessert sounds delicious Happy T Kathy

  • So nice to have “couple time” and have the children get some bonding time with the grandparents. Love how you are spending the summer with your children with the cooking, activities, reading etc. Your books look like they will definitely bring new inspiring ideas. Loving your loose sketches! Enjoy, and happy T day!

  • Your sketches are wonderful and I love the way that you did the same building in different ways.

    best… mae at

  • I just finished The Jungle Book. I thought I had read it before, but it was all new. I think it is so fun that you have Tea and Poetry days, and I bet your kids love it! I enjoy looking at your lovely paintings. Happy T Day.

  • Kate I always enjoy catching up with you! You write such fascinating posts. I think you will instill a lifelong love of learning in your children. Hope you have another great week my T friend! Hugs! deb

  • What a fabulous post! It looks like you’re having such wonderful summer holidays with your kids and I loved seeing their colouring 😀. Your paintings are beautiful as always and wow, that teapot is so pretty. Sending you very Happy 9th T Day wishes! Hugs Jo x

  • Wonderful pictures – love the last one the most. Very fun times – you are building special memories. I smile when I think of those memories they will have when they are older.

    Love your art – I love that style and your colors. So well done. Impressive as always, Kate.

    Lovely T-day post. Happy T-day and hugz

  • I tried going to different stores and couldn’t make it work for me. I think I still have the illustrated Jungle Book I had when the kids were little. Yours looks gorgeous!

    Is that a honey pot? Cool! Happy T Tuesday 🙂

  • I’ve never read the Jungle Book, but it sounds fun. Most important is it entertains the children and teaches them coloring skills, too. Your loose drawings are wonderful. I was amazed at how different each painting was from beginning to end.

    Thanks for sharing your shopping, your books, the Jungle Book and drawings the children colored, and your tea with us for T this Tuesday, Kate.

  • The art video was very interesting and made a lot of sense to me. I think your versions are lovely and have a very special atmosphere.
    The jungle theme is a great theme to have with the kids.

  • I’ve seen that V&A book and it’s beautiful isn’t it but super expensive lol. I agree that craft supplies can be an addiction, they are so tempting too, but I have stopped buying anything I don’t really need and committed to buying none at all this year! (yikes)I am loving your urban sketches, there’s a huge difference between the first and the last one, awesome stuff! Happy T Day! Elle/EOTC xx

  • It’s nice that you could get away with your husband for a bit. And get some bargains too. Does your husband like to shop? And your water color paintings look great. It’s good to step outside of what you like sometimes, isn’t it? And I am still impressed with your tea parties. Your kids must enjoy them a lot.. And you pickde a great story this week. I hope you had a great T day and found a little time for yourself Hugs-Erika

  • I am glad I came back, because my comment isn’t here. I guess I have to go back everywhere and see if my comment took.
    I love that you have a poetry and tea day. I actually just finished The Jungle Book. I thought I had read it, but it was all new to me. Lovely artwork, Kate. Happy T day.

  • My comment doesn’t always appear either. I always comment your blog Kate, even if it is a day or so late, like this one. So if you don’t see it, something has gone wrong.
    Your copy of Jungle Book looks beautiful. I have ‘read’ it in an audio version serialized by BBC4 years ago when I still lived in the UK. It’s nice to watch a film version after reading the book, as the book is usually better.
    I’m glad you enjoyed new ways of painting.
    A Belated happy T-Day to you,

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